Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Minnesota Bloggers cooking class

Just got done with an informational interview with an attorney, chugged my mocha becuase I never know what to do with my hands (so now I'm shaking like crazy), and am sweating profusely (per the ush) sooooo we'll see how this recap goes. meep!
Friday night we had our MN Bloggers Cooking Class! Andrea's mom hosts at her home way up der nort, in Forest Lake, MN. The theme was "lettuce...." I think it was "lettuce have fun" or "lettuce cook" but it was a pun involving lettuce, which I'm always down with. All the dishes involved, duh, lettuce! Lo and I teamed up to make lettuce chicken wraps (which I actually replicated last night for dinner, and they were just as tasty!)
I took a picture of Lo cutting because it was silly.
luh you. ;-) 

Andrea and Lindsey teaming up for the chicken caesar salad pizza (ceasar? caesar? casear? I'm convinced as long as you have 2 a's and one e, nobody will notice if that word is spelled wrong).

Cheeseburger salad! I got over my fear of luke-warm ground beef (since this dish was done first) and tried it: twas delishus.

Our awesome lettuce wraps:

BLT pasta salad:

and lastly, the chicken caesar pizza:

Reggie was our mascot. He trembled for approximately 1.5 hours by Britt's feet, before he relaxed. So sweet. So tiny.


Andrea made these little paint-stick prompts for us to discuss on our blogs (and at class). I'd have to say the strangest thing I've eaten was probably at my friend's barbecue a few years ago.. they had all sorts of "weird" meat: camel, bison, alligator, etc. I sampled some of the least scary sounding ones.

and then because it was Channing Tatum's birthday, and because he's somehow become the MN Blogger's unofficial mascot, Andrea made everyone a mini-chan-fan. I took clean cut channing. Love me a man in a sport coat.

and then Channing blew out his birthday candle! (I promise we're not delusional).

The night came to a close, and Andrea, Jess, Lauren and I decided to go to running aces for un beverage to decompress. Reggie said "Bai!!!!"

and I ended up having one glass of wine that gave me the spins. Woops. #lightweight.

So there you have it! If you're a MN blogger and haven't come to an event yet, please please pleeaasseeee COME. We'd love to have you :) EVEN if you don't swoon over Channing Tatum. ;-)


  1. Too funny! I am bummed that I couldn't make it. Maybe next time!

  2. My last semester of nursing school I did my community health teaching at a teeny tiny school in the middle of nowhere & the secretary made me try beaver. Strangest thing ever! Looks like you all had a wonderful time; I'm determined to make it to some meet-up even though I'm down in Rochester! :)

    1. bahahha LOVE the recap. Looks so fun..and so sad that I had to miss out.

  3. love your recap!!! So sad I missed out!!! Can't wait to come to the next one!!!

  4. Oh my gosh, I just realized I forgot to do the stick question! Probably because I left my stick there. I fail at life. Also sad I missed the after-party :(

    1. melissa i am sad too! next time dont BOLT out into the pitch black darkness!

  5. " (I promise we're not delusional). " ahhh hahahaha i make no such promise! ;)

    great recap, my mom would LOVE that picture of reggie on the stairs saying Baiiii!

    it looks so painful the way Lo is cutting those apples! haha

    i just finished up my re-create of the lettuce wraps for dinner tonight, they were/are seriously my fav! you girls did great, thanks so much for coming!!

  6. I was thinking of making "your" lettuce wraps tonight for supper... but not sure I would enjoy them so much with iceberg lettuce... that's mostly what's in this town. They were delicious.

    Good to see you again!

  7. I love reading these re-caps, especially yours. You funny!!