Monday, April 22, 2013

A day late and a dollar short.

With this weekend recap.
It's snowing as I type this.. a predicted 6+ inches. It's April 22nd. Pardon my french, but this fucking sucks. I don't want anybody's optimistic bullshit either, I just want some damned green grass and my sanity. Please and thank you. 

Anyway, onto less depressing subjects... this past weekend!
Friday night I had my group of law school friends over to the house.
Dana and Dustin were in town for different things, and Tony drove up from Mankato. It was the first time in a LONG time we've had all of us together (well, minus Daryl) and it was a ton of fun, even packed into our tiny living room.

Sammi's patented "what the fuck" it's come to be known. 

(Pretty kitty the next morning)

Saturday I woke up to 2 house guests (Tony and Dana) who spent the night. I'm glad we don't have roommates anymore at this age, but I will say it was nice to have some other people around in the morning to chat with. I do, sorta, just sometimes.. miss that aspect of college. Too bad I hated 75% of my college roommates I had.  

Later that day I took 2 naps, both glorious. 

Then, M and I decided to stop being lazy sacks, and he asked if I wanted to go see The Place Beyond the Pines. 

Who am I to say no to Ryan Gosling (even with poorly dyed hair) and Bradley Cooper.


It's probably not a movie I'd go see a second time, nor is it a movie I'd advocate you run out and see in theaters. It wasn't bad but I didn't think it was particularly great. Kind of a downer, overall. Which I have no problem with, but added to the peculiar storyline...and it was, well, peculiar.

Sunday I headed over to my parents house to help clean out the office/my old bedroom. My dad is trying to get the house in order before the wedding, and ready to host guests. He's getting the bathroom (which is currently mustard-yellow in color) redone within the next month, and wants to paint my old room. He doesn't know this blog exists, so I can confess my plan with you folks: I want to redo the office while he and M are in Canada for their fishing trip. I did it to his kitchen, too, 2 years ago (which actually could use a touch up because my mom has DESTROYED the cabinets/walls with her wheelchair. It actually makes me want to cry when I think about how beautiful it was when I first did it. wah.)

Anyway, I find I work best without interference. If given options and input, he'd nit pick and hem and haw about whether he should do certain things. I learned based on my kitchen surprise, however, that you completely redo/clean a room, and nobody is going to complain. Some people work better when not given an option. He just bought a new computer, so I want to get him a new desk (he's still using my wooden one from when I was 12), paint the room a crisp grey, white trim, some nice curtains, and get new bedding and a rug. I'm hoping to sell some of the old furniture to fund it. SO stay tuned for that :)

That was about it! I think. Lounged around the rest of the day.

M and I have been chasing a HUGE raccoon around the perimeter of the house tonight. Actually a more accurate description would be: we're watching TJ fffreeeeeeaaakkk the F out and chase the raccoon from window to window. I've only seen him get "puffy tail" once before (when he encountered a feral cat through the screen) but he's skittering around with it now. Kind of hilarious.

If you need me I'll be rocking back and forth in a corner until the snow thaws. Which, according to some reports (not yet to be trusted) COULD be this weekend. We're looking at (knock on wood) 70 DEGREES. THIS GIRL cannot wait.

Hope ya'll had a good weekend!


  1. This weather has made me turn an additional 8 shades of crazy. Hate it. Loathe it. Despise it. Want to vomit all over it. Wait. No more vomit.

  2. Thankfully Cleveland has been avoiding the horrible snow (we just had a dusting over the weekend)...but seriously! It's April...time to fricken warm up.

    1. Aww, sweet of you to surprise your dad with having the room all done and ready when they return. Can't wait to see the before and afters.

      I was cursing mother nature last night, but woke up to a beautiful winter wonderland. You have to admit, it's kinda pretty (even tho it's APRIL) My mantra today is...It's going to be 70 on Sunday, it's going to be 70 on's going to be 70 on Sunday". haha

  3. That is so sweet that you're doing that for your dad! Love it.

    And I felt the SAME way about The Place Beyond The Pines. Meh. Can't wait for warmth to return!

  4. M looks like he's telling a really, really funny story in that first picture. I really wanted to see The Place Beyond the Pines but maybe I'll pass in favor of Pain and Gain which looks hilarious.

  5. Snow in April? Boo! I'm so sorry. No optimism here. That sucks. Hope better weather is around your corner!

  6. Your place looks freaking cute. Come decorate my space :)

    I'm with you on this snow thing. Bullshit. Absolute bullshit. But there's hope for this weekend!


  7. Ha! Love Sammi's WTF face. And always love pics of your cat! :)