Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Weekend

Hi, gang. 
Since we got back to our house pretty late Sunday night.. I needed Monday to get my life together and bring "Easter Weekend" to ya'll, blog style. 

Friday was a half day, so I got off work at noon and picked up M so we could swing by the post office to buy stamps and then mail, wait for it..... our save the dates! Da-ta-daaaaa!! 

Pretty excited about that. 
Except Sunday at M's mom's house I saw she'd already received it, so I checked to see how it had ran through the machine (and whether the postage markings covered any pertinent language)- imagine my delight to see that the bar code at the bottom of the post card covered exactly perfectly the URL for our website. WOMP. Oh well. The bonus about using Blogger for our website (seriously was struggling trying to set up a knot website, and then was all "well wtf, I can make a better, prettier website using a format I'm already familiar with") is that I have seen that I've had about 40 hits over the last 2 days... so, people must be able to see the URL underneath the barcode at least. #firstworldproblems. 

Saturday we went grocery shopping while hungry, which led to homemade chicken wings and strawberry salad. 
I will say, HOLY COW the wings were good. M used a dry rub he found, and while he says he would've toned down the heat on the grill just a tiny bit (some came out a bit TOO charred) it was really good. Coming from a buffalo enthusiast, I was surprised I liked the rub as much as I did.

Saturday night I got a wild hair and decided to make cake pops.
At 7:15.
"just bake a cake and crumble it?! add some frosting and make a ball!? I can handle that!"


I underestimated the cake pops, guys. Those little shits were tricky, and took longer than I expected. If I had to do it again, I'd make them a bit smaller and not worry about them being on a stick. Nevertheless, they were tasty as hell.

In other bizarre happenings, I was mid-shower at the ungodly hour of 7:15 on a Sunday so I would be respectable at Easter mass. Mid-rinse I hear M screaming at me to get out of the shower because a "pipe had burst" in the basement. At that hour, "burst" may have been an inappropriate adjective,... so imagine my chagrin upon finding out it was a pinhole leak in a pipe. At the very least it would have been nice to finish my rinse. haha. That being said, I understand that growing up on the Red River in Moorhead (exhibit A, exhibit B  --yeah, that island in B? That's M's childhood home) has made M a wee bit sensitive to the idea of "water in the house." So, after turning off the water and realizing a plumber on Easter would bankrupt us, we packed up a bag and went to M's mom's to finish getting ready since we were having breakfast over there anyway.
ootd. (comprised entirely of pieces from Forever21 and H&M.. cuz I'm thrifty)

After spending the morning having brunch at M's mom's with my family.. we went to M's dad's for dinner with his girlfriend, M's sister and her boyfriend. We also Skyped with M's other sister who is living in Michigan, currently.

and then because M's mom rules, later that night we put our "grown-up Easter basket" on the bed.

M's mom got us a beautiful comforter that came with throw pillows and a bed skirt. I lurve it. TJ did too. He thoroughly enjoyed massaging his paws on the ridges.

That's all for today.
M and I just got back from Mozza Mia. I attempted to recreate their Caprino Pizza (leeks, goat cheese, bacon and scallions) tonight for dinner and for whatever reason the crust we ALWAYS use (powder from a packet) burned to the bottom of the pan. Wah. M, bless him, tried to chisel it off with a knife and it turned to mush. So, we did the next best (arguably better..) thing, and went to Mozza Mia and got the REAL Caprino.

Hope you all had a good Easter weekend!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful Easter... Glad your house didn't flood... And cake balls? Those things are bitches. Mine always look terrible... "Ball" is too generous of a word to describe their shape... Cake Blob would probably be more appropriate!

  2. I'm sorry I'm a horrible person and laughed at your URL being covered by the barcode--it sounds exactly like something that would have happened to me (lots of planning and editing just to be foiled by USPS), so I feel your pain. In other news, that white blouse you're wearing underneath that cute blush cardigan? Where'd you get it?! Love it.

    1. (And I saw H&M/Forever 21, I just wanted specifics. Thaaaaaank you in advance!)

  3. Awww Kelly - I can always count on you to crack me up first thing in the morning. :) Your Easter outfit is ADORABLE! And new bedding for an Easter gift?? NIIICEE!!

    1. haha thank you! and YES.. so much better than chocolate, in my world. haha. she did good, too! Matches our room perfectly!

  4. I laughed at M being so dramatic about the pipe burst! hilarious! Glad you had a great Easter. That comforter is super cute. Where is it you know?