Friday, April 26, 2013

TGIF-(sorta) hot mess edition

First, I wanted to say thank you guys for the pep talk on Wednesday's emo-post. (Was that Wednesday? I think so.) It helped. Some days I'm wildly optimistic about my prospects and know that I'll look back on this phase of my life with a "oof, glad that's over" but happy to be where I am, mentality. Right now though, it just sorta sucks. and when I look at it side by side with  my debt? sucks harder.

soooo I did what I usually do when I'm feeling funk-y, I scheduled a haircut. Nothing drastic, I am, after all, growing it out for the wedding. But my split ends are finally starting to repulse me. I think the last haircut I got was July of 2012. Yep.

The hot-messness stems from the fact that M gave me a ride to work today, and in the ensuing "Not used to riding to work together" morning, I forgot my ring, my cell phone, and when I hopped out of the car to cross the street to get to my building-- my lunch (in his car). So, TGIF! I am glad I opted to get a smoothie at Caribou this morning though (before I realized I forgot my lunch), something I used to do in high school all the time before I actually liked coffee. At least it can double as a breakfast, of sorts.

I do have a funny story though, that has to do with why M picked me up last night: we had our "FOCCUS" survey... which is like, a pre-marital inventory the church gives you as a part of your marriage counseling. We had to answer 156 questions on a scan tron that ranged from things like:

I feel pressure from others to get married. (Agree)(Disagree)(Uncertain)


I feel comfortable being nude around my future spouse. (Agree)(Disagree)(Uncertain)

Two comical things happened: on the front of the sheet where it takes all your demographics, it asks, "how many months have you been dating." At dinner after, M asks what I put for that. O_o.... um, what did YOU put is the better question. He says "30." I start laughing, because it's been 40. (all of 2010, 2011, 2012, and 4 months of 2013=40). That wasn't even a section we were being "tested" on and M bombed it. Wonder what the priest will think of that, haha. And then, M tells me he filled out the "cohabitation" section. Did I mention we're getting married in the Catholic Church? again. O_o. Our priest knows we live together, already, based on another form we filled out.. but M provided him a lot more information than he probably needed. M maintains he told us to fill out that section, too... I didn't hear that. So, we'll see who was right in a few weeks!

That's about it. 2 days, no pictures, not even apologizing. Sometimes I don't blog because I feel pressured to put photos up, and taking pictures, transferring them, and editing them is a royal pain.

Hope you guys have a good weekend! We have a MN Bloggers cooking class tonight I'm looking forward to, and the silent auction tomorrow night! Always a good time.


  1. I forgot my ring and my lunch too. Bleh.

    Do please have a follow-up to these questions. Jeremiah and I didn't do any premarital counseling, so I always find it fascinating.

    Woohoo for haircuts! See you later gator.

  2. I would love to read the answers to those questions! I'm sure that will be fun to go over. And don't ever feel the pressure to blog/share photos just because... do it when you feel like it. Blogging should never be a chore; we have enough of those as it is!

  3. If you're supposed to be pure and chaste and whatever else the church expects you to be before marriage, why on earth are they asking if you're comfortable being nude around your future spouse?? LOL

  4. Haha! I was thinking the same thing Amber asked! LOL. Or did it mean, does the thought of being nude around your future spouse make you feel...etc???

    That is a funny story though!

  5. Oh those FOCCUS questions... Some of them are pretty interesting aren't they?! We did pretty good on ours & didn't have much to talk with our mentor couple about, because we answered so many of the questions the same way.

    As far as cohabitation thing, it seems like *some* Catholic churches, are realizing that it happens & they're ok with it. Our church knew we lived together & never batted an eye. = )

  6. bah... those questions! hahaha