Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Wedding DIY: Escort Card (table)


It's been over a month since I last posted anything wedding related, or at least DIY related. Woops. 
To be honest, most of my projects are done. (of course, I say that now.. we'll see where that gets me). 

Due to the time constraints on setting up our venue, I'm going to have to have someone else (we're thinking M's mom and her sisters) set up the reception in 2 hours immediately before dinner. Does this stress me out? A tiny bit. BUT as a result, I'm trying to keep things simple. I'm also going to be staging everything that requires setting up, and taking photos (like the one above) so nobody can possibly mess it up. You say "control freak!" I say "prepared." 

I saw the vintage looking bag-tag cards used before on Pinterest, but usually they were hanging up on something. I bought 3 packs of these tags at Office Max for $12, total. I, ahem, "borrowed" a few sheets of blank labels from my work, and my dad had an old electric typewriter that I used to type the names on the labels. 

The tags actually came with strings attached to them, but they were waxy and stiff and I didn't like the way they looked, so I took them off. I bought some softer string that I debated tying onto each one, but I like the uniformity of the way they look laid out without it..and since I'm not hanging them on anything, I figure what's the difference.


You may remember the burlap flower tutorial (and the rosette covered "N") from this post.  
Wine bottles were wine we drank. Duh. 
The books were books I had laying around that I covered, 7th grade style, with inside out paper bags. 
I also had the necklaces. 


I like that the tablescape is super simple to set up (for someone else) but looks very cohesive and vintage. Which is kind of accidentally what I'm going for. The only thing missing from the final product will be the wedding photos you've probably seen me tagging on IG. (kellybea14, yo).  If not, I have been requesting wedding photos of family and friends. I then post them to IG so I can print them, as well as photos of M and I in 4x4 size, and I'm going to string them between the 2 wine bottles on this table with small clothespins or tape.

Oh, yeah, I'm sure you're wondering why I made escort cards 6 months before the wedding. Well, I'd rather make 30 extra for people who end up RSVPing "no" than make 230 in the midst of tracking people down to get their RSVP 2 weeks before the wedding. No thanks! I'm going to go through and remove tags of people who RSVP no, and then once the seating chart is set, all I have to do is go through and write the table numbers on each card.

So that's, that!
Super simple. :)


  1. Those look great, Kelly! You're seriously a rock star with this whole DIY-wedding thing. Who needs a wedding planner when they've got you?! ;)

  2. Love love love this!! That's a good idea, making the escort cards ahead of time and then filling in the tables after. And I love the typewriter look! I may do that with just a typerwriter font in word... Any other awesome ideas you can send my way please do!!! :)


  3. OMG...so cute!!! I love this! Great job Kelly!!! I can't wait to see everything you have done for your wedding come together!!!

  4. Everything looks so good!! Your wedding is going to look beautiful

  5. These look fantastic - I'm totally with you about doing a little extra work ahead of time instead of waiting till the end. Sounds like a smart move when things could get stressful later.