Sunday, April 28, 2013

From snow to seventy: the most glorious weekend ever.


Only in Minnesota does it go from snowing one day, to 81 degrees out less than a week apart. 
That about sums up the weekend: sunny, beautiful, heaven. A surefire way to cure the aforementioned "funk." 

Friday night I attended a Minnesota Bloggers cooking class.. which I'll be recapping on Tuesday. 

Saturday morning as a whole was pretty much perfect. I headed off to my hair appointment with the windows down, was nearly lulled back to sleep as the stylist cut my hair, and then afterwards (because I had a gift certificate for the hair cut) treated myself to a Caribou cooler. Got home, and relaxed with my furry buddy. 

While I was lounging, M was off buying himself a kayak. 


He's been wanting one for a long time and finally pulled the trigger. He's hoping to fish out of it on some local lakes (that don't allow motorized boats). And actually, today (Sunday) he putzed around Cedar Lake and had a blast.

 This picture is totally random, but I finally caught TJ doing his "paw rub" that I've talked about before. He launches himself onto the back of the chair, perches there, sticks his butt in the air, and then rubs his paws on the edge of the chair. It's pretty amusing, especially when he's off balance and topples off... which has happened more than once:

Spent a lot of time with these two: 

Saturday night M and I went to my church's silent auction. (I took no photos). We were close to the youngest people there, but it's always a fun event. They have it catered, decorate the gym/commons area to the nines, do a live auction portion of the evening, and have live music. A lot of my former grade school teachers attend, too.. so it's always nice catching up with them.

Sunday M and I went to breakfast at Aster Cafe. I'm not sure if I've mentioned, but a few weeks ago we decided that instead of eating out randomly (when we have no food or aren't in the mood to cook) we'd designate Saturday (or Sunday, if we're busy) mornings as our "dining out" for the week. Obviously other events will come up, but this is our new little routine. We both love getting up reasonably early on the weekends, and we both love brunch, so we've been rotating breakfast spots the past 4 weeks. Actually 3 of the spots we'd been to before, but we're allowed to go to places we've been, we're just going to try not to repeat for as long as possible since starting our brunch-dates. If you're at all a fan of quiche, you need to go to Aster. They have the best quiche in Minneapolis (that I've tasted so far, and I've tasted a LOT of quiche). 

After breakfast, I took a nap, and M kayaked a bit. I painted my nails on the deck, and TJ sat by the back door and howled. Although, with the door closed I call it his "silent meow"


It was simultaneously the most adorable and saddest thing ever. 

We made kebabs and potatoes for dinner...

Got a little squirrely with the kitty...


and the weekend ended the way it began: with a kitty in the window, snuggled up on the couch. 

I also just realized that leaving Friday out of this post just resulted in a lotttttt of cat photos. Sorry I'm not sorry. He's adorable. Anyway, stay tuned for the cooking class recap!

Hope you all had a good weekend :)


  1. I love your brunch date idea! Especially because brunch is probably the best time to go out to eat, in my opinion.

    Michael wants us to get kayaks too... I'm still not sold on the idea. I like me a big boat, if I'm going to be on the water, ya know?! It does look fun though!

    Glad you had a great weekend! = )

  2. I like your weekly brunch dates, thats a good idea

    1. Yuuumm...brunch!

      TJ is adorbs!

      Can't wait to hear about the cooking class. WHY are all the bloggers waiting until tomorrow to post their cooking class updates?? LOL

  3. looks like you have the nice weather!
    kayak sounds fun