Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Bermuda, Bahama... aahh na na na NA NA.

That's what I sing whenever the beach boys song comes on... because let's face it: how many of you REALLY know what comes immediately after "Bahama" ...?

Just me?

Okay then.

I'm bringing you TWO, count it 1-2, wedding related posts this week. WIN.

Although this one is far more exciting (for me) in actuality, I usually prefer unveiling DIY's. That being said, M and I have officially put a deposit on our honeymoon!

For 6 days, we'll be hanging out in....

Playa del Carmen, Mexico!

I'm pretty jazzed, guys. I've never been to Mexico. I've most certainly never been to an all inclusive resort! We weren't sure that it'd be a possibility for us, until Jess told us about her awesome travel agent, and the deal they got. I hadn't considered using a travel agent. I had 2 thoughts about it, 
1) Travel agents are for people with money (wrong.)
2) How hard it is to find a resort? I can totally handle this myself (wrong.)   

I'd never been to Mexico and I was getting tons of suggestions and advice from a lot of well meaning people about where we should go/shouldn't go, what's safe/not safe, and I had no idea what to go off. SO, we emailed the travel agent. For $20 a person ($40 total) we gave her our requirements: warm, safe, all inclusive, flights included, for under $X,XXX. She hit the ball outta the park with her first suggestion. Even better, she was able to warn us about a few other locations we'd considered, because it was the rainy season there. These were things that I'd have had no idea about, so it helped to hear it from someone who has been there. Speaking of: this travel agent didn't recommend any resort that she hadn't personally been to.   

Aaannnnddd she did GOOD: 
You can find me on one of those beach beds
With a daiquiri in hand.  
Cannot wait

Not that I'm not excited to get married, and for the wedding, but locking in the honeymoon feels like it's a nice book-end to this whole great experience.  Cannot wait. :) 


  1. "Come on, pretty mama."

    Just saying.

    Ummmmm, I know that you're supposed to get it on during your honeymoon and all, but can I just jump into your suitcase? Pretty please? Looks AMAZING!

  2. You are going to have so much fun!!! I haven't really been to Mexico but I do love all inclusive resorts :) and I too always thought travel agents cost a ton of money and therefore were of no use to me. Good to know

  3. I second Sarah, can we turn this "honeymoon" into a "sorry new husband all these bloggers just followed me here" vacation?

  4. And after "Come on pretty mama" is "Key Largo, why don't we go down to Kokomo. We'll get there fast and then we'll take it slow. Thaaaaaat's where I want to go. Way down to Kokomo."

    Puerto Prince. I want to catch a glimpse.

  5. I totally just sang that song!

    Plays is amazing. Check out Xel-ha. It's awesome!

  6. You'll have such an amazing time! My family and I went to Mexico a few years back and stayed at Riviera Maya, which I believe is pretty close to Playa del Carmen. Beautiful beaches, and if it's an all inclusive resort, you're golden! :-)

  7. Your resort looks fabulous! Just a word of advice -- if you decide to go into Playa del Carmen, stay on the touristy streets. The merchants are really pushy and a little scary. On a happier note, definitely try to take a trip to Tulum (ruins overlooking the water, about 45 mins south of Playa del Carmen). It's breathtaking!

    1. good to know, thank you! I don't do "pushy" well..haha.. neither does M. :P

  8. I've never been to Playa del Carmen, but I've been to Cozumel and Cancun multiple times and there is nothing like it! The water is beautiful, the beaches are amazing, and the overall atmosphere is intoxicating. You're going to LOVE it! All inclusive is definitely the way to go. I'm not even going and reading this made me excited!

  9. Looks amazing! I went to Puerto Vallarta with my fam in 2001. We didn't do all-inclusive, but i feel like things have changed a bit down there in the last decade safety-wise.

  10. looks like a beautiful place. I can't wait to see all the photos you guys take.

    I might need this travel agents info.

  11. Haha! I totally know that song! I laughed at Sar's response b/c i was gonna say the same thing:)

    OMG. Girl. That honeymoon is going to be AMAZING! I'm so excited for you! That tub in the bedroom looks so nice! And the beach chairs! We went on a cruise & our favorite part was Mexico (Cozumel). It was just FABULOUS! The all-inclusive resorts are wonderful, i hear.

    I loved the wedding, of course, but couldn't wait for the honeymoon. Days & days to relax with JUST my man? Yes indeed.

  12. "... come on pretty momma!"

    this look wonderful! we use a travel agent for every trip- they know whats up!