Monday, April 15, 2013

spring snow and a wedding: weekend round up.

Sooo you guys don't care what motions are. point taken. ;-)
Just kidding, I didn't leave much for you to comment on, but I do hope it was remotely informative!
This weekend was equal parts relaxing and exhausting. But the best kind of exhausting: dancing your pants off at a wedding, exhausting. Saturday two of M's friends, Pete and Kim, got married. It was at the Sofitel in Bloomington. I had never been inside, but they had some gorgeous modern chandeliers (which I took no photos of) and a live band.
I know our friends are a-typical (although it seems like live bands are more the trend these days) but we've had 3 live-band weddings (2 with the same band) out of a total of 4... so a teensy tiny part of me has wedding-envy since we're just having a DJ. That being said, I have seen this group of friends at a DJ wedding as well, and as long as there's liquor involved, they break it down with the best of them.
I bought this coral dress (Francescas) and nude heels (target) a month or so ago for this wedding. So, snow-be-damned I was going to wear it!
Some of the girlfriends/wives: Andrea, Gretchen, Eve, Katie and I. These girls (plus 2 more) were also at the cabin last weekend. I'm lucky to be marrying into such a great group of friends...they always have a good time! 

These clowns. haha. I will say, I have no idea who 3 of these guys are, but the rest are part of M's group. I saw a cluster of guys forming, though, and ran over for a photo op. I'm ashamed to admit, that since getting my DSLR, I've turned into a camera snob. I was so disappointed in the way these all turned out (I just brought my little point and shoot).. I don't think I can ever go back.

I snagged these photos from Facebook and Instagram- the bride and groom: 

and (almost) all the ladies

such a good time.

M and I had the most comically depressing evening after the wedding. I was driving us home when M says, "how good does McDonald's sound right now. Will you bring us there?"

NEVER one to say no to a large fry, I relented. It was about 12:20, and we were crushed to pull up to the drive through only to find out it was closed. I get to the intersection to turn into our neighborhood and ask M, "what about Little Ceasars?" We were fatty's on a mission, not to be deterred, and there is also a LC a few blocks from our place. The light turns green and M whispers "turn left! turn left! do it!" I'm cracking up as we head over for a delicious hot-n-ready. But guess what? CLOSED. even more depressing. At this point, I'm tired, cranky, and starving. M decides to order a Papa John's to be delivered (Which is also a few blocks from our house. Seriously, there are 4 pizza places within a half mile. It's absurd) and I about throw a fit because I'm torn between being SO sleepy and SO hungry. I begrudgingly settle in on the couch to wait for the pizza (they said 30-40 and it was probably like.. 15-2 minutes) only to find Sex & the City on tv, which I happily passed the time with.

Pizza arrived, we scarfed, and then drug ourselves to bed.

We continued our classy shenannigans Sunday when we woke up around 11:00 with no food in the house,... M drove us to McDonald's to satiate our craving from the night before.

aaaaand in case you were wondering the poor decisions continued into Sunday night when we ordered take out from a chinese place down the road. Actually, I take that back, I enjoyed every damn minute of that pizza, fries, and egg rolls. nomnomnom.

anyway, back to the grind. I have some exhilirating federal regulations to research. O_o. barf.

Hope you had a good weekend!


  1. Love your dress for the wedding. Weekends are always the perfect excuse to eat out for every meal ;)

  2. You looked adorable! I do admit I feel a little bit better knowing that other people go on fatty missions, too. ;)

  3. Ah! I did the exact same thing with McDonalds after a wedding last weekend! The one by me is 24 hour so I assumed they all were and we were very disappointed to find out they closed at midnight.

  4. You have such good looking friends. And you all coordinated. Adorable.

  5. You look stunning at the wedding - love your outfit!
    I love this - "We were fatty's on a mission, not to be deterred..." how unbelievably disapointing to find what you're craving is not open! Ugh, so annoying!

  6. you are cute as a button!!!!

  7. Pizza, then McDonalds, then Chinese?! we're soulmates. YUM. I will prescribe us some lipitor in a few years.

  8. How are you not fat??? :) Sounds like a great weekend. (And, as long as you've got friends who will dance to get/keep the party going... the DJ will be great!)

  9. haha junk food galore! i love and hate weekends like that! ;)
    EVERYTIME we eat bad (which is too often) we look at one another and say "we're fat" hey.... at least we own up to it ;)