Thursday, May 2, 2013

finding joy.

TGIF, people.
Maybe not for those of you who woke up to snow yesterday. On May 2nd. That was.....sweet.
Thankfully, my city was spared. Wee! and word on the street is, 70s are returning next week. So there's that.

In the days after I wrote the most emo post ever, I've been trying to do things to bust the funk. Of course, the 70+ degree weekend we had last weekend helped. But, I've decided to put in an effort to find some things that I have a bit more control of. Often I find myself reading blogs in which the blogger describes little "traditions" they have with their spouse, and I find myself smiling thinking "that's nice" and not doing anything about it. I talked a bit about M and I's "brunch date" we have going now, but I also recently suggested to him something I've wanted to do for a while.

Every night (or every night that M doesn't pass out at 9 p.m. on the couch which is sadly, quite often) we head upstairs and read a book together. As in, M reads a few pages out loud on his tablet, and then I read a few pages. Right now we're reading:

I had read Gone Girl a few months ago (and was pissed at the ending) but I heard this book was much better. It's not "chicky" so when M read the synopsis, he said it was something he could get into as well. I'm liking it so far. I think we're on Chapter 5. I also like crawling into bed at night, and instead of each of us browsing our phones (like we used to do/sometimes do when it's too late to read), we do something together.

In addition, despite my "meh" job outlook-- which has inadvertently turned me into a penny pincher- I suddenly have been REALLY GOOD at eating what I brought for lunch every day -- I pulled the trigger on a "me" expense I had been thinking about doing since November.

For the next 5 Tuesday's, I'll be sitting in class. As a recovering law student I'm both amused and not surprised at this. I never hated school. I just hated being tested. So "fun" classes still have their appeal!

It seems like people with a DSLR (who go onto become photographers, or just take good photos) wear the "I never took a class, I learned on my own" mantra as a badge of honor. There's nothing wrong with that, but the stubborn person in me was all, "psh, if they can learn on their own so can I!" ... that's not really my problem though. My problem is that I never actually use my down time to teach myself said photography skills.

I'm pretty excited. If nothing else to have a set 2 hours a week to devote to something artistic. For someone who may appear super left-brained.. I'd die inside without a little creativity in my life.

SO despite the fact that I have no job news, things are looking up. Or rather, my mood about things is looking up :)

M was supposed to have a golf trip this weekend but, what with the copious amounts of snow, that got cancelled. SO we now have a weekend at home, with nothing on the calendar. Hoping to make it a good one! :)


  1. TGIF is right! So glad we might be finally done with snow!

    I just finished Sharp Objects, I'm curious as to what you think about it. I haven't read Gone Girl yet so I don't have any other of Gillian Flynn's books to compare it to.

  2. felt the same way about Gone Girl!!!

    i think it's great that you two read to each other at bedtime. with a husband on second shift i'm asleep by the time he gets home. it's major lame. actually just had a meltdown about. not proud of it. but it's the little things you do together, like brunch, reading at night, etc :) think i'll take a page from your book on that one and start looking for little stuff to find joy in.

  3. Look at you, Miss Positive Polly! And storytime? I love that idea. Neato burrito!

  4. I love that you guys read with each other. Ryan and I do the same thing. We're currently finishing up The Great Gatsby. Its a fun way to spend some QT with each other.

    Have a good weekend girl!

  5. First off, thanks so much for leaving a comment on my blog so I could find yours! I love Samm and anyone with a good (sarcastic) sense of I'm excited to have found your blog :)
    And totally with ya on Gone Girl. I was so annoyed. But let us know how this book is as I'm always looking for good reads.
    And good for you for taking steps to inject a little interest + hope in your day-to-day life! People often talk about it, but to actually do something is a whole different story.
    Happy Friday!
    xo - Marion

  6. Yay for taking a photography class! I can't wait to hear how you like it... I've always debated taking one, myself.

  7. I love reading books together. It's such a fun activity! And YAY for photography class! I haven't had the lady balls to sign up for one yet, but it's on my bucket list. Have a great weekend! :)

  8. Hope your class is fantastic. Have a great weekend!

  9. Yay! I think it's awesome you're taking a class! I need to take another one!

  10. reading books out loud to each other. i did this one time with a book that i couldn't put down- when i needed to drive i NEEDED aaron while riding shotgun to keep reading to me! :D