Friday, October 26, 2012

Wedding DIY: Guestbook


Actually, for me, it was TGIT. While you are reading this, I will be getting ready and heading to the Roy Wilkins Auditorium to get sworn in to the Minnesota Bar by the Minnesota Supreme Court. 

Hoity toity lawerly stuff.

I'm not terribly excited about sitting in an auditorium for god knows how many hours with god knows how many people to do this. I imagine it's a lot like graduation, only stuffier, because it's the Supreme Court. Alas, I have a free lunch at the M Street Cafe awaiting for me afterwards! Oh, and there's also that whole 'finally being able to practice law' thing. details. 

Today, I bring you our guestbook! 

I wanted something that could double as some memories for us. After looking at Pinterest, and seeing thumbprint trees, and signed assorted wooden objects, etc., I decided to go with something simple: a photobook guestbook, using our engagement photos. If people write ridiculous things, or smudge it, at least we wouldn't have committed to using it as artwork in the house. AND we'll be able to pull it out and flip through it to read the messages people left us. 

I logged into Gmail yesterday and found a Groupon for a $15 8x11 photobook from Shutterfly. Sweet! Save $20? yes please. So I nabbed it. 

Got home yesterday, and found the CD of photos in the mailbox. FATE. 

Of course, I can't do anything the usual way, so I upgraded a little bit from the book I bought on Groupon, and used a "storytelling theme" which cost me $4.99 more. 

So with shipping, plus the Groupon cost me $30. Not too bad!

I took screenshots of the book,  here are some of my favorite pages

I left lots of white space for people to sign, since we're having a little over 200 people. Plus, I think 20 pictures or so of us is plenty. Nobody needs 80 photos in a book. haha. I like that I was able to add some cute fun pages, like the fill in the blank, and the prompts, and the filmstrip page. 

Shutterfly was super easy to use, within my theme, too! 
As I pulled the photos from the photo bank, they disappeared, so I was sure to not reuse them. 

Anyway, that's it! 

I hope to mock up some Save The Dates this weekend that maybe I'll bring to you fine folks for a vote! :) Also, going to try to knock out a home decor DIY. So, look for those in the future.


  1. I love this idea! we used our photo booth as a guestbook and looking at the photos with what people wrote whilst partying it up is one of my favorite keepsakes!

  2. Ahh super cute!! And a great idea!! Congrats on being sworn in :) so awesome! Enjoy your weekend! xox

  3. I did a photo book too and LOVED it! It was a great use of all the engagement photos I really wanted to frame, but felt weird framing because I had already framed like 10. :) I love your idea of fill-in-the-blanks and topics! Wish I would have thought of that.

  4. I love the topics! SO CUTE! EEK! :) It's all coming together!!!

  5. OH! And congrats on being sworn in! SO EXCITING!!

  6. Love this! I'm planning on using the same theme, haha.

  7. Congrats on being sworn in, what a huge accomplishment!!
    I love the photobook idea and I'm loving all of your pics! We did a photobooth guest book and it's so fun to look back at people's pictures in there and see what they wrote/wore in the photobooth.

    Have a great weekend!

  8. Congrats on your swearing in ceremony. It's incredibly long and boring, but definitely a rite of passage. Love the guestbook! We did something similar with our engagement photos, but I love how you incorporated mad libs and writing. So cute.

  9. Lookin good, lady. And best of luck with the swearing in ceremony. That has got to feel pretty good after all the work you've put into your career.

  10. This is what I want to do for our guestbook. I love that guests can write notes and it is mixed in with engagement pics! I love the way you have it set up with the photo strip too!

  11. This post encouraged me to use my coupon for a free 8x8 photo book from Shutterfly! Thanks so much, I'm looking forward to receiving our engagement book in the next week! I used the Happiness Is template and our engagement photos :)

    Looking forward to reading more wedding posts from you!