Sunday, October 14, 2012

This n' that

I sat down to write a little weekend recap post and realized the only thing I really took photos of this weekend (well..that I'm sharing in this post ;-) ) were photos of TJ. Woops..?

Friday M and I ended up going over to a friend's house to watch the Gopher's hockey game.. came home, and watched Breaking Bad. 

Saturday, M went tailgating at 7:00 a.m. in the cold misty weather (crazypants) and I slept until 9:30. I had an irrational freak out about the state of our closets earlier in the week (yeah, I said irrational for a reason) so I headed out to Target and Michael's to get some organizational and crafting materials. 

I bought some new sheets too..and then like any good cat mom, stuck the empty sheet bag on TJ's head and watched him flip out.

Per usual, TJ provided some quality control with respect to the cloth bins:
Exhibit A

Exhibit B

I was cleaning out the hall closet and stumbled across a kitchy little cat outfit I had bought last year around Christmas. TJ was quite little back then, so it was HUGE on him. I thought, "hmm.. wonder if he'd fit in it now." 

So we strapped him in, and hilarity ensued

He just laid on my lap and purred, so I figured "he must like it!" and plopped him on the ground. I then captured the single best video of TJ I've ever taken. 

 I cleaned the closet.. you can see there's somewhat of an improvement (Before: Left, After: Right)
I also bought a pack of crayons to finish off a wedding DIY (which I will be bringing you later this week.. mostly so I have something else to blog about).. but honestly, when is the last time you've had a NEW pack of crayons? Just opening the lid and seeing them made me smile. I had OCD as a wee child, even, and would dump them all out and then organize them by color.

The rest of Saturday involved a lot more of this:

 and not so shamefully, about 6 more episodes of Breaking Bad. We actually just finished Season 4..and need to figure out when the first half of Season 5 comes out on Netflix. (2nd half of Season 5 is next summer. cruel.) 

Sunday, I had Molly and Sarah over for brunch...which I took zero photos of. The food was THAT good. Then we went to M's mom's for dinner and the Vikings game. Basically, we did a lot of eating. I finished up a bridesmaid gift too, which I will bring to you later this week. I'm pretty sure most of them don't read this, or at least not frequently. Regardless, I'm not too concerned about it being a surprise, since there will be more to the gift that's not DIY anyway. 

Hope you all had a good weekend! 

I continue to compulsively check the photographer's website for sneak peaks to no avail. I'm kind of dying to see them at this point. If they're horrible, you may never see them, but I'm hoping to have access by the end of the week/early next week! 



  1. First - I totally stalked my photographer's site after taking the engagement pictures! HAHA I got a notification on my phone while I was on the treadmill over lunch one day... and I squealed. In the gym. So awkward. :)

    Second - what a productive weekend! Good work!

  2. hahahahah TJ!! I love when he puts his paw on you like.."don't even touch me, mom!" I seriously need to meet your cat. My kitty will not cuddle with me like that!

  3. Can't wait to see the wedding project you did!
    I would be stalking their website too, don't worry :)