Monday, October 1, 2012

Mixed bag

We went into this weekend with few plans, somehow ended up busy, yet I sit here on Sunday totally relaxed with a kitty on my lap and FRIENDS on the tv. It was the "good" kind of busy, the unplanned yet relaxing kind of busy. 

It began Friday after work, I stopped by Target because one of M's friends' girlfriends' gave me a tip on a pair of dark denim jeans they had for cheap. I ended up leaving with 2 pairs of jeans and a retro T-shirt. 

I came home and found out M had been doing some shopping too....

Someone came home with a 60 inch flat screen. M tinkered a little bit, but after a guilt trip we continued on with our plans for a date night. I wanted chinese food, but after stopping down by the mall, I saw a place that M and I have said we wanted to try out for a while. It was such a warm night, so I thought this would be a fun audible. SO, we went to the Galaxy Drive In in St. Louis Park!

 We parked in our spot, put our orders in, and wandered around the area. 

M tried to steal a bone from a child...


and had an awkward encounter with Humpty Dumpty
 aanndd then we played a game of giant tic tac toe (which a small human crashed, as you can see above). Turns out tic tac toe isn't so fun as an adult, since the strategy is obvious and all of our games ended in a draw. They also had a giant chess set, and a fire pit that you could purchase a s'more kit for.

The food was great, and it was a fun "different" date night! 

Saturday, M and I went to a waffle feed to benefit the St. Louis Park volleyball team. The girls came door to door earlier that week selling tickets. The running joke in our house is that I am NOT good at being firm/saying no to door to door salesmen. I am not TOO bad at saying no to home repair people, but if it's a neighborhood kid selling food of some kind? I'm 0 for 2. Bought a tub of cookie dough once before. 

We showed up expecting, like, Eggo waffles.. and found homemade Belgian waffles. With a WIDE array of syrup choices, and whipped cream and powdered sugar and sausage and OMG it was good.

After that, we went to M's best friend's house to watch the Gophers game. I painted my nails and ate food,... but mostly was there to hang out. I left M there and took his car to Rosedale Mall to pick up some finishing touches for engagement photos (which are this Friday!!!)

I bought the dress (which is a cream color) at Francesca's
Had the belt (I think that was a Charlotte Russe or Target buy) 
Necklace (of which there is a close up below, in the hair pics) was F21 ($6.80)
Sweater was F21 ($14.50) (in case I get cold) 

I'm struggling with what shoes to wear. My 2nd outfit is dark denim skinny jeans, a long sleeved white T-shirt, and a fun scarf, -- that I'm wearing my riding boots with. I don't really want the same shoes in both sets of photos, plus I'm not sure these particular boots go with the dress. I'm in the market for some flats, or something like that. I have 5 days, and a limited budget (after the damage I did Friday/Saturday..woops)-- so, suggestions are welcomed!

As I was browsing F21, I found these: 

I've always said, if I decide to wear earrings for the wedding, I LOVE the "teardrop" style, kind of vintage look. I saw these and stopped dead in my tracks. I have no hangups about buying "fake" earrings, and these were too beautiful NOT to buy, just in case. (especially with the $6.80 price tag)-- SO I have these, and think I'll end up wearing them. 

I also had an idea of what I wanted M to wear for at least one of the outfits, but when browsing his closet, realized he didn't really have anything comparable. So, while I was at the mall, I poked around Macy's and found this shirt, originally $69.50 on sale for $29!

He'll wear this when I wear my dress. It's a pale blue, and not quite a silky/formal button up.. it's JUST dressy enough without being too much. He'll be pairing it with dark denim and sperry's. 

Came home from the mall, opened the door, and this ensued:

This one cracked me up, with the little lean. We learned recently our neighbor feeds these 2 squirrels that are ALWAYS around, which would explain their boldness around humans. TJ sits at the front door most days and just stares at them, but Saturday I walked up to the door..and when the squirrel saw me, he ran AT the door- not away. He went as far as putting his paws on the glass right in TJ's face. 

Sunday I had brunch with some girls in St. Paul, and then had a hair appointment at Phresh in St. Louis Park.

Here's a before and after (and ignore the awkward smug smile.. I'm never sure what to do with self portraits. I also was walking and trying not to look super vein snapping photos of myself in front of strangers... clearly failed on both accounts)

My hair was a bit of a mousy color before, so I wanted it solid and darker for photos. It'll wash out a bit before Friday (and I'll have it styled more like on the left) but I like how dark it is! I'm also getting a brow wax for the first time tonight.. kind of nervous, but it needed to be done, and in case you've noticed a theme here, the idea of having professional NICE photos taken of me, potentially zoomed in on my face, has sent me into panic mode. I'm scared my makeup will look like it was applied by a 10 year old and my brows will make me look like sasquatch. Needless to say Leah's coming over Wednesday to play with my makeup and give me some pointers. 

The rest of the weekend involved a lot of this with my favorite furball: 

Hope you all had a good weekend! 



  1. First of all-that pic of TJ looking at the squirrel!! hahahah i love it.

    also-that dress is gorgeous on you! Check trusty target for some cute & cheap flats..can't wait to see the photos! We did our engagement pictures in the fall last year and I loved it!
    and I looove those F21 earrings-I always buy cheap jewelry!

    and your dark hair looks sooo good. Generally speaking, I like everything about your life right now ;)

    hey-I have a weekend recap link up on my blog today if you wanna put yours in!

  2. Ah your outfit for your engagement photos is great! If you are looking for flats I highly suggest Target - especially seeing as they are BOGO right now!

    The earrings are gorgeous...I'm all about the fake jewels too ;)

  3. I love your dress! It looks really good on you. And your hair looks great :) and that squirrel is too funny

  4. I've been wanting to try Galaxy! It's RIGHT by my office. Love the dress for pics, your hair looks fab and that squirrel is a little jerk. :)

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