Wednesday, October 31, 2012

the purrrrrrrrrfect hump day.

Happy Halloween!
I really have nothing for you guys today.. so I figured I'd share a cat video.
What else would you expect a cat lady to do?
I have mentioned before and talk a lot about how TJ "squeaks" and I honestly think people don't believe me, or are picturing something else. When they hear his purr? they're all "Is that your CAT making that noise?!"
So the other day when he was mid-fuzzy-blanket-ritual-dance ....I finally filmed the purr up close.
The orientation of this video (sorry) doesn't really matter.,... the point is the purr.
May all of your days' be as happy as a kitty on a fuzzy blanket.


  1. That is so freaking cute. I die. Chief doesn't have a cool purr... his is normal run of the mill stuff. Love it. Sincerely, a fellow cat lady.

  2. Oh my gosh how funny! Love it. My bf's cats make weird little clicking noises when they chase a laser pointer. Cats are so weird. :)

  3. so cute! I want a cat sooo bad but my husband is not a fan!!!! I keep asking for one...he keeps say NO!!! grrrrr

  4. I need your squeaky cat. If he goes missing, he's in my lap.

  5. oh my! I LOVE TEEJ. Bahahahha.

  6. Awww, how stinkin' cute is that pur? I can't get over it!

  7. Haha! I'm ridiculously allergic to kitties so no pets for me :(

    Just stopping by to thank you for participating in the Secret Santa Swap! Hope you had a fun and spooky Halloween!