Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Yep. I said the "P" word.
This is not going to be a post about my political beliefs. Or at least that's not my intent. But, since I have nothing to post about and have been compulsively checking the mail waiting for that dang DVD of photos to get here (and I have had this drafted for, oh, 5 months...) this is what you get.

Overall? If I think about the way people talk about politics, and politics in general, for more than a few minutes: it makes me physically angry.

It's so combative, that last summer the state government in Minnesota legitimately SHUT DOWN because they couldn't agree. For 20 days!! People were out of jobs for TWENTY DAYS because politians couldn't get their shit together in balancing the budget. Because "compromise" was such a dirty word.

Prior to law school, I shied away from political conversations because I honestly felt uneducated about the matters. About how the Constitution played into the law, about challenges to the laws, etc. Post law school, I feel significantly more least on the Constitutional portion of things, the way the legal system works, etc. but I still shy away from political discussions because thinking about it too much? Thinking about the way GROWN UPS discuss politics, religion, elections? It makes me want to SCREAM.

I scroll down to the comments section of articles I read...lord knows why, since it's an epic mistake.. and am enraged and disheartened. I genuinely believe what's best for the people has been 100% forgotten. I genuinely believe it's come down to "hating the other guy" more than you love your constituents. To voting certain ways on laws and bills JUST to frustrate the opposition, even if they have a valid point.

An article came out this week in Minnesota from Michael Brodkorb (a republican)- the man who had an affair with senator Amy Koch. He alleges/admitted that one of the primary motivations behind the voter ID and gay marriage amendments on the ballot this year was purely to rile conservatives enough to get them to the polls to vote in general, and for other things like state rep, senator, and president.

Yeah, let that sink in for a minute.

He just admitted that a percentage of our lawmakers (if this is true) really honestly don't give a shit that they're putting peoples' fundamental, constitutional RIGHTS on the line....and that it was a political strategy. That makes me sick. Regardless of how you feel about either one. He then went on to say he's Voting No on the gay marriage amendment (despite pushing for the amendment on the ballot). 

I mean think about it. We live in a country where people will fight harder to protect James Holmes' right to own a semi-automatic weapon (so this I suppose is a clue as to when I drafted this), and will fight tooth and nail against reforming our health care system.

Regardless of which way you feel about either of them.. I mean honestly, REALLY think about that. That's not an opinion. That's the truth of what's happening right now.


So maybe that gives away some of my political beliefs, maybe not.

I honestly don't mind political discussions that are thoughtful, intelligent, respectful. It's just disheartening to see so many that trend towards --"You're wrong. You're stupid for having that belief. And because you don't believe what I do, I have to scream at you to get you to change your mind."

I'll admit in fits of passion I've succumb to calling "the other guy" a name or two, but on the whole? I don't value your opinion when you call the president OR Mitt Romney an "asshole" or an "idiot".. um, they both went to Harvard. So, pretty sure neither are "stupid".. how about instead we identify what it is we disagree with about their policy, and why.

Just my two cents.


  1. OMG! I am so with you on this! SO FRUSTRATING.

    Side note - go check your mailbox again. Are they here yet?!?!??! :)

  2. I loved this post! I just became more educated reading your post!! Seems like we are on the same 'wavelength' when it comes to the P word!

  3. I'm with you sister! I refuse to talk about politics or reveal my political beliefs just because I don't want to get caught up in a political debate with someone who is too close-minded to see that there are truths and facts and positives and negatives to both sides. Political affiliation has become so much of an "identity" that people have these opinions and vote a certain way without really understanding what they're choosing to support. Why does it have to be so black and white? I could go on for days... :)