Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Wedding DIY: Grab bag...and a bonus ;)

Hey there kids!
I'm here today to bring you an assortment of little DIY's I've been working on lately. 

I saw THIS post on Pinterest, with a free printable for a kids coloring book. I hadn't considered "the kids" too much, but I couldn't pass up free and easy! So, I printed 20 of these at work(free!), and bought a 64 pack of crayons ($3.50) and a wicker basket from Michael's ($3.99), and ta-da! Distractions for the crazy adorable wee ones!

I'm a little confused why this one came out inverted... alas.

I am probably going to print some more, and buy one more box of crayons (or maybe think up a "different" craft/distraction) since there are only about 20 of these books/crayon bundles. 

Next up, flowers!
I, personally, am a frugal person. If I had an unlimited budget... I'd have flowers dripping off everything. BUT, since we're largely funding this ourselves, I can't justify spending hundreds, let alone thousands, of dollars on a perishable item (that I ain't even eating!). 

Enter: Minneapolis farmer's market. There are hearty bouquets of flowers for $4-$6 at the downtown market on Thursdays. So, M's mom bought me a bouquet last week, so I could see what varieties they had in season in early October...make sure they'd last from Thursday to Friday night (when I'd make them) AND to do a 'dry run' of an attempt at a boutonniere. I'm not too concerned about a bouquet, I've seen enough tutorials and trust that I can bunch up some flowers and wrap a ribbon around them pretty easily. It also doesn't hurt that I'm not picky in the slightest about flowers. 

SO, here's the "sample" boutonniere I whipped up, to see if I could do it!

Not too shabby! And, if all the flowers die and/or fall apart the morning of the wedding.. meh. I really am not that concerned about it. Does that make me weird? maybe.


Last up.. since I'm not sure my girls read this.. I'll share a part of their gifts! Even if they do read it, this isn't the only thing they're getting, anyway.

I loved the idea of personalized hangers, but didn't like the price tag ($20-$50 depending on where you go). I saw a tutorial on making your own. Really, all it involves is buying floral wire (which I learned accidentally) and drilling a teeeeeeny tiny hole on either side of a wooden hanger to anchor the wire, and then a dab of hot glue to secure it. I finished mine off with a burlap bow, to keep with my burlap theme. 

Here are two of them!


Laaassttlyyy... I have a top secret bonus for you guys. 

I've seen a preview of our engagement photos. and, I cried. (#dramatic) 

They are more than I could have imagined. I got the log in information for the online proofs, and the DVD is coming in the mail as soon as they receive it. I asked if I could pull photos from the website to share with people, or if I had to wait for the DVD. she said I could do it with the DVD. I'm not sure if that meant I wasn't functionally able to "save" them from the website, or LEGALLY, I couldn't share them. On Mac's, you can do a Command+Shift+4 screen grab though. SO, functionally I could grab them, I'm just not sure if I'm supposed to. And out of a fear of being sued before I'm even a lawyer, I am going to wait to share them until I get the DVD. Plus, the "screen grabs" have a little tag in the corner from their editing. 

That being said, since this blog has never been posted on FB, and I'm not sure they'd ever see it.. I'll share the cover compilation photo from our proofing album. 

Squeeeeeeeeeeee!! I just love them. 

Hopefully this tides you over until I get the DVD and can post the rest! Besides, the left, and 2 middle ones are 3 of my favorites anywhoo.

OH, and M and joined LA Fitness tonight. Joint family membership for, wait for it.. $50 a month. I'm THRILLED with that price tag. Lifetime was $70 for ONE of us. woof. So, I'm going to get my fitness on! Now that I don't have to worry about having a charged ipod and dying of boredom. :) 



  1. OMG! So much good stuff! Love the kid craft idea... so good! And the hangers are adorable! And those pics... DYING! I love that you wrote that on your shoes!! I can't wait to see the rest of them! HURRY UP DVD!! :)

  2. Love love love all of this! Your engagement photos are ADORABLE!!! Ps...I am also a LA Fitness member...

  3. Stunning pictures! They look fabulous!

    I've been thinking about making the jump to LA fitness (I'm currently a Lifetime member). A new LA just opened a few miles from my house so it's much more convenient!

  4. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!! LOVE the engagement photos :-D Just gorgeous. Great job on the hangers!!

  5. Aww love love love the engagement photos - they are so sweet!

  6. Your pics are so cute! We used The Flower Guys for our flowers, they are vendors at the big Minneapolis Farmer's Market. They did the bouquets and everything and it was the fraction of the cost of using a florist. This was 5 years ago, though. I don't know what their business is like now. Five years ago they didn't even have a website! :)

  7. Oh my gosh we are going through possibly switching from lifetime to LA too!!! I havent been sure but I think we are going to do it.

    I CANNOT WAIT to see more photos- they look sooo gorgeous!

  8. I love every bit of this post! You are so talented and your photos are adorable! I was a member at LA (couldn't justify the $ for Lifetime), but I retired my membership since I was preggers and it was summer (just walked outside). I hope to renew once I have a stable schedule. I loved the classes they had there!

  9. i LOVE that kids activity book- SO super thoughtful! and your e-pics look GORGEOUS... seriously, i can't believe you were worried you might not like them!? ahhhh love them!

  10. Those coloring books are ADORABLE!!!! Such a good idea! I just cannot get over how crafty you are...it makes me super jealuous. AND...DAMN GIRL! Amazing photos, I CANNOT wait to see more!

  11. So crafty!!! I love all the ideas! Annnnd your engagement photos look adorable so far :)

  12. I am SO impressed with those flowers! I can't believe how crazy expensive flowers cost for weddings -- you're doing it the right way!