Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday's Letters (bad blogger edition)

Hi, remember me? there once was a blogger named Kelly
she always loved cheese in her belly.
jk, things are getting weird with that route.
Sorry guys, I've been an absent blogger. Truth is, last week I was an anxious hot mess and just focused on bar results.
This week..well...this week you can blame M for my absence. Whilst making my veil the other day, instead of watching it on his tablet, M put Breaking Bad on the big TV. 47 minutes later and we've watched about 10 episodes since Sunday. I resisted watching.. not because I thought it'd be "too gory" or something.. but because ANY TIME people rave about a tv show/movie, etc., my natural inclination is to resist it. Makes no sense, right?
Welp, they were right, I've joined the chorus, Breaking Bad is SO GOOD.
In that vein, here we go:
Dear Walt, stop pissing off Gus. stop being stupid. just cook yo meth, and shut yo mouth. Gosh.
Dear Photographer, I know you said 2 weeks for engagement photos (and today marks 1 week) but if your page views on FB have gone up in the last week it's because I check your site no less than 10 times a day, but am too embarassed to drop a hint that I'm DYING for a sneak preview.
Dear Saturday, (Yeah I'm skipping Friday.. we all know how sweet she is)... I firmly intend on dominating you with crafts and organization. I may or may not have had a mini melt down about the state of affairs at the house last, we're fixing that!
Dear TJ, why you so sassy, baby-kitty? Figures we picked the most angsty kitten of the bunch. I wouldn't trade you for anything though..even when you barf up the flowers I told you NOT TO EAT yesterday... or tear around the house at warp speed, or cry and cry and cry for dinner. Because your snuggles are SO worth it.
Dear Appeal that I'm helping on, go

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  1. I've been a horrible blogger lately too. I've been sick for nearly 2 weeks amongst the other craziness! We started watching Breaking Bad like a month ago and zipped through seasons 1 and 2, but now we don't have a hookup for the rest and are too cheap to purchase it :( Maybe Christmas?

    I would be dying to see engagement photos too! Hopefully you'll share some of them on here?

    Have a great weekend!