Monday, October 22, 2012

Patience is a virtue (that I do not have)

Happy Monday, party people. 

Guys, I am NOT a patient person when it comes to waiting for big events, and the mail. I order something, and I honestly quite sincerely believe it's possible when I check the mail the VERY NEXT DAY, that it'll be there. Womp.

That being said, my mentality was, "Oh, I don't need to think up a blog post anytime soon! I'll have my engagement photos in NO TIME and then BAM, there's my post!" false. so false. SO, I should probs start blogging about other things, eh? I probably should have asked when the ETA for that dang CD was (I mean, we talkin' a few days, weeks?) but now I feel like a looney tune if I were to email them and ask. 

M was off shooting ducks this weekend in Perham, MN, and I had the laziest best weekend of all time. Not because M was gone, but because it was uber relaxing. I can tell I'm a bit of a type-A because as I sit here drafting this I'm feeling a bit panicky about not having DONE more with a whole weekend alone. Alas. 

Friday night, I watched trashy TV with the cat, and tinkered with this:

Yes folks, that's our wedding website you're lookin' at! 

At first, I wasn't really diggin the idea of a wedding website. For multiple reasons. Then, I slowly started to realize, it'd be nice to be able to put a URL on our save the date's for people to scope out and get a head start on things like Hotel arrangements, and to just have an overall idea of how the weekend will go. It's also a good place to put notes like "p.s. it's the TC Marathon that weekend, so, LOOKOUT!" that I wouldn't put on the invites. 

I log into The Knot to try to tinker with their website builder. Well, once upon a time like a crazy person, I created a knot account before I was engaged. I maintain it was to look at an article that Pinterest linked to that I really wanted to read, and couldn't, without an account. SO, I was prompted to put a wedding date, and randomly selected 9/20/13 (not too far off from the truth!) 

Well, I logged in last week to try to tinker and no matter how many times I changed it to October 5th, it wouldn't show up on the website if I tried to edit it. Not to mention since I'm so used to blogger and its editing, I was instantly impatient with it.. so, I decided to create a blogger wedding website! I downloaded a sweet font I found "Jenna Sue" from, and then took a screen shot of it in word for the header. I was also able to figure out how to remove post titles/date of the post so that the main page would look more like a legit website, and not like a blog post entry. Super pumped with how it's looking so far! M said he wanted to do his own guys' pics/bios.. so, we'll see how long that takes...hahaha.

Hmm, what else. Had lunch with dad at Cossetta's Saturday..

came home and napped for 2 hours with the cat. (did a LOT of snuggling with the cat, actually):

Made some more burlap flowers, and finished off the personalized hangers. Spent Saturday night watching Hocus Pocus, and working on the website. 

Sunday was cleaning and grocery shopping.

One last thing I just have to share. M is a super tech geek, and apparently knows how to change the html of a website, but only locally (meaning, only you can see it on the computer you're on.) so he had some fun Thursday night scaring me:

Yeah, so, there's that. He changed his friend Brian's (who he's hunting with) name on LinkedIn to "Brain" and then texted him a screen shot. Brian freaked out and said he was scrambling for a computer. M was nearly crying he was laughing so hard. I have to admit, it's pretty funny..and if I could do this on my computer, would probably spend a whole day freaking out my friends. hahaha.

anyway, hope you all had a good weekend!
I get to go to oral arguments at the court of appeals for a case we're involved in on Tuesday, and I'm SO EXCITED! (#nerdalert), so, if I can snap some pictures of the day (not during arguments, obviously) without the partners I'm going with thinking I'm an idiot, I will.


  1. Sounds like an AMAZING weekend, I am dying for a lazy/relaxing weekend! I hated all the wedding websites I found so I made my own too...I think you'll be glad you have it! :)

  2. i had a blogger wedding website, it's SUPER helpful for yourself AND your invited readers!

  3. Confession: I had a knot account WAY before I got engaged too :)
    SUCH a good idea to create a blogger page for it!

  4. OMG! I totally want Cossetta's now. :) I love the blogger wedding website idea! You're a genius! :) :) :)

  5. My Knot story...I had one made with a guy I dated a bazillion years ago. We broke up. I met Jesse. Jesse and got engaged. I sign into The Knot to do our wedding stuff (because we were actually legit engaged) and it said I had been married for a couple years already. To somebody else. It freaked me out so badly that I never used the site again. Ha!

    Cosetta's = Num stuff.

  6. It sounds like the perfect mix of a weekend... Relaxing but still productive. But not the crazy busy kind of productive. Good for you!

    I want that pizza. Like right now.

  7. i should work hard too on my patience.
    i wish i could do that with computer! dang, that's soooo cool!!!

    i'm new here and me love your writings!