Monday, January 14, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up, yo.

Another weekend gone, and here we are again... Mr. Monday. 
Is it just me, or was last week especially brutal? 5 full days? no looming holidays? oof. 
This weekend was pretty low key on the whole, but a lot of fun. 

Friday we just hung out at home.
Saturday morning I lounged and played with the kitty. 
I posted this photo on IG (kellybea14)
This is what TJ looks like mid-tweak. 
All it takes is a finger wiggle and he's ready to pounce.
Saturday night was my firm's holiday party. I was a bit nervous, since I'm still pretty awkward around a lot of these people, but I was excited to meet my coworkers significant others. 
We went bowling at Pinz in Oakdale, and had our own private room and private set of lanes.


One reason I wasn't as nervous as I may have otherwise been, is M has met a few of my coworkers.
One is my uncle, so, obviously he and Matt have met on multiple occasions.
Another is my neighbor! We figured this out after a few months of working there. We've seen him around the neighborhood and chatted a lot. He also hosted a summer party a in 2011 and M met a few of the other paralegals as well. SO, it was nice to go into it with a bit of familiarity.
That familiarity quickly turned into my neighbor buying M a white russian because, well, apparently it has something to do with the Big Lebowski (a movie I haven't seen).

A plan was quickly formed to make me watch the Big Lebowski in the near future with he and his fiance and drink more white russians.
 Things not pictured:
  • one of the partners climbing on a chair and saying "I'm doing it! I am doing it." for no apparent reason
  • shots, bought by a paralegal, taken by some of the attorneys and secretaries, OH and M
  • one of one of the oldest partners leading some Gangnam Style
They had some prizes for highest single game, highest total, most strikes, etc.  Well, one guy happened to win highest game, highest total AND most strikes, but since he couldn't win all 3... they gave highest game to the runner up -- M!

Ta Da! M and I have a fancy date to the Bee in our future.  

Mushy side note: there's something about Saturday that just warmed my heart. Those of you who have met me (and based on the way I write) may not believe, but I can be painfully shy in social situations. I've gotten a lot better in recent years, and I attribute a large part of that to M. I know it's super cliche but he makes me a better version of me. A more confident, outgoing version of me. The fact that I can bring him to work functions and not for a SECOND be nervous about how he'll do, and be 90% LESS nervous about MYSELF because I know how charismatic he is, how well he blends with any group of people,... it's really, really nice. Mostly I am always eager to introduce him to new people because I'm SO proud of him. I kind of enjoy leaving functions thinking that others may be all "she snagged HIM? who woulda thunk it."  It's a mystery to me too sometimes. Not because I don't think I'm cute, or have good things going for me, but because I can be so. awkward. that I'm glad he saw past that. :) 

Moving on...

Sunday morning included more lounging, and then Molly came over for a bit before work to chat. 
Sunday night M and I met Leah at the movie theater to see Zero Dark Thirty.

MAN you guys, it was good.
In case you don't know, this is based on the events leading up to the murder of Osama bin Laden. 
I will add these disclaimers: it was long, and it wasn't high action most the time (it had its moments) but I find the "back story" regarding things we all know the ending of (i.e. Miracle, Argo, etc.) to be fascinating. What THEY were doing while we were living our lives all unassumingly. M told me they pulled the girl who was the "Osama expert," so to speak, out of HIGH SCHOOL to join the CIA. She'd been an operative for 12 years by the time they got bin laden.
I was crying over getting asked to the prom in high school. So, there's that.

Anyway, solid weekend. Sad about another 5 day week ahead of me. Wah.
Hope you all had a good weekend as well!


  1. I love how you described M making you a better version of yourself. I feel similarly with that guy I married. Aaaand just because there is always some similarity between you and I...Jesse's work party was at Pins this year too. And he won some gift cards for being a bowlstar as well. But only $5 ones. He gave me the Caribou one and I used it on our first blate. ;)

    Perfect plan! We are all going bowling. All of us bloggers with Internet lovers. Well all of the bloggers and their sig others...regardless of how they met each other! I am totally planning it...even if I sorta don't love bowling.

    1. This was a super sweet post, Kelly. Everyone should feel that way about their significant other. I sure do about my man!! And even tho I didn't meet him on the internet - we'd LOVE to hit up a bowling alley with you guys sometime. ;)

  2. What a great weekend...I really want to see that movie among a billion others! And that is about the sweetest thing you wrote about M. :)

  3. Love this!! :) You and M are so dang cute!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. correction needed to be made: love those velcro shoes! and you know what else... my hubby makes me a better person too! i am SO much more myself than i EVER have been now that i have him by side me for every action i do/take!

  5. ZD3 was mind-blowing, I think we had the same reaction. It's so weird to think about your personal perspective of what's going on out there compared to what's actually happening.

  6. Sounds like a great weekend!! Happy that your work party was so fun

  7. why cant they make cuter bowling shoes? :)

  8. aww glad you had fun at your work party! I wish Pete would be the talker at gatherings because I suck at that and I sort of wish he would take over but he's more awkward than I am :/