Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year's Eve and our Anniversary

Is it New Year's Eve? or New Years Eve? Does the "eve" belong to the year? I think it might.

Monday was M and I's 3 year anniversary! For a girl whose previous "relationship record" was a whopping 7 consecutive months (the ex and I had our fair share of on's, then off's...1.5 years total) sometimes I'm surprised that it's been 3 years. It's felt both faster and longer than that. I suppose that's what happens when you are in love (awwwww!) and comfortable with someone.

We celebrated just like we have the last two years, by going ice skating at the Depot, where we met.
See?! Here's year 1 and 2:

on the way, I made a wee pit stop to revisit the exact spot where M proposed.

You see, it was kitty corner from The Depot (in front of the MacPhail performing arts center, for those familiar with the area).

We laced up, skated, and added to our "anniversary photo" collection

and then I took out a 4 year old who skated in my path. She spun me around, but thankfully I stayed on my feet, corrected myself, and kept skating. I felt like I was getting the stink-eye from fellow skaters for not stopping to check on her. Rest assured, she bounced back to her annoying "I'm trying to be Michelle Kwan" self in no time.

We headed over to Republic (at seven corners) in Minneapolis. It used to be called Sergeant Preston's and was kind of a fratty place. I heard it underwent a bit of a transformation and wanted to check it out. The food was FABULOUS and it was empty, even better. My guess was everyone was home pre-gaming NYE. 

We headed home, watched a movie (Pitch Perfect, which was surprisingly funny.. "I ate my twin in the womb." ---the asian girl killed me..hahah), and I was doing this by 12:06:

I'm just not as wild as I once was.

New Year's Day involved a lot of lounging with my 2 favorites

NYD night we watched Moonrise Kingdom with some popcorn.

and M sported a very necessary bib. It's like he had giant holes in his fingers because no matter how many kernals he grabbed, at least 2 wound up on the couch or down his shirt. Special guy. :)

As far as New Year's resolutions... I've never been good at that. I'd just like to improve all around. What, that's not vague enough? Mkay, here are just a few things I've thought about that I'd like to see happen in 2013

1. Nail down something on the job front. I haven't talked about it much here but I'm still clerking at the firm I have been with since last summer. I've started taking on more work that a first year associate would, but due to the economy and work slowing down, they're hesitant to hire on full time. That being said, they're letting me stay in the capacity (and at the pay rate) that I've been working at, which has been really nice. I'm grateful to have a job in this economy, a LEGAL job at that, since many of my friends do not yet have one.

2. Work out more consistently. I have the gym membership, but I can't seem to find a schedule that works for me. I need to pick some days, and have my bag packed. I've found the easier I make it on myself (going straight from work with a bag packed vs. coming home to change) the more likely I am to go. In that same vein, I need to buy some more work out clothes. It's too easy of an excuse right now when my 3 sports bras and 2 sets of shorts are dirty and then I don't do laundry for 2 weeks. woops.

3. Improve my wardrobe. I know this sounds super vain, but hear me out. I have this problem where I only shop with a certain event in mind. I.e. "a new dress" or "a new top for this one party" etc. THEN I wear that new item to death because it's new and trendy (unlike the rest of my closet) and before long its worn out and just as frumpy as the rest of my clothes. I want to move items in and out on a more regular basis, and shop more periodically instead of the "all or nothing" approach. I've found I'm happier and more confident when I feel like my outfit is put together. I also want to style what I already own in different ways. I get so stuck in outfit ruts.

4. Be a better blogger. I wouldn't consider myself BAD, but much like the gym, I need to get into more of a rhythm. I need to jot down a little list of topics other than weekend recaps and "M and I did this, this and this" posts. I always think of good posts after the fact or after seeing another blog. Granted, I do consider this blog my virtual scrapbook, so I can't see myself straying far from that.

5. Learn how to use my camera. Self explanatory. I feel remotely confident with it, and I got some great pointers from my cousin. I can't wait for spring/summer and longer days of better natural light.

sooooo.. those are just some of the things on my mind for 2013.


  1. you two are so cute! happy anniversary! :) i love your resolutions---i have the EXACT same wardrobe resolution bcs i do the same thing!

  2. Happy anniversary! :-)

    I lol'd at your Michelle Kwan comment. Hysterical!

    Good luck learning the ins and outs of your camera. If you need any pointers/help, let me know! ;-)

    1. Happy Anniversary Love Birds!! I think it's so cute how you celebrate by skating at the Depot every year. :) So special!

  3. I was super jealous of your in-bed-by-midnight Instagram the other night. I took one for the team and ended up downtown Mpls at a gay bar. I'm still exhausted.

  4. I love that you two go ice skating every year. So sweet! :) I think you have some great goals for 2013! You can do it!

  5. Love the way you guys spend much better than @ a bar and getting shwasted!! PS...great goals!!! I am so the same when it comes to my wardrobe!! Packing for a long weekend somewhere is the WORST...I always feel like I hate my clothes and then feel bad for thinking that!!!

  6. Love the pics! The exact spot he proposed. :) Aww. So exciting - happy anniversary!

    My friends Shelley & Steven are in the movie Pitch Perfect. Really, Shelley, b/c i haven't seen Steven in forever, but we did a musical together in 2007. He played one of the Trebles. But my friend Shelley played Ashley, one of the Bellas. Not a huge role, but still! :) :) It was exciting! You also saw where i used to work (the theater they held auditions in!) & where i used to go to school (LSU!) Ha!

    Sorry - it's just fun! Haha! Glad you loved it. I did too.

  7. oh my gosh, I swear when Pete eats popcorn he might as well just throw the bowl in the air.

    I love your goals for the next year, and I love that you guys go ice skating for your anniversary every single year! so stinkin cute!
    Next, I know we talked about the gym before..but do you go to LA or am I making that up? Guess who else (besides me) goes there?! Jess is More!

  8. I know I'm a little late, but Happy Anniversary.

    You guys are so cute together!

    I'm hoping to get to the Depot for some skating this Winter.

  9. i love your anny tradition, so cute! i have NEVER seen my dude on skates- THAT would be HILARIOUS i assure you!