Sunday, January 27, 2013

This Weekend I..

Holy cow guys.
Last post was Tuesday, huh? Woops.
I had posts sitting waiting to be published and then the end of the week just flew by...annnnddd here we are on Sunday night!
I didn't take many photos this weekend, and I guess I'd be lying if I said "sorry" for it, because I'm not. Sometimes not everything is photograph-worthy, and sometimes I'm just enjoying the moment too much.

Thursday and Friday I had a continuing legal education (CLE) seminar all day.
In order to remain in good standing as a lawyer, you have to attend 40 credits worth of CLE's during the "reporting period" (3 years, in this case). This particular 2-day seminar was free for newly admitted lawyers, and was 15 credits. 


The days were long, as any 8 hour day of something can be, but enjoyable (mostly). It's encouraging and a bit depressing to hear about lawyers with great jobs, and how to get there. 
With how terrible the job market is, things can be frustrating. But I would never tell someone NOT to go to law school. Maybe I'll write a post about that someday soon. 

The other benefit of the seminar was that a few of my friends who have moved out-state for clerkships or jobs were back in town, so we all got together Thursday night after Day 1 for dinner and drinks. My friend Dana (and bridesmaid) stayed with me Wednesday and Thursday night, and Thursday night our friend Kevin stayed with us too so he didn't have to drive all the way back to Stillwater and back in the morning. 

This weekend I..
fell asleep on the couch at 9:30 while trolling Pinterest Friday night

This weekend I..
went bridesmaid dress shopping and to lunch with Dana on Saturday. She just tweeted me to tell me she bought hers offline. Woop! 3 down. 

When I got home Saturday TJ was being extra snuggly and needy. At one point he curled up so close to my face his head was smooshed into mine.

I love that little guy so much. :)

M came home from a work meeting and we decided to see a matinee of Silver Lining's Playbook.
It was SO. GOOD. I really don't want to give too much away, but it's about how Bradley Cooper deals with some issues he has, as does Jennifer Lawrence, and their interaction with one another. (wow, vague much?) Just go see it. It was funny, and a bit awkward, and a sweet story. M absolutely loved it too, so it's definitely not a "chick flick" if that's what it looks like.  

Afterwards, we used the Applebee's gift card that M won from bowling at my work holiday party.


It was really nice. We had a lot of fun chatting, and split a blondie brownie with ice cream and cream cheese sauce for dessert (to this day, one of my most favorite desserts. My dad used to take me after dance when I was little and we'd always get one.) 

This weekend TJ...
got a little protective and aggressive Sunday morning. M went for a run with a co-worker, got home, and propped his feet up on the coffee table. TJ must've picked up on a scent he didn't like because he began "marking" M's shoes. (When cats wipe their cheeks on things, they're leaving their scent and "marking" their territory). BUT he was doing it SUPER hard, and just smashing his whole face onto M's shoes. It was equal parts hysterical and weird. 

I mentioned last week that TJ freaks out when asked if he wants his dinner ("deeeeeeeeeeeenur?!") or treats ("twwweeeeaattttsssss!?"). Well, I got it on film on Saturday before the movie:

He cracks me up.
That's about it for the weekend.
Sunday involved a trip to the grocery store, a nap, an SVU marathon and an itunes movie, "Hello I Must Be Going."
Hope you all had a good weekend!

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  1. Awwww teeeej! So cute! Choxie does that with canned food and i love it! I also loved the movie!! I never liked bradley cooper before!

  2. Oh also- best movie description ever! Haha

  3. I think your cat marking M's shoes is too funny. :)

  4. doesn't it feel awesome when things are checked off your wedding to do list? i can't believe our wedding is only 4 months away. good luck with yours!

  5. i swear EVERYONE went to this movie this weekend!! thats one thing i REALLY miss doing after having baby ;) going to the movies!

    i was in dance too and my dad always drove me, but we never got dessert afterwards, LUCKY!

    oh and also, i feel asleep on the couch sat night at 9:30 as well- awesome!

  6. Ah, I need to see this movie. TJ is so stinkin' adorable.

  7. The upside of taking the bar in Maryland is no MPRE and no CLE classes... knock on wood. At least you got to see your friends! TJ is so cute, if I had a furball like that I'd never want to leave.

  8. What a great weekend! I think I need to see that movie when its out on DVD. TJ is so cute and sounds like such a funny cat!

  9. OMG! I LOVE the blondie dessert at Applebee's... SO GOOD! :) Sounds like you had a fun weekend!!

  10. I want to see that movie again. So good. And I love that you have such cuddly kitty.

  11. TJ is so cute! And please post about going to law school despite the job market. I've planned to go to law school "someday" since I was a kid (I'm 24 now), and did well on the LSAT, but the market is so discouraging right now. Help me decide! :)