Tuesday, January 15, 2013



I'm here today to talk glasses. 
I know, I know, you've seen a few of these reviews before and are probably rolling your eyes, but hear me out. I'm not going to be so noble in saying I would never do reviews on this site, or give you some kind of a disclaimer that I'll only do reviews that are a good "fit" for me. 

Actually it kind of took me by surprise since I have like, an M&M bag worth of followers (but I lurve all of you M&M's). 

Bottom line is: I wear glasses and contacts and my glasses are scratched to shit and 5 years old SO when Firmoo contacted me about participating in their blogger affiliate program I was all HECK YES!  

Actually, I let the email sit for a while because I'm lazy sometimes and then Antonio at Firmoo sent a follow up email and despite my poor response time and bad manners, still wanted me to participate (YAY!), and despite my usual "eye roll" at reviews, I am so glad I did. 

Their website was clean and easy to navigate. First, choose your glasses (I tried to find my exact pair on the site but they must have been a  HOTT seller because they're MIA. They have similar styles however in the #BD30003, #CP6061, and #SD2326). 

They asked for my prescription, obviously, but also the distance between your eyes so they can fit them to your face. After a quick phone call to my eye doctor to figure out how to read my prescription (der.) I was a few quick clicks away from a confirmation email! As I'm sure you know I've been trying to get more comfortable with my personal style, so I was excited to try a pair of glasses that weren't so "safe" for me, and were more trendy.

Imagine my delight when these pretties showed up (10 days after submitting my order, nonetheless):

They also came with a pink glasses wipe, and a teensy tinsy screw driver and spare screws to fix my glasses, should I ever need to! I have never seen anything like that included with the glasses, so that was a really nice assurance to have!

See!? teensy tinsy.
They also came with a pretty, solid case, which is good, because tossing my glasses in my purse pocket is what got my old pair scratched. That AND my old pair's case wouldn't snap shut fully. 

I LOVE my glasses. They're very "hipster" but they make me feel more sophisticated. They have a pretty studded detail on the arms, and they fit perfectly. They're light on my face and don't give me headaches the way my old glasses used to, because there was so much pressure on my head from how snug they were. 

They also make me feel more studious. I was inspired to read an old book about the Ojibwe from college. Just kidding, I thought it'd make for an appropriately dorky blogger-photo-op. 

The nice thing about them is they DON'T make me feel so dorky when dressed up, and that if I hadn't already put in my contacts, I would've actually worn them out to my work party Saturday night (which is what I took these photos before).

I'll admit, I feel like kind of a hypocrite for saying all this, after seeing 100 reviews for the Hana products that I was all "OK, we get it, whatever." and ignored the overall message. Also, I was a twee bit jealous of peeps gettin' free stuff.

That being said, I think it'd be 100% worth the 5 minutes it would take for you to participate in Firmoo's "First Pair Free" program which means you get to try glasses FREE by only paying the shipping.

Want to hear something even better? Glasses aren't just for four-eyes like me anymore. Glasses are trendy, and Firmoo has all of the trendiest frames, in prescription or NON-prescription! They also have sunglasses available in both options!(Do I sound like a salesman? I feel like one right now. Oh well, these glasses are awesome. I'm wearing them RIGHT NOW).

Worried about ordering from an online store? I'd be lying if I said I wasn't, but while I took a leap of faith in the fit/look, you don't have to! They have an option to upload a photo of yourself to virtually "try on" the glasses! I didn't have a good photo of myself to use whilst at work, which is when I ordered, but it's nice to have some visual confirmation that you won't look like a total dweeb in your new specs, even if they ARE fo free.

I found myself excited on Saturday night at the prospect of wearing glasses on Sunday, and giving my contacts a break. You guys, that NEVER happens. I avoid my specs like the plague. I'm so thrilled I got a chance to participate in this program and M has told me no less than 4 times how much he likes my new glasses.



  1. UMMMMMM.....I am in desperate need of new glasses (Bailey ATE my last pair, straight up ate them) so I was going to take advantage of this too AND was planning on calling my post "Four Eyes." Damn you! :) I guess brilliantly amazing minds think alike.

  2. Cute glasses! I def. need a new pair. I may go ahead and take advantage of this wonderful deal!

  3. I definitely need a new pair of glasses too - mine are super old but my lenses are so think I always assume none of the trendy frames will work and why pay more for something I already have? Love the ones you picked out!

  4. Aww, they look awesome! And you DON'T look like a hipster. ;)


    And - i have to say this in all caps too - I FINALLY GOT THE FIRMOO EMAIL!!!

    Hahahaha, i have been wanting one! B/c i NEED new glasses. I wear contacts 99.999% of the time, too. I actually wear my glasses after i come home... and usually not until it's time for bed. On Saturdays i sometimes wear them all day. But that's it. Anyway - i still need a new pair! I love my glasses but i've had them FOREVER.

  6. 1. You're adorable.
    2. I got the Firmoo email but I said no thanks (I don't wear glasses, nor do I want any sunglasses--I have a tinsy skinny face and so it's extremely hard to find well-fitting glasses).
    3. Is that shirt from LOFT? 'Cuz I'm pretty sure I have it in purple.

  7. Your glasses are adorable! I am so excited to have found your blog.
    Really, I AM ! :) I followed and hope you follow back so we can stay in touch.

    I have been looking to do a guest post with some people, and your blog just caught my eye! would you be willing to do one for my blog?! :)
    If so can you email me so i can tell you what to do? :)

  8. thanks for telling me i am a no reply commenter...that explains why everyone comments on my blog to reply! i have to fix this!

    sure, if you ever free up just let me know! glad to meet you :)