Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I Declare 2013 "Valentine's Day"

We're here today to discuss the day half of you (apparently) inevitably love to hate. Whether you're happily coupled but decidedly rebel into the "V-Day SUX" camp to express some type of solidarity with your single counterparts, or whether you're single and ready to mingle and fall into the "OMG guyz, it's a stupid Hallmark Holiday" camp and think you look totally cool but really you look bitter... Valentines Day is a sensitive subject. 

If I'm being transparent in which side I fall on, well, I'd like to think I have a pretty good reason. And if you're confused by the title of this post, you'll soon understand why: 

Valentines Day is also the day of my birth, -- my birthday. SO it irrationally annoys me to see people making not-so-funny jokes about Valentine's Day. Not only that, they're never original. And why? If you think it's a stupid holiday, good for you. STFU about it. Haters are not known for their ability to suffer silently. (myself included ;-) )

Let's get back to the point of this post though: this year, I have declared February 14th "Valentines Day!" What do I mean by that? Well, in the past when I've been coupled up, especially with M, the day doubles as Valentines Day and my birthday. What that inevitably means is that it's "all about me" and my s/o doesn't really expect anything in return. I don't usually do the planning, or much gifting, because the focus is on my birthday. (Usually with a "romantic" twist to the day). 

WELLLLL kittens, this year, I told M that it'd be Valentines Day..meaning, I want to plan something! He's aware that this does not absolve him from gift giving. 
Just kidding, it's always his prerogative to gift-give, but I wouldn't care much either way. 

I'm not going to divulge what is in the works for V-Day '13, since M snoops this-here-blog of mine, but stay tuned for the "reveal" on Valentines Day! It's going to be good :)

In the meantime, I can tell you a bit about past years with M, which have always been eventful! He can be quite thoughtful when it comes to special days. 
(I'm not writing this in an attempt to get people to tell me how sweet M is, I already know he's sweet. Instead, this is more so that I remember the details of these days, since I was having trouble conjuring up the details of last year's V-Day while drafting this. Woops.)

Valentines Day 2010:
This one was kind of hilarious and one for the record books. It was our first V-Day/B-Day together and we'd only been seeing each other for a month and a half. M was on his bestest behavior. Well, we'd chatted a lot in those early days about our "favorites" and it came out that I liked Eric Church. I made M listen to some of his music and M decided he liked him as well. I thought it'd be fun to buy us tickets for an upcoming concert in March or April of that year as my V-Day gift for him, so buy them I did. 

M picked me up and we went to his apartment and he surprised me with scrabble and wine (something we did on our 3rd date- played scrabble) before dinner. There we were, laying tiles, when M laid "Eric" and I got all huffy because IT'S A PROPER NOUN and against the rules. That's when he told me to LOOK at the board-->

Well I'll be damned. 
He'd snuck some tiles into his coat pocket and rigged the game so he could tell me what my gift was in this fashion. 
Next thing I know I have an envelope in my hand and I was all "STFU, he did NOT" and sure enough, he bought us Eric Church tickets. 
I started to laugh and handed him HIS gift- a matching set of Eric Church tickets. Yep, we bought each other the same thing. (We ended up selling my tix on craigslist, haha).
We went to 112 eatery in MPLS after and I had the best zuchinni chorizo and burger ever (that I've never been able to duplicate) and tres leche cake (also orgasmic). 

Valentines Day 2011:
He made me guess where we were going to eat, and he surprised me and brought me back to 112 eatery. 
Sentimental one, that boy. I got the same burger. I can't really recall many other details...but it was no doubt a nice night.

Valentines Day 2012:
Came home to a few envelopes on the table revealing a few small gifts: gift card for ice cream for our upcoming Naples vaca, a 'certificate' for me to pick out a bar cart for our house (still haven't gotten this one... lol), a promise to make some wood-transfer-art (this one never panned out either, haha!) aanndd lastly a ticket confirmation for The Vow that night at our local movie theater, and a menu for the theater. 
He took me to see The Vow (he is not a fan of chick flicks) at the fancy theater by our house that lets you bring in food and drinks. We split a pizza and watched the movie in the VIP section. Twas perfect. 

I'm excited for this year, I love to plan/surprise. The sneakier I can be, and the bigger the surprise, the better. SO I'm pretty much jumping out of my skin for Feb. 14th to get here so I can reveal my surprise. Stay tuned. 

Aannnndddd despite my preface regarding my distates for V-Day haterz. Do share. Do you hate V-Day? If so, why? Do you go all out? What's one of your FAVORITE V-Day's past? 


  1. I actually don't hate V-Day at all. I personally enjoy going out on a date that doesn't include toting around a diaper bag. :-)

    I think it's hilarious you two bought eachother the same gift in 2010. Great minds think alike!

  2. Jesse and I went to The Vow last year for Valentines. He will never let me forget it. In fact, he brought it to my attention last night as the worst movie he has ever seen.

  3. I can't wait to see what you plan!! :) And I LOVE that you both bought each other Eric Church tickets... must be perfect for each other!

  4. Aww, he is so romantic. We do pizza and a movie every year, for as long as we've been celebrating V-Days. I guess I don't fall on either side. I get why people love it, hate it, and love to hate it. :)

  5. I love these stories <3 I think I'm just a die hard sucker for love and it sounds like you guys have got it good. Even totally single, I'm a huge fan of Valentine's Day. Chocolate? Flowers? People happy? What's not to love. (That pun wasn't even intended.)

  6. We acknowledge the day maybe say an extra i love your or two...and often eat out a TBell. aka VDay gives us an excuse to justify our love of chicken quesadillas. :)

  7. That is really funny that you both bought tickets to the concert. I like V-day. Last year we had a nice dinner at home. Nothing too crazy

  8. Love this post. And Valentine's Day. :)