Thursday, September 20, 2012

Wedding DIY: burlap flowers and rosette monogram

So, if you're a Minnesota Blogger you've seen a dozen or more recaps of our HH on Tuesday night at the paint pub! The super productive blogger Kelly got her recap up THAT NIGHT, despite how late we got done, ;-), and everybody else followed suit today.
This blogger?
She's too cracked out on her hot glue gun, burlap, and streamers to function, apparently.
I finished up these 2 crafts at 9:30 last night and instead of hammering out a post, I opted to watch a Dateline in bed with M. (One of our favorite things to do! -- plus he was giving me his 'sad eyes' ...) soooo forgive me.
AND, I am going to an open house shindig tonight for a salon right by my house, that I promised I'd do a little recap post for as well (my friend Leah wrangled me an invite on account I am 'pseudo influential' in the area-- all 47 of you suckers who read this may disagree-- but mostly, Leah rules and knows I love me some free cheesecake (Muddy Paws Cheesecake, SO GOOD) and salon goodies!). So, blogger HH may have to wait a teeny tiny bit more.
side note: Leah said maybe someday she wants to come meet ya'll, since she's following some of your blogs. :) PLUS, she and I met on the internet (long-ish story), and we both met our significant others on the internet. so clearly, we do our best work meeting internet strangers. ;-)
moving on! Leah sent me this pin yesterday at work, and it was an "I NEED TO DO THIS, NOW" moment:
ummm, burlap? flowers? hot glue gun? sign me up!
I knew exactly where I wanted to put these. I wanted to do a wine bottle and flowers next to the card box on the gift table. Instead of worrying about getting water and a few fresh flowers in the bottle (since I'm buying farmer's market flowers as our only "real" flowers), I figured some matching rustic faux flowers would look just as cute, and fit in with the theme!  (and be easier to set up quickly, which is what we need to be able to do at our venue)
...not to mention I still have, like 30 yards of burlap left. (best. purchase. EVER.)
So, I followed that tutorial closely using some straight floral wire I picked up at Michael's after work for $1.99, and ta-da!
I followed the tutorial so I figured yet another step by step wasn't entirely necessary.. unless of course you want one- let me know- because I'm sure I'm going to make a few more of these!
I was originally going to try to find a wooden ampersand symbol ("&") and then use the wooden letter "M" and "K" that we currently have in the house, as decor for the escort card table. Turns out the ampersand isn't something they stock at Michael's and online they were like $10. No thanks. I then decided to go with an "N" (my new last name begins with an N) to do a "mKn" vignette for the table. A big white "N" was $3.99 at Michael's.
Same process as my last post for the flower ball.
Here it is!
 I really like the way it turned out :)
Here are both of them together:
I think I might do one or 2 more flowers, and get a smaller wine bottle to put them in or something, to add some dimension.
TJ, once again, was an excellent assistant:
(Kitteh sits in burlap box.)
He was up in the window box earlier in the night, (which is at ground level, in our basement) when a "street cat" must have wandered by the window and smelled him. All of a sudden we hear a terrible meow/hiss/growl and they were going at it through the screen for a hot second. M jumped up,..and TJ jumped down and dove under the couch. Big baby. His tail was all poofy and he kept shooting dirty looks at the window the rest of the night.
In related craft news, my CHALK PAINT PENS came in the mail! Michael's only had one in white, and it was sold out anyway, so I ordered these off Ebay for $12.

They make a SUPER clean, smooth line. I have a piece of wood I need to paint with the chalkboard spray paint, and am going to make some signage for the wedding.
My name is Kelly, I'm addicted to DIY.


  1. OMG that cat story cracks me up!! :) I love love love those burlap roses, and that N is GORGEOUS!!!!! I love the idea of adding a smaller bottle with a couple more roses in it. Seriously, it's all coming out so cute! :)

  2. Love all your DIYs! I was wondering how you and Leah knew each other, so now I (sorta) know :) Looking forward to your recap.

  3. thats a pretty sweet addiction if you ask me :)