Monday, September 30, 2013


Well, it's here.
I'll be perfectly honest in saying that at times it felt like this week would NEVER arrive. After EIGHTEEN months of planning "the wedding" you so casually mention in conversation seems more like this mythical thing then a reality. 
I'll also be honest when I say I sort of am in disbelief that it's happening. Like, I described it earlier today as that flaky friend, whom you make plans with. You know it's happening, allegedly, but you don't really believe it'll all go as planned until it's actually happening. It doesn't seem real that this is ME it's happening to, probably won't until Friday night or Saturday morning. This has helped me to be calm as a cucumber. Honestly, ask Matt.

Friday night we hung out at home. Saturday M's dad was in town, and his M's sister from Michigan has been here since Friday, so we got his sisters, dad, and gf over to the house Saturday for dinner. It was a lot of fun and there were a ton of laughs. They stuck around through Sunday afternoon for my dad's "kick off party" so to speak.

My dad has a couple-friend that have been in town from California since Thursday and are staying till Wednesday. They came early because they have a wedding in Boston the same weekend as ours. He also has another friend who got into town Sunday and is staying through the wedding to the following Sunday. And actually, my dad went to high school with the 2 guys, and the 3 of them haven't been together since 1985. My dad's seen both of them scattered in there, but not all 3 together. So that's been pretty cool for them! 

Sunday night he hosted a party so that the 2 who couldn't make it could experience some kind of "wedding event", and it was a lot of fun!

M's dad and gf chatting with my dad's best friend and his wife

M's sister Natalie

Natalie with bridesmaid Molly

M's mom and step dad 

 My dad, M and I, and the priest who is marrying us.
Yes he had a handlebar mustache. He's pretty funny, too..haha. 

It was fun to kick of wedding week with a party, but I'll tell you what: it's dangerous to get into party mode on Sunday and then have to suffer through 4 days of work this week (for me, M only has 3 days. wahh).

In somewhat related news, I've made the mistake of checking the forecast twice. Once last Friday, in which I saw rain, and then bought 6 umbrellas on Saturday. Sunday at the party a few people told me the forecast was clear and no rain. I checked again today at work just to see and it said rain again AND high wind gusts. So basically I just need to stop looking at it (or those people lied to me Sunday.. which is a possibility.).. I've made peace with it, if it happens (depending on when you ask me). It'll all work out. :)

I'll try to check back in later this week! Hope you guys had a good weekend, too!!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Is there anything more Minnesotan to convey exhaustion ....

OMG brief pause in this blog post because I have to share: M is DEAD asleep on the couch, as in, catching flies dead asleep. He pop straight up, looks me in the eye, and with a wag of his finger says,
"they'll never know before you will." and then passes the F back out. I'm dying. He's notorious for being very out of it when he wakes up, and his outbursts are the best..

anyway, back to being sleepy. While M is out cold I figured I'd write a random update. I haven't really had time, or energy (mostly) to upload pictures from this past weekend..which wasn't many. M and I went back to Moorhead to visit his dad before wedding madness ensues. His dad's gf Cindy confessed she thought we'd call Thursday and cancel because we'd be too busy. I've been pretty calm mostly because everything has been done, for so long, I'm ready to get on with it. I did finish writing thank you notes for the shower, put meal choices on escort cards, and then somehow talked Cindy into chopping up a log for us to use for table numbers. Long story short my first plan wasn't practical and the numbers weren't..well..standing. They kept flopping over. SO now I have real log pucks with slits in them. Pretty neat.

Hmm, what else. Met with M's friend's wife last week who is helping us with our minimal flowers. She's doing small arrangements for half the tables, and our bouquets. Our final numbers are in to the caterers, and I knocked out the seating arrangement in 40 minutes. In the spirit of honesty, I will say, I had a few tables already set up ahead of time (as we got our RSVPs in) in a spreadsheet, so the rest fell into place easily.

My dress was supposed to be ready on the 20th. I called to tell them I wouldn't be able to come then, which worked out, because they asked me for "one more day".. which would've been Saturday. I swung in TUESDAY morning before work and she was working on it when I walked in. O_O. so, clearly not done. The tricky part is they're only open 8:30-5, and my new hours are 8:30-5:30. I had meetings early, and most the day today, M and I are picking up our marriage license tomorrow at 8 before work, which just leaves Friday. So rather than trying to squeeze it in, I'm going to go Saturday. On one hand, I want to rage that they're taking so effing long when they've had it for almost a MONTH, and told me it'd be ready Saturday. On the other hand, I figure they can't possibly F it up too bad.. I'm just having the length taken up, and a bustle added. Absolute worst case scenario the dress is too short, and I ditch my heels and wear flats so it doesn't look stupid.. and if the bustle sucks or breaks, I'll just use my wrist-strap and hoist my train around all night. I'd be probably more spazzy if I was taking in the waist at all.

I had 5 and a half hours of meetings on cases today because my main boss is going to Europe for 2 and a half weeks, so all the associates taking his cases during that time had status meetings today. Myself, and the other newbie, sat in on all of them so we'd have some background on all the cases. There was an issue with an upcoming trial, and who can go, and some schedule conflicts with another attorney and his wife.. so, long story short, I may be second chairing a trial in Illinois in a few weeks. O_O ----> that's all I'll say there.

Time to drag the slug up to bed. He has now woken up a second time, and nodded when I asked "time for bed" before falling back asleep on the couch.

Oh, and I'm getting married in 10 days. (!!!!!!)

I'm not even sure what I'd blog about before then, and I have no guest posters lined up. woops. So, may just be some stream of conscious crap again.. BUT I will be a good blogger and recap dutifully afterwards. Never you fear. :)

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


I'm here! As promised! 
Saturday wrapped up all our "pre-wedding" events (minus a random BBQ my dad decided to have the Sunday of wedding week. Wah). It's nice to kind of be in the home stretch, but man I sure did have fun! 

Saturday the girls set up the house while I took a brief siesta in the basement. I came upstairs and they were whipping up all my favorite foods (seriously, bruscetta, caprese spears, strawberries & pineapple which I'm not even sure they knew are my 2 favorite fruits), buffalo dip, and spinach artichoke cups. NOM. Looking at these photos I'm sad I didn't eat more, now.

Everybody started arriving around 7. 
We had plenty of drinks, food, and opened gifts, which I wasn't really expecting but was so fun! I got some BEAUTIFUL stuff that I'd never treat myself to but is very fun to have! I even got the VS white silk Bride robe from Dana, which I have always secretly wanted to get ready in and I have. Wee! 

Some photos, for your viewing pleasure:

 Sad this is blurry, but TJ's alert posture seriously cracks me up in this one: 

Some awesome floggers

Law school friends (I should probably stop calling them that...)

MOH giving a little "thanks for coming" toast :) 

Opening some gifts..

These girls are too sweet. 
 (see my failed screen shot above, from FB? hahah)

Some of M's friends' wives/girlfriends!
Probably the last bit of alcohol I consumed, which happened to be my first and only shot. I had drank about 3/4 of a glass of wine prior, and was feeling FAR too drunk. I know this is "normal" but starting my new job coming off a 2 day hangover sounded like an awful idea.

We went to Stella's in Uptown initially, and then wanted to get our dance pants on, so we headed over to Bar Abilene, which was coincidentally the scene of my "coolest night ever".... oy. I wasn't drunk enough for a repeat, but I still think I was pretty sweet. haha.

I had such a good time though and still feel guilty that I'm putting everyone out by having them come to these events for me, buuuuut I don't think that'll ever change.

17 days until the wedding! HOLD ME.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Just stopping in to tell you all I'm alive! I survived the bachelorette party. Actually I was 85% sober by the time we went home which is just how I wanted it. :)

I had every intention of uploading pictures Sunday but then it was my last day before the new job, and I started writing thank you notes, and blah blah blah. Monday M had just gotten home from a presentation so we hung out. Tonight his friend's wife came over to go over flower stuff since she's helping with that with the wedding.

So here I am, telling you I'm eating a caramel sea salt brownie (omg.) and trying to count up chicken/pasta dishes for the wedding because EIGHTEEN DAYS (paaaaaaanic).

Started the new job Monday, it's been slow and a lot of what I expected.. some people are on vacation so mostly it's just been getting accustomed to the office, some small projects here and there. I'm sure I'll be missing this time when I'm swamped in the near future. I desperately need to decorate, it's like a tiny prison cell in there. A boy had it before me so I found approximately $4.00 in pennies, dimes and nickels strewn about in the drawer. So far the people seem nice. There are quite a few new people besides me, actually, including 1 afternoon front desk secretary, a paralegal, and a "copy girl" (I'm vague on what she does but this is what I was told)..and another new attorney starts next Monday (at least I beat him!) so it's just an adjustment. Not to mention I work later and have a longer commute so by the time I get home and eat dinner I'm all "waaahhhh!" where did my day go!?

whiniest post ever just to tell you: it's coming. soon. maybe tomorrow. no promises.

Thursday, September 12, 2013


Holy crap you guys.
I had every intention of recapping this shower earlier this week but zomg, life. I don't even know what happened Monday, but Tuesday was our RSVP deadline and I went kind of crazy because OMG I JUST NEED THIS PART TO BE OVER. So I hammered out who was missing. In case you were wondering we had SEVENTY (7-0) outstanding RSVPs. blaaahhhhhh. So, I assigned M's mom to track down her people, M's dad his, my dad a few of his, and I took care of the rest. As of today we only have 9 or so outstanding, most of whom I think I know are "no's" but still waiting to hear. Everybody else? You get written off. Show up at the wedding and wonder why you have no meal or seat? ain't my problem anymore.

Then, last night, I got this message:


OMG is right. So, there went any hope at productivity. 
M and I ate fast, and hauled ass to downtown St. Paul, where we spotted them leaving the park. Unsure if he'd done it already, I dove behind a truck and M spun around and pretended to look at his phone. After sitting outside for 10 minutes trying to figure out whether he had, so as not to ruin the surprise, we figured out we were okay, and headed over to the Bulldog where we celebrated the newly engaged couple! 

So here I am.
Today was my last day at work. I left at noon, had an eye appointment, and am now feeling the beginning stages of a cold coming on (could've been my over caffienation this morning and lack of water, which I'm trying to fix) but I can't afford that regardless- I have a BACHELORETTE party to attend to Saturday! Mine. So frickin' weird, guys. It really hasn't hit me, I feel like this week has been such a whirlwind. I haven't even gone shopping for a dress. O_O. Granted, I'm not sure what we're doing. Maybe I can squeeze that in tomorrow. I have tomorrow off, and am hoping to knock out some serious wedding tasks.

Anyway, finally, my bridal shower!
My aunts and grandma threw it, and it was beautiful and perfect and I was SO overwhelmed with the gifts. I mean, I registered... I knew we would be getting things in theory, but I never quite got to the "actually receiving things" part. Even from people who couldn't make it to the party, which I totally didn't expect. I forgot my camera (WOMP) but my aunt sent me all these, and I jacked some from my friends' IGs.

(They got adorable burlap printed napkins, to fit in with our wedding theme. LOVE THEM. Got to take some home. :) )

(cousin Cally) 
(aunt Pam and I- we stay with her & my uncle in FL)
(L-R, aunt marie [threw us the couples shower!], godmother Carrie, cousin Steph, her mom Tammy]
(Mom took a little nap. ;-))
(L-R: M's mom, M's sister, bridesmaid Dana, Bridesmaid Molly, me, PA Leah)
(my ridiculously stylish grandma, and aunt) 
(holding up our bowls, I'm obsessed with the dishes. seriously.)

So there's that! I'm going to finalize our program design and hopefully print those off tomorrow! After that, putting meal choices/tables on escort cards, and finalizing tables, I'm DONE. I think. I have to consult the list. :) 

Anyway, how have you guys been.. out there in the real world? 


Monday, September 9, 2013


We'll get to the weekend recap tomorrow (hint: it involves a bridal shower and more OMG THIS IS ALL FOR ME moments- may have to wait to get my mother-in-law's photos since I forgot my camera [SO angry about that..]).

I have much, much more exciting things to share today.
I got a phone call with the words I've been waiting 11 months and my whole life to hear,

"We talked it over, and we think you'd be a good fit here. We'd like to offer you the job."
Yep, you read that right, a JOB.
After 11+ odd months of job hunting, somewhat lazily and dejectedly (is that a word?), on Wednesday of last week I was offer a full time position as an associate at a private firm. I don't want to get into too many details, for privacy sake and professional liability sake, but I will tell you this: it's in a sense, a dream job. I hesitate to use that phrase because I could be happy in a few areas, but I always said in terms of civil litigation (which is what this is) this practice area would be one of my most ideal. It's a slightly more "niched" part of said practice area (I'm sure I lost most of you) but the great part is: I've already been doing this at my current firm. We practice in the defense area, my new firm will be plaintiff oriented. I'm even somewhat familiar with the firm since we've had cases with them. Obviously, I'll be screened from the client in common, but I think it'll help the transition to be somewhat familiar with the law and the underlying "jargon" of the industry. :)
All that blabber to say, I have  JOB, FINALLY!
I'm SO terrified excited.
It's a smaller office, so that'll be a transition, too. I'm going to miss being in the heart of downtown Minneapolis, and I'm REALLY going to miss my current co-workers. Even on days that haven't been my favorite here, I've always loved the people I work with.
I'm due for a change, and excited to start practicing, so this all just comes with the territory.
So that's my news!
and can I get a freaking AMEN for no more cover letters for the forseeable future? woof.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Today we're going to revisit some wedding projects that I've mentioned.. and then never mentioned again, or that I have since redone. 

Almost a year ago (holy crap!) I talked about our "Anniversary Books"I was making for the tables. To refresh your memory, they looked like this: 

I had made 10 of them. Then I stopped. Mostly initially because I ran out of twine, then later because I realized I absolutely hated them. I started to think: This is something that I want to be more than "just another Pinterest project" to have at the wedding, and that this would be something we were planning on holding onto for forever, and revisiting every anniversary. I didn't want something flimsy, or trashy looking, I started to want a REAL notebook to put at each table. I also then thought that in addition to reading the notes people left us at the front of the book, M and I could use the back of the book to jot down our favorite memories, and things we learned, from the last year. 

SO, in search of something more stable, I poked around I saw they had sets of small notebooks, 3 for $4.

I ended up finding some that were red, green and blue with different polka dot patterns on them. When I got home, I realized we still had a bunch of engagement photo prints that we weren't using. SO, I trimmed the photos down to size, glued them onto the notebooks, and peeled the 1-10 stickers off the old notebooks..and was left with this:

I'm SO much happier with them, it's unbelievable. I'll have to make a little note that I'm going to paperclip onto the top of them, and then put them on the tables.

Also, FINALLY almost done, the "Instagram wedding photos" some of you may have been seeing me repost to IG (kellybea14).  I finally ordered the second wave of prints from prinstagram, and taped them all to twine. I actually just got a 2nd frame today from M's mom. I'm going to re-spray the one below, and spray the other one, gold. When I'm done, the set up will look something like this:

I'm going to string them between the frames, and prop them on the escort card table! I hope people enjoy seeing these set up! I also have a sweet note I printed and framed that talks about how Matt and I couldn't do it (marriage) without such great role models around us. Not that our single friends aren't good role models, but I thought it'd be nice to celebrate other people's marriages, at our own.

So, there's an update!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Half marathon, wedding shower, birthdays, and more

Oofta. Labor day is already over!? How is it already September? 
This weekend was random, but peppered with fun events! 

Friday night, I got home from work and found M on the back deck shaking his head. He holds up his hand and I see it's wrapped up. Immediately I ask him wtf he did, and I was shown this: 


That'd be a fishing hook. In his hand. After a trip to urgent care, in which they didn't have the proper tools and had to slice it out of his hand, he was home. Disgruntled, and okay, but home. 

Saturday morning M and I got up bright and early to meet some other friends of mine to cheer on my bridesmaid, Dana, in her first half marathon in St. Paul. It was a beautiful morning to watch, and a bit cooler than it had been earlier int he week, and she did phenomenal!

Dana is a One Direction fan, so in a rare moment of creativity, I crafted up this (which made me laugh pretty hard): 

(above) law school ladies.
(below) Dana's parents flew up for the long weekend from Missouri

Dana's college friends, one of whom also ran the race: 

Saturday afternoon was traumatic, for me. I had went shopping to see if I couldn't find a last minute dress for our couples shower Saturday night. I came home empty handed, was walking out of the garage minding my own business, when BAM- it happened: I got stung by a F&#^@ BEE. I haven't been stung by a bee in probably 7-10 years, and I swear the older I get, the more of a baby I become for this type of pain. I screamed, and grabbed my right thigh, where it happened, and started to hobble/jog/whimper to the back door. M heard the commotion and met me in the kitchen, where I proceeded to lay down on the floor and SOB hysterically for about 30 minutes. We put some ice on it and Jess suggested I make a paste out of baking soda to help with pain, which I did, and which helped. But still, how freaking stupid. Who gets stung by a bee?!?! ugh. It's still sore today, since he got me right on the muscle. I hope that stupid little asshole died a slow and painful death afterwards.

Saturday night was our couples shower, which I was determined to bounce back from the bee sting and enjoy. There were 5 people who had said they'd come, and couldn't make it, so we had a slightly smaller turnout, but it was the perfect group. Everybody knew at least one other person it seemed like, so people could all mingle. My aunt and uncle just went over the top, per usual, and catered it in from Lunds & Byerly's. Their house is obscenely beautiful as well, and it was just a really fun night. 

FLOGGERS, and their husbands! I was so happy they could make it, and we definitely missed Lo. But she was at home with an almost-emergency with her puppy child, Apple. 
M and his best man, Brady.

Love these two. :)


My fabulous aunt and uncle. I can't thank them enough for hosting such a fabulous party! 


Sunday was Dana's birthday, so M and I headed over to her friend's apartment for tacos and drinks. We had planned to sit out by the pool, but the cooler weather kept us inside. 

D with her 1D birthday sash, naturally: 

Afterwards on Sunday, M and I went to help his sister set up her internet at her new apartment before she starts law school tomorrow.

Sunday night we were hanging out at the house, debating whether to play Guesstures with the cat (a game we were gifted Saturday night!) and killing time until Breaking Bad re-aired at 10:30 that night (we somehow spaced it was Sunday and new, so we missed it at 8:00) when my co-worker attorney/neighbor's wife facebooked us to ask if we were home, and invited us over for a bonfire! So, we happily grabbed some wine for the both of us, and made the quick walk down the alley to their house. We ended up sitting out back by the fire for 4 hours, chatting. It was an absolute blast!  So glad we did that instead of just sitting on our butts at home.

Monday so far has been super lazy. I got a frame from M's mom, and have plans to spray paint that in a bit.... but right now? I have a blanket on (DYING, I LOVE THIS) and there's a cool breeze coming in the window, and oh.. my favorite movie ever- the Negotiator, is on TV.

I have a few posts lined up this week about wedding stuffs, so stay tuned for that!  Hope you all had a fabulous long weekend!