Thursday, September 20, 2012

MN Bloggers Happy Hour

 As most of you are well aware, Tuesday the MN Bloggers group hosted a happy hour at the Paint Pub in Maple Grove!

But first, Kelly, Sally, Becky and I met up for appetizers and drinks at Wild Bill's just down the street!

Sally and Kelly:

Becky and I:

 The Paint Pub is in Maple Grove, MN... and is an instructor lead art class with wine and food! You can view their online calendar to see what paintings they're doing what night OR- do what we did: organize your own private party and pick you own painting!

We were all seated at tables with easels and our instructor, Helga, walked us through shape by shape, stroke by stroke, how to paint our chosen painting (which was the stone arch bridge!) --- okay her name wasn't really Helga but for reasons unknown, that became her nickname. 

I know some ladies were a bit nervous to paint as they don't consider themselves artistic.. but honestly these classes are SO good and she goes so slow, and helps when needed, that it's practically idiot proof! All the paintings ended up looking GREAT. 

Here's the progress of my painting, throughout the night:

At the last HH, everyone signed the chalkboard wall at Psycho Suzies (except moi, because I bailed early to go cry into my pillow after the first day of the bar exam. woof. remember that? baha)

So, this time we signed the drop cloth on the table:

All the ladies! Stop by the MN Blogger's blog to check them all out! 
(Really, I'd tag you all, but it's a miracle I'm even getting this post put together right now.. tagging is just not in the realm of possibilities this late. -- by late I mean 9:45...)

 aannndd ta-da!

Overall a fantastically unique happy hour with a fantastically unique group of girls. I was a lot less apprehensive about the "people" aspect this time, since the last HH and getting to talk with people, AND following a few more of their blogs, it was sorta like getting together with old friends. :)


  1. It did feel like getting together with old friends! All friends in boots... Except that one girl... In flip flops ;) haha

  2. Laughing at Andrea's comment above. I didn't even notice that! Also laughing at my "concentrating" face in the first picture. hot.

  3. I love your painting!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Great to meet you on Tuesday! Your painting turned out great, I look so exhausted and tired in my pics and I can't wait for the next hh!!

    PS - I love reading/seeing all of your wedding projects. Your wedding will be gorgeous!