Friday, September 21, 2012

Phresh Spa & Salon West End Grand Opening

Last night, my friend Leah invited me to attend the grand opening of Phresh Salon & Spa's West End location in St. Louis Park.

Phresh's original location is on Grand Avenue in St. Paul in an old victorian house (VERY cool vibe, and I highly recommend checking it out!)

I haven't been going to Phresh long, in fact I've only had 2 haircuts so far (one in St. Paul, one at West End), and started going because Leah talked them up so much. They have a great rewards program where you earn points as you buy services and you even get 25% off your first service if you're a new client!

Here's a (shameful?) female confession: I've never had ONE hair place that I went to without fail. When I want a haircut, I'd want one RIGHT THEN and call around until I found an opening for that very day. 

I decided recently that now that I'm settled in a house and know we're not moving any time soon, it was high time to get an official salon.

The thing that I love about Phresh, that I remember reading when I was there, is they prefer a team approach. Meaning, they won't make you feel like you have to be locked in to ONE stylist, it's about you and your schedule. 

This appeases the crazy "I need a haircut now" part of me.. since I know I can call up and get whomever is available! I KNOW this is an option at other places, but I would always feel super guilty showing up and worrying (if I did repeat at a salon) that the stylist I'd had before would think I was cheating on her, or something. haha. I like that Phresh PROMOTES bouncing around, and what works best for everyone.

Another thing I love about Phresh is the vibe- as I mentioned before. West End is obviously different than the St. Paul location, since the space is more modern. They managed to tie both locations together, however, with the light floors, brick walls, beautiful crystal chandeliers, mismatched classic mirrors, and cozy seating area.

It may seem strange or shallow even for me to say, in terms of my favorite places to hang out, eat, etc., ambiance is important. I don't think a salon is any different. I want to spend time in a beautiful space, that I can feel relaxed in, that delivers a great product.

The thing I enjoy about Phresh West End's ambiance is it LOOKS wwwwaaayyyy more expensive than it is. The price tag of services is definitely affordable for all, and they offer "levels" of prices depending on the level of the stylist. For this recent grad with tons of debt, it's perfect.

The open house was fun, and I felt very fancy and "it-girl" (which I so am not) while there. Champagne, wine, passed appetizers (by their beautiful stylists nonetheless) and goodie bags on the way out!

(behind the front desk:)

I'm excited to have an established salon close to home that I can call my own...because aside from Ridgedale, there aren't many nearby (that I can think of offhand, at least). - definitely not any as reputable as Phresh!

[Note: I wasn't paid to write this... I didn't pay for my "ticket" to the event, or alcohol.. but I don't think that counts. I'm just excited about Phresh!]



  1. I need a new salon & will have to check out Phresh! I was bummed I couldn't make the event last night, it would have been fun!

  2. thank you so much for coming! also, it is 25% your first service. I love that little benefit!

  3. I saw that place a few weeks ago before it opened. Looks nice I may have to check it out!

  4. So exciting!!! :) I love having a set place to go!