Thursday, February 20, 2014


I had every intention of posting about my weekend and/or the bedroom but some family shtuff has popped up and I haven't had much free time..soooo forgive me? K, cool.

I want to tell you today about the time I talked to TJ Oshie on the telephone.
Nobody (well.. full-time-hockey-fans excluded) knew who TJ Oshie was prior to this past week.
If you've been following the Olympics you may have heard of TJ Oshie- he went ape-shit and scored a million goals and basically was a monster against the Russians in multiple shootouts.

What people may not know is, Oshie is a Minnesota boy. Born & raised in Hockey City USA- Warroad, MN. It's an iiiittyyyy bittyyy town in the northwestern corner of the state, but they have multiple state tournament appearances and generally pump out some ridiculously good hockey players. He went on to play for UND (booo Sioux).

My freshmen year of college, I happened to be coupled up with a boy who went to UND. Said boy lived across the hall from another UND hockey player by the name of Joe Finley (that link will tell you he plays for the NY Islanders, presently). Joe and my boy were friends, and I spoke with Joe on the phone a time or two whilst enjoying some cocktails on the weekends. Anyway my boy knew I was obbbseeesssseeeddd with TJ Oshie (see- fan before it was cool!) I was actually FB friends with Finley for a long time, and he got the axe in an unfriending spree (I'm also fairly sure I was friends with Ryan McDonough at one point on FB since he went to my high school and now plays for the Islanders as well: note to self, stop unfriending interesting people on FB!).

So one night, we were all drinking in our separate locales, when I got a call from the boy that went like this:

Boy: KELLY, I have someone who wants to talk to you

Me: huh?

Boy: here, hang on!

TJ: Uh, Kelly? Hi, It's TJ Oshie.

Me: blacked out, have no idea what I said, but several sentences were exchanged.

I was an exposed fan-gurl but still, it was cool that my then-boyfriend would let me talk to me, "I'd drop you like it's hot for him" crush. #Isoclassy

So that was the time that for a fleeting period of time, I spoke with TJ Oshie, and TJ Oshie was aware of my existence.

This was a stretch for blog material but my dad, bless his dorky heart, brought this up to me recently (I'd totally forgotten about it)-- "hey, hey, didn't you to TJ Oshie once? on the phone? when he was at UND?" ... he's a bit of a fan-boy himself.

Thursday, February 13, 2014


It's Valentine's Day tomorrow.
It's also my birthday.
I'll never know what it's like to have a birthday not on a holiday, and I'm okay with that.
I'll never know what the hubbub is about a normal Valentine's Day because my significant others have always done something for me, because it's my birthday.

That being said, I find myself defensive of the day and what it stands for.
It makes me irrationally angry when people call it a stupid day, or offer one of their canned "I'm better than this day" lines. Oh, and side note, it makes you look like either a smug asshole* (if coupled, and "anti-V-Day".. or a bitter asshole (if single and "anti-V-Day"... so, either way you look an asshole, even if you're not trying to be smug and not actually bitter).

I read the following in a blog post recently:

"I started thinking about Valentine's Day and the tendency our society has to make this ONE day so laser-focused on romance.  Shouldn't romance, sex, lingerie, and love be woven into every day?"
The answer is: absolutely. But again, I think the understanding of the day is misplaced**.

The three holidays I parallel Valentines Day most to are St. Patrick's Day, Christmas and Thanksgiving. What do they have in common, you may be wondering. The two most common refrains I hear from people who are anti-Valentines Day are as follows:

 "I celebrate love year round... so we don't really celebrate Valentine's Day."

That's great.
Really, truly, it is. But do you? Do you HONESTLY?
Well, are you thankful year round? Do you express thanks and gratitude and appreciation for the people in your life and the things you have more than once a year? You do? Oh, so why do we need Thanksgiving. Do you boycott Thanksgiving?

Absolutely not.

Because as much as people say they are thankful year round, there's something special about taking a day to celebrate that thanks with a great meal with family and friends.

The same can be said for Valentine's Day. You're doing life in general WRONG if you're not expressing love on a daily basis. It doesn't even have to be on a romantic level, it can be with your friends or your family. Regardless, what's wrong with taking one day to be a little over the top. A little extra thankful- in the case of Thanksgiving, and a little extra lovey- in the case of V-Day.

        "It's just a scam by the greeting card, candy, and floral companies."

Right, the "Hallmark Holiday." You're so original.
Because there are no other consumer-based-holidays that mayyyyy have stepped away from the true origins of celebration thousands of years ago.
<<cough, cough..CHRISTMAS..cough, cough>>

Why aren't we calling St. Patrick's Day the Beer Industry Holiday. Because really, that's mostly what it's become. It's a holiday that has centered around getting belligerently drunk in the name of denigrating an entire country- because hey- you ain't Irish if you ain't drunk! (I'm not even Irish and I kind of find that insulting on their behalf). So where did that holiday originate? It's an international religious holiday and Catholic feast day. Did you know that? I'm sure you did. I couldn't tell you the history of St. Patrick other than he did a lot of great things.

Did you know that there was also a St. Valentine? That it's also a religious holiday and feast day?
Did you know he was imprisoned for performing weddings for soldiers who were forbidden to marry (and for ministering to Christians, who were persecuted under the Roman Empire.) So really in 2014 with marriage equality we should all be getting down with St. Valentine.

So why do people have such vitriolic views of Valentine's Day? It could be because over the years, increasingly high expectations have been placed on people's partners, sometimes leading to disappointment. It could be because there's a stigma that it's sad, bad, whatever- to be single. (One I don't buy into, for what it's worth).

You don't need to take a stance on Valentine's Day. Really. You don't need to let everyone know how easy-breezy-cool you are because you don't celebrate. You don't need to let everyone know how you hate it because you're single. Just... stop.

*After seeing a post on FB I do want to add: I totally understand why Valentine's Day may be hard for people who have lost significant others, or who have other unrelated reasons for having a tough time on V-Day. I'm not a total heartless monster. But this post isn't directed at them.

**(The rest of that post is fantastic, and actually- it focuses on not waiting for a "special occasion" to live your life- this one line just happened to inspire me to post about other commonly heard valentine's day refrains.)

Sunday, February 9, 2014


Confused by the title?
This weekend was a fantastic one and the title of this post contains a little bit of goodness from each part of it.
Friday we had some friends of M's over for a dinner party. It was delicious and I loved catching up with them over wine.

Saturday we slept in a bit, before ultimately heading to IKEA. More to come on that, later ;-).
Saturday afternoon I went to the gym, then met Dana to see The Monuments Men - which I thought was good! Liked it more than American Hustle, to be honest. Afterwards we met up with our friend Sammi for her birthday dinner with some others at Cooper's in West End. (I also noticed they got a Francesca's sometime recently... Francescas, Anthro, Charming Charlie AND Primp? Dangerous.)

Sunday we woke up and let TJ back in the bedroom. With our new headboard he gets a little too into parading around and rubbing his paws on it, which is loud and annoying. So we boot him. He came in and spooned with me. M started blowing on his face so TJ stiff-armed him. Love him..hahaha

Sunday morning M and I went to Union's rooftop for brunch- I had bought him a Living Social for Christmas. OMG guys, the food was outstanding, and being on a rooftop in the middle of winter...there's just something magical about it. They had a DJ playing some music (not clubby, but nice!) and it was just such a nice morning.

After brunch we got started on a little IKEA hack. I can't even recall how I stumbled across the idea, but there's a website for hacking boring IKEA stuff. I found a smaller dresser on there (the RAST, if you're interested) that had been transformed into a TON of cool new pieces- but we needed something longer for the bedroom. I recently tweeted my frustration and the lack of affordable dresser options. We needed a certain size, and wanted a certain look to match other items we had.

I was browsing IKEA hackers when I realized there was a bigger version of the RAST- this beauty:
 Looks like a nice but pretty boring hunk of wood, right? Well, if today's phase 1 is any indication of how she's going to shape up... be prepared for a pretty great "after" ... oh and did I mention it was only $130 for this SOLID PINE piece of unfinished furniture? God Bless IKEA.

Tonight we were jazzed the Walking Dead was back, so we watched that and hung out. 
Low key but perfect weekend, and I'm excited to finish up this dresser this week! Stay tuned for that :)

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Heyo, I'm alive.
My work computer appears to be boycotting anything close to photo uploading so, no photos.
I had every intention to write a post last night but then Lo sent me a photo of the MLS listing for this cute little house they have their eye on, and when M sees a MLS listing it's all.. "if you give a mouse a cookie" and next thing you know we're checking out every single house on the shores of Lake Minnetonka.
M spends a lot of time doing this because at one point he sort of laughed and said to me, "want to see the most expensive house on the entire lake?"
um, yes. and he hovers right over it without hesitation to reveal a price tag of $24 MILLION.
It's the old Pillsbury house (check out the photos. O_O) and it's on a peninsula that juts into the lake.
For those of you unfamiliar with Minnesota and Lake Minnetonka- 90% of the homes that border it start at $1M. It's where a lot of the athletes, CEOs, and such reside. Some of the inlets and bays farther west have smaller price tags. M dreams of living on a lake someday and Tonka is high on the list I think. Rightfully so, it's an awesome lake. That being said, when we saw that the yearly taxes on the Pillsbury house were $235,000 a year, we realized it probably won't be THAT house. Oof.
But, if you're in the market, M and I would be more than happy to come squat in your guest house.

That was a tangent.
I was in Montana last week for work. Havre, Montana to be exact. It was warmer than MN so that was a bonus, but it was a long exhausting week.
The weekend before that M was ice fishing so I watched a LOT of Grey's Anatomy and had dim sum (GENIUS meal idea: Asian food on carts. nom.).
This most recent weekend M and I had a date day and went to the Rabbit Hole for lunch-- check one off my list! and it was DELICIOUS- the Bulgogi beef bowl- there's magic in that beef. Then we went and saw American Hustle. I'll be honest.. I wasn't that blown away. The acting was great and I get why it was nominated so much, but the storyline itself was kind of underwhelming and tied together poorly, I thought. Had me wishing we would've seen Lone Survivor instead. Maybe we'll hit up a matinee this weekend. I was blown away by the price difference! Matinee's may be my new jam.

So, that's that. I'm alive. Oogling houses I have no business oogling and eating a lot- nothing new there.

Hope y'all have been well. :)