Thursday, September 13, 2012

Bridesmaid Dresses

M's sister Natalie is in town for the month of September taking a break between PA school and starting her new job, sooooo we decided to do dinner, which turned into dinner with both his sisters, which turned into dinner plus bridesmaid dress shopping (at her suggestion!) 

I think it's safe to say we annoyed the bajeezus out of the sales ladies, and I'm not sure why. They're guaranteed 6 sales (or at least, DB as a WHOLE is) from us... but man did we get some dirty looks trying on tiaras and veils. What?! every girl wants to be a pretty pretty princess bride. 

I honestly had written myself off as a "veil" bride. 

I think they look pretty on some people, but I felt a little cartoonish. Or at least I THOUGHT I'd look cartoonish. BUT between Katie talking about veils and putting a few on, I'm starting to reconsider. We'll see :) 

On second thought.. maayyybeee it was this that annoyed them:

Katie rocked the veil. 

Both the girls ended up falling in love with the same style! They didn't order yet, but these are the front runners (Katie on the left, Natalie on the right) (but in black, obviously): 

OH, and I impulsively (sort of) ordered my wedding shoes! 

I had tried these on for Meagan's wedding last October, since you can order them in any of the DB dress colors. I LOVED the style, and they were super comfortable. 

SO, when the girls were trying on dresses, I wandered over and tried them on again. Here they are:

 I really wanted a blast of color under the dress for the shoes,'re really not going to see them much/at all, so why not have some fun with them!? and let's face it, the "pulled up front of the dress shoe shot" is one of my favorites. I wasn't dead set on the "something new, old, borrowed, blue" thing either, but if I could find a pair of blue shoes I liked I was going to try to do it. 

old: my grandpa's law fraternity pin on my dress/bouquet
new: dress (cop out? meh)
borrowed: going to get a broach or some jewlery from grandma - she has FANTASTIC jewlery (and maybe get one of each, from each grandma)
blue: shoes 

My other stipulation was, I wasn't spending tons of $ on blue shoes that, lets face it, I may never wear again. These were only $50! I'm undecided, but I may add some bling like Syndal did on hers.

I got home around 9, and with M out of town last night for business.. TJ was extra snuggly. 

The up side of having a pet, especially a kitty, is when the bf/fiance/husband is out of town.. you never have an empty bed. TJ is such a good little snuggler. Until about 4 a.m. when he gets hungry and starts sticking his paw in your face and whiskers up your nose. Alas, he's worth it. :-)

Overall, a fun fantastic little Wednesday to get me over that hump and looking forward to the weekend!



  1. I like how you tied your scarf. Also I wasnt thinking I wanted a veil either, but once you find THE dress... It seems to really complete that feeling of "I am a bride to be" plus its also so beautiful in pictures. There are so many styles, its hard to go wrong. Look like a fun night. :)

  2. Love the blue shoes idea - my SIL did the same thing - super cute and the pics of the front dress lift were gorgeous! :)

    My hubby is leaving for a business trip next week for 5 days - even after 8 years of marriage, I still dread him leaving. :( BUT - I agree, the bed is never empty when you have a pet.......and kids! :) haha

  3. LOVE THOSE SHOES! :) Do it. Do it. Do it. :)

  4. blingy yes!! love those shoes, love the pop of blue.
    also-my thoughts on the veil is that there will never ever be another appropriate time to wear a veil besides your wedding day. DO it. Just take it off at the reception!

  5. You're cute! And those people at DB's seem to be rude no matter which store you go to :( oh well!

  6. i had to do a blast of color too under my dress i picked red. i love those heels you selected! cute bridesmaid dresses too

  7. Omigosh, looked like you girls had so much fun!! LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE those heels!!! They look PERFECT and so gorgeous.

    And the picture of TJ? I die with cat cuteness overload ;-D

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