Monday, September 17, 2012

Wenches (+ the Rembrandt exhibit coming later, because I HATE BLOGGER right now)

 Once upon a time, Blogger wouldn't let me format my post.. or see my cursor as I typed.. and every time I tried to hit "backspace" it deleted ALL the text I had written. Furthermore, Blogger wouldn't let me hit "enter" to create breaks in my paragraphs. This makes a control freak like myself homicidal. To preserve my sanity on this Sunday night.. I present to you: Blobs of text, and lots of photos... an end run around blogger. (Imagine a page break here) --- this weekend was low key, but peppered with some random experiences. Saturday I went to the renaissance festival with M's mom and sisters. We made Katie try on every strange hat we could find..and even got in on the action ourselves! Turkey legs were ate, giant turtles pulling carts were spotted (totally normal), we watched a glass blowing tutorial and a comedy routine by the name of "Puke and Snot." Overall, it was quite a good time.


  1. hahaha...ooh, good 'ol blogger. I've so been there!! To the point of wanting to switch to wordpress - but, then decided that would be too much work. ha!

    Ren Fest looks fun. I haven't been there for a few years...

  2. I hate when Blogger does that crap! :(