Tuesday, September 25, 2012

If you really knew.....

My cat. 

I wanted to do a "if you really knew me" post and because I'm a good crazy cat lady, I figured one about my awkward little bundle of fur would be more entertaining. At least for some of you. 

To be honest, I also need a post full of cuddly cat photos. It's been an emotionally draining last few days.. for no reason other than I work myself up over small things, and have a case of the crazies going on. I blame impending aunt flo (TMI?) and/or bar results coming up. 

anyway, moving on. 

If you really knew my kitty (TJ) 

You'd know that when he was a kitten he'd prefer to sit on shoulders, and the occasional head


You'd know that (while he's gotten a bit better) if you are in the living room with food, he's all up in your business, like a dog --except more aggressive-- trying to swipe bites. 

You'd know that his favorite treat to beg for is...wait for it... McDonald's french fries (just like his momma) - but he'll settle for a bagel if it's all that's around. 

You'd know that without a doubt his favorite place to nap is in your "nook" -- that little crook between your arm and body. He'll jump on the couch, stare at you till you left your arm, walk in a circle, and plop down. Paws stretched over your stomach. He'll let you put your arm back down around him,...and even lets you type on the computer whilst in the nook.. but don't you dare get too close to his pooch. 

You'd know that if you got too close to his pooch (the nickname I've given for the fuzzy patch of fur on his belly, down by his back legs) he'll lash out and bite you. He's very sensitive about his pooch. 
You'd know that if you have papers, wrapping paper, crafts, a computer, etc., on a hard surface, he'll lay down on top of it- without fail. He's not needy enough to demand attention all the time, but this is his passive aggressive ploy at getting some. 

You'd know that one of his other favorite places to lounge is in the bathroom sink. 
 It has to be dry, but he loves being in the middle of all the action when M and I get ready in the morning.

You'd also know that if you turn the faucet on, he'll try to bat at the water/drink it. (You'd think after dozens of times having done it.. he'd be better at it. He still manages to get it all over his face, without fail. 

You'd know that he acts as the house guard-cat. If there's not an open door or window that he can sit in, he's rotating between his favorite windows and peeking through the curtains.

If you really knew my kitty, you'd know he loves M and I unconditionally..and you'd know that I, as his momma, have 100% zero shame in how much I talk about him/think about him. I refuse to allow it to be "normal" and "healthy" to talk about dogs this much and "crazy" when I talk about my cat. 

He's more loyal, affectionate, and quirky then most dogs I've met anyway. 

And thus concludes this edition of, if you really knew my kitty.


  1. this is my favorite post ever written by anybody ever!!!!
    first of all, choxie is SO much like TJ. They look alike and have many of the same mannerisms..how old is TJ?? Chox has a pooch too, but we call it a ponch hahaha.

  2. Oh, TJ is so cute! He reminds me of our little pup Kirby. I love when little animals have big personalities and TJ definitely does. Great post!

  3. So cute!!! Man I wish my husband liked cats...but it's better that he doesn't because I wouldn't be able to contain myself with how many I would have!!!!

  4. BAHAHAHAHA! Love it!! :) Cooper and Grace love "the nook" too!

  5. I love this! How sweet is your kitty! I love that he begs for food like a dog and his cute personality:)