About Me

I'm the one writing this blog.
I'm a semi-newly minted lawyer in the twin cities area of Minnesota. 
I would love to write more about my job than I actually can because- ethics and stuff. 

We met the old fashioned way, on the internet, and got married in October of 2013. 
One time he did a vlog with me. The only explanation I have for that is that the blog was young and he was impressionable and just don't count on that ever happening again, mkay? 

TJ is short for Trapper Joe (long story). 
He's also our cat. 
He's hilarious and adorable and makes an appearance fairly frequently on the blog (and even more so on Instagram). 

KBJD* was born for a confluence of reasons: as a creative outlet, as a way to document (parts of) my life, as a distraction from the insanity of law school, and just overall looking for a little something more in the most ambiguous sense of the word.

I've gone through stagnant periods, and periods bursting with creativity.. but I hope to maintain this as an outlet in some shape or form for the long term. I've met some fantastic people doing this.    

I've been told it looks like I have my shit together, at least on paper, but rest assured this is far from the truth. Follow along as I attempt to chronicle my transition from the law-student-girlfriend, to domestic-wannabe-lawyer-wife, and everything in between.  


*which stands for "K", Kelly; "B", middle initial; "JD", the name of my degree.. back when I maybe thought this place would be more law school/lawyer focused before realizing, yep, nope, that's a bad idea.