Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Wedding DIY: Flower balls

[EDIT: I have pulled this post from the archives to link up with Katie for her "Saw it, Pinned it, Did it" series! Check out the button for a whole slew of great (non-weddingy) DIY's as well!]

This is easily my most favorite DIY to date. 

I was browsing Pinterest (surprise, surprise) the other night and saw this pin for a rosette flower ball tutorial: 

I LOVE the look of "flower balls" but since the only real flowers we're doing are the bouquets, I had forgot about the possibility of doing a faux one.

In addition, I knew I didn't want to do much, if anything, to the church in terms of decorations because it's so beautiful and ornate on its own. 

When I saw this pin, I had the perfect affordable decorations for the church, that could be moved to the ceremony (aaannnddd sold after the whole shabang ;-) )

I did it a little bit different than the tutorial, so here's how it went:

1. Cut about 1 1/2 to 2 feet of streamer and crumple it up.

2. Fold the streamer ENTIRELY in half (instead of 1/3 like the tutorial)

3. Start rolling up the rosette.  This is the part of these tutorials that used to make me angry at the author, because they say "just play with it until it looks right".. but really, that's all you do.

4. I started adding tiny dots of hot glue as I rolled to hold it together, about 1 ever 3 rolls or so, instead of just at the very end like the tutorial said. I found it kept its shape better, AND I could keep the rolls loser that way and fuller looking, without it falling apart. Just roll, and twist the streamer around as you roll

5. Add a spot of hot glue at the very end to hold the entire rosette together. 

6. (I actually never took a photo, but I took about 6 inches of ribbon, folded it in half, and glued it to the foam ball)
6.5. Start gluing the rosettes to the foam

7.  Add burlap bow (that I also made) to the top! (If ya'll are really that interested, I can post a tutorial on the bow too.

Mmmmmmmm I am SO in love with this. I used EXACTLY one roll of streamer for this ball (it's a 6 inch foam ball too, if I recall that correctly). 

I'm doing 4 of these for down the aisle. 2 on each side. aaannndd in the middle of each foam ball, I'm making "hanging frames". So, basically, imagine a picture frame where the flower ball is, and that's what the frames are. Bow, and ribbon on top, and all. I'm going to put some engagement photos in them then, too. 

Hope you like!

aaannnddd tonight is the 2nd MN Blogger HH! I'm pretty excited to get to hang out again, and not be in a bar-induced-scrubbed-out-daze, like last time. AND paint a pretty pretty painting of the stone arch, which will go perfectly in our "MN/MN sports/sports themed" basement!



  1. Genius!! I love the flower balls!!

    Can't wait to see you tonight! :)

  2. OMG! They're SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really wish I could go tonight! :( :( :( :( :(

  3. New follower! Love this!

  4. those are SUPER cute! i love them and wish i had something to make them for ;)

    very excited to paint it up tonight as well! :)

  5. Love these! They turned out awesome and look relatively simple/inexpensive.

    Can't wait for tonight, it should be lots of fun!

  6. Super cute! See you in a few hours (I'm trying to make it sound like it's the end of the work day) :)

  7. Good job! Those turned out SUPER CUTE!!! Can't wait to paint tonight also...see you soon :)


    omgosh the bow. seriously this came out absolutely amazing!!


  9. Ooo I love this! Great job!!

    See you tonight!

  10. I love these! I pinned a pin last night for you about burlap flowers, in case you're bored or something, haha! I tagged you in the pin I think, check it out :)

  11. These are amazing!! I'm in love girl. :) Thank you for linking up! xoxo

  12. Found your blog from the link-up. Wow, I'm in love with that. I love the burlap bow too. Adds a nice finishing touch. Nice job!

  13. OMG...these are soooo dang cute. great inspiration!!

  14. that looks great, and tottaly looks like it would cost a LOT more than what it did!

  15. Hi
    This is very nice....I would love to do the same with a 10inch ball for a centerpiece.....how many streamers do u think I need & did u use a glue gun? Was the sterofoam expensive?

    1. Pamela!
      I couldn't find your email, and you're a no-reply commenter, so I hope you can see this: I used a little less than a full roll of streamers for these sized balls.. I think they were a little smaller than 10 inches, too. The foam was a little expensive, at around $4-5 a ball. But not terrible. and yes! I did use a glue gun :)

  16. Hi
    This is very nice....I would love to do the same with a 10inch ball for a centerpiece.....how many streamers do u think I need & did u use a glue gun? Was the sterofoam expensive?