Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Updated McListerson

Well it's almost September. September means the days of "HOLY CRAP THE WEDDING IS LESS THAN A MONTH AWAY" are upon us. This whole process has been very surreal. I seem to watch other brides post about (or talk about, in the real world) their showers and wedding events so casually, like it's just.. normal.. Meanwhile I'm over here geeking the F out that these events are for ME, and like.. this is real. Or maybe I just talk about it more than other people... hahaha.

Don't even get me started on how much I freak out when I think about the fact that I'm going to know EVERYBODY at the wedding. I mean, weddings for me have always meant knowing one side of the family, or a group of friends and maybe some of the couples' family.. it's just going to be REALLY weird to be surrounded by people I know. At a wedding. My wedding. Ok I'll stop.

I figured I'm due to publish an updated McListerson, too.

  • Pay balance of DJ by September 14th
  • Pay balance to Como by September 20th (as well as head count- put meal RSVPs into spreadsheet for wait staff to make it easier on them!)
  • Pay balance to photographer, half by September 4th, remainder by September 27th
  • (figure out when it's due....and then) Pay balance for honeymoon
  • Grow a money tree
  • Get signed letter from Father for our discounted marriage license (HOLLA) In the mail as of 8/22 Got it!

  • Pillar candles for lanterns
  • Tell M that "gifts for the parents" is a thing, and figure out wtf we're doing with this - I think we have my dad and his mom down (first dance songs matted in a frame), any ideas for father of the groom or mother of the bride?
  • Any additional jewelry..? figure out if I want any. Borrowing bracelets from grandma for "something borrowed"
  • Get dress altered
  • Stay on top of M and the boys to get ties and socks (see also: make sure my little brother has basically everything that the rest of them can be counted on to get themselves. Oy.) Brother even picked up his suit from the tailor with no prompting!
  • Book party bus ... I think we're close! Done!
  • Hotel room? Staying at the house? I can imagine I'll just want to spoon with TJ that night anyway, guys (JUST KIDDING....) We're just going to stay at home. I was feeling apathetic about it and M really preferred home, so home it is! :) M's mom has even volunteered to drive us home. Woot!
  • Make decorations list with photographs for my not so top secret wedding helpers.... I figure I should do a post on that in the near future, too. :) That's here.
  • Day-of itinerary for wedding party and family.
  • Ask wedding venue about any potential cupcake stands they have, and at what cost..otherwise crack and email our cake guy to tell him we'll use his
  • Keep tabs on wedding registries post-shower
  • Call Shane Co. and figure out how long they need to solder my rings together.. waffle one last time on whether I want to do it, ultimately get them soldered, and then weep while my ring is MIA for some period of time

  • "organize" M's gift... TEE-HEE
  • Finish gluing together silk flowers and weighting them so they stay sunk in the vases
  • Finish "anniversary books" for the tables
  • Make a few more wine cork holders for table #s
  • Figure out if I'm doing 1 menu per table, or per place- if 1 per table, how they'll stand up
  • Make some kind of burlap bow for mom's wheelchair-- we trickin' her out, yo
  • Make pocket squares (once the ties are ordered so I can match fabric)
  • Make boutonnieres for ushers to distinguish them
  • Print invitations and RSVP cards (add #s to RSVP cards for people who fail to fill in name)
  • Print menus
  • Design and print programs Waiting for approval from UST.
  • Design and print some table signage for kids stuff/wedding photo collection
  • Design and print rehearsal dinner invites
  • Print remaining Instagram wedding photos and tape to string- also figure out how to display ones that won't fit in frame (will explain better later.. :))
  • Hotel gift bags.... I'll be honest, I'm REALLY apathetic about this. People don't need a Dasani with our faces on it. This is probably not even going to happen. I just don't care. Not happening. Sorry I'm not sorry. 
  • Wrap bridesmaids gifts

  • Couples shower August 31st
  • Bachelorette party- September 14th.... get a dress?
  • Bridal shower, ladies only, September 8th ....wear something I own
    • Get hostess gifts for aunts/uncle throwing both of them- 1/2 done, 1 aunt/uncle left!
  • Email aunt and uncle about couples shower ASAP- shoot for mid to late August.. probably wear something I own.. August 31st! Super pumped about this one
  • Put tip stuff in labeled envelopes
  • Put party bus money plus tip in envelope for DAY OF DELIVERY (stressful and annoying)
  • Get cantor a gift card because she's a family friend doing it for free and that's awesome and something I have no problem spending some money on....boom
  • Find a little somethin' somethin' for my wedding helpers as a thank you. :) 
  • Get marriage license.. minor detail
  • Pick which package (# of meal options we'll be giving people)
  • Send over meal choices
  • Set up tasting-- apparently we don't get one. wah.
  • Figure out if Father is coming, mailing invite
  • Decide if I want to get a dress....

  • Print readings for best man and MOH
  • Make sure cantor knows the music and is feelin' comfortable

  • Seating chart
    • Figure out if Father is coming and what he wants to eat- actually, scratch that, check to see if I'm sending him an official invite. I may have one addressed already...sending him an invite to both
  • Add table numbers and meal choices to finished place cards
  • Coordinate who is picking up gifts Wedding helpers, yo.
  • Coordinate who is tearing down reception space- see aforementioned not so top secret wedding helpers.. ;)

  • If I'm not penniless and crazy.. try to remember to pick up a few new "summery" outfits to wear
  • Buy or borrow some books

Any of you have any suggestions for father of the groom or mother of the bride gifts? Halp!? 


  1. So many things are crossed off...YAY! :) You seem so organized!!! And clearly the most EXCITED bride. I love it!

  2. You're making great progress! I remember freaking out when you first posted this list. Looks like you got it under control!

  3. You're doing so awesome! EEK! :) Enjoy the last little bit... it'll fly by!

  4. I love all your wedding updates!!

  5. Just reading about all the things you're doing makes me overwhelmed. This is probably why when it comes time for me to get married, I'm eloping. Vegas? Elvis? Probably happening.

  6. Let me know when you figure out how to grow a money tree...I would love the secret :) Good job on all that you've accomplished...get ready, the last month will WHIZ by!!!

  7. Oh my goodness, this just blows my mind. I can't believe you (WE) are getting married. Holyshizz.

    And I'm ALWAYS freaking the eff out that THIS SHIT IS FOR ME?! WTF.

    Deep breaths. BREATHS. Woof.

  8. I totally get how you are feeling. I thought the whole shower, bachelorette, and especially wedding experience felt so surreal. I kept asking "is this really happening?" I felt like i was watching someone else...haha. Then when it's over, you are like "wait, what just happened?"