Monday, September 2, 2013

Half marathon, wedding shower, birthdays, and more

Oofta. Labor day is already over!? How is it already September? 
This weekend was random, but peppered with fun events! 

Friday night, I got home from work and found M on the back deck shaking his head. He holds up his hand and I see it's wrapped up. Immediately I ask him wtf he did, and I was shown this: 


That'd be a fishing hook. In his hand. After a trip to urgent care, in which they didn't have the proper tools and had to slice it out of his hand, he was home. Disgruntled, and okay, but home. 

Saturday morning M and I got up bright and early to meet some other friends of mine to cheer on my bridesmaid, Dana, in her first half marathon in St. Paul. It was a beautiful morning to watch, and a bit cooler than it had been earlier int he week, and she did phenomenal!

Dana is a One Direction fan, so in a rare moment of creativity, I crafted up this (which made me laugh pretty hard): 

(above) law school ladies.
(below) Dana's parents flew up for the long weekend from Missouri

Dana's college friends, one of whom also ran the race: 

Saturday afternoon was traumatic, for me. I had went shopping to see if I couldn't find a last minute dress for our couples shower Saturday night. I came home empty handed, was walking out of the garage minding my own business, when BAM- it happened: I got stung by a F&#^@ BEE. I haven't been stung by a bee in probably 7-10 years, and I swear the older I get, the more of a baby I become for this type of pain. I screamed, and grabbed my right thigh, where it happened, and started to hobble/jog/whimper to the back door. M heard the commotion and met me in the kitchen, where I proceeded to lay down on the floor and SOB hysterically for about 30 minutes. We put some ice on it and Jess suggested I make a paste out of baking soda to help with pain, which I did, and which helped. But still, how freaking stupid. Who gets stung by a bee?!?! ugh. It's still sore today, since he got me right on the muscle. I hope that stupid little asshole died a slow and painful death afterwards.

Saturday night was our couples shower, which I was determined to bounce back from the bee sting and enjoy. There were 5 people who had said they'd come, and couldn't make it, so we had a slightly smaller turnout, but it was the perfect group. Everybody knew at least one other person it seemed like, so people could all mingle. My aunt and uncle just went over the top, per usual, and catered it in from Lunds & Byerly's. Their house is obscenely beautiful as well, and it was just a really fun night. 

FLOGGERS, and their husbands! I was so happy they could make it, and we definitely missed Lo. But she was at home with an almost-emergency with her puppy child, Apple. 
M and his best man, Brady.

Love these two. :)


My fabulous aunt and uncle. I can't thank them enough for hosting such a fabulous party! 


Sunday was Dana's birthday, so M and I headed over to her friend's apartment for tacos and drinks. We had planned to sit out by the pool, but the cooler weather kept us inside. 

D with her 1D birthday sash, naturally: 

Afterwards on Sunday, M and I went to help his sister set up her internet at her new apartment before she starts law school tomorrow.

Sunday night we were hanging out at the house, debating whether to play Guesstures with the cat (a game we were gifted Saturday night!) and killing time until Breaking Bad re-aired at 10:30 that night (we somehow spaced it was Sunday and new, so we missed it at 8:00) when my co-worker attorney/neighbor's wife facebooked us to ask if we were home, and invited us over for a bonfire! So, we happily grabbed some wine for the both of us, and made the quick walk down the alley to their house. We ended up sitting out back by the fire for 4 hours, chatting. It was an absolute blast!  So glad we did that instead of just sitting on our butts at home.

Monday so far has been super lazy. I got a frame from M's mom, and have plans to spray paint that in a bit.... but right now? I have a blanket on (DYING, I LOVE THIS) and there's a cool breeze coming in the window, and oh.. my favorite movie ever- the Negotiator, is on TV.

I have a few posts lined up this week about wedding stuffs, so stay tuned for that!  Hope you all had a fabulous long weekend!


  1. Giiirl what a fab looking shower!! Color me jealous that you had a couples shower! Jealous!

    And you look super adorable in that peach/orange dress.

    Also... that pic made me gag majorly. EEEP!

  2. I am so sorry you got stung by a bee & for your guy's hand! I would have screamed if i got stung too! We get stinging caterpillars & I am always PARANOID about stepping outside. LOL. And i am also pretty immature when i see flying stinging things! LOL.

    Glad your shower went well! :)

  3. Oh no an injury for each of you this weekend :( (and yes a I am counting your bee sting) But glad that you had fun at your couples shower.

  4. Oh no. Both of you got boo boos this weekend, but it still looks like you guys had fun!!

  5. I'm glad your shower was so fun!! (But seriously, what a bad weekend for random-ass injuries!)

  6. I'm glad your shower was so fun!! (But seriously, what a bad weekend for random-ass injuries!)