Thursday, August 22, 2013

Shit nobody prepares you for: the wedding planning edition.

Guys, there's shit people tell you about wedding planning and there are just the "wtf?" moments. I've decided to comprise a list of some funny, some not so funny, but all very real things that have happened thus far while wedding planning:

You will swear up and down that you will always remind yourself, "your wedding day is not the most important day to most other people, just to you and your future spouse," and still catch yourself thinking, "are you kidding me, it's my wedding, why can't they come to XYZ event."

Your dad will see your fiancé doing the Cupid Shuffle at another wedding and inform you, with 100% sincerity, he wants that to be your father-daughter dance.

Your cousin, whom you've barely spoken to in the last 7 years because he's at that awkward "I'm too cool" age, will ask his grandpa, to ask your dad, to ask YOU if he can bring his girlfriend (whom you've met twice, but whose name you don't know, because he never properly introduced her to ANYONE at Christmas. twice.) to your wedding reception. But don't worry, you'll also come to learn he's cool with her "just sitting at the table. Not eating." OH, so you mean just drinking the booze M and I are paying for? Cool. <<pause>> NOT.

Your dad will inform you, on several occasions, he's "working on a playlist" for the wedding. This will include songs like, "Over the Rainbow" by Nat King Cole, and other assorted rat-pack songs. You accept the CD he burned for you (to presumably pass on to the DJ?.....), anyway. O_O.

You may or may not attempt to mail a rehearsal dinner invite with no invite actually inside the envelope, mail an invite with no address written on it, and mail an invite with no stamp. You will then question your sanity.

You'll get an RSVP card back with an additional child on there your fiancé forgot to tell you that his cousin had. Woops.

All those cousins and aunts and uncles that your mother and father-in-law convinced you "will never come"...? they're ALL COMING. Not that I'm upset about their presence, but it's doing a doozy on our #s. Oy.

You'll put approximately a $1.50 too much postage on an invite to Canada and your friend will laugh at you. At least it got there!

I'm sure there are more things I'm forgetting but these were some of the highlights. Never a dull day in wedding planning!


  1. I couldn't even read through this all the way because it just reminds me of all my wtf moments and it still makes me angry
    hang in there. drink some wine. but it's true- nobody cares about your wedding like you do. But that doesn't mean you can't make them feel guilty about that.

    1. I hope it's ok that I laughed through this post. I mean at least it's given you some good blog content...right? haha

  2. We're having the opposite problem with the guest list - tons of people who had verbally RSVP'd are suddenly AWOL. Nice!

    And I was sitting at a red light last week, thinking about weddings, and almost just went and ran the red light. Cause in my head it turned magically into a stop sign. wtf.

  3. The RSVP's are the WORST. I had a similar situation with a cousin asking if his GF could come. He e-mailed my dad at work and it was all this back and forth. I'm so glad my dad stood his ground and said NO.

    My spouse had people call him and ask if their kids could come. We had a no kid reception (with the exception of our nieces who were in the wedding). Those conversations got SUPER awkward.

    At the end of the day, all the crazy stuff is worth it and you'll one day laugh about all this =)

  4. oh man, all my wedding "wtf" moments are flooding back to me. wedding planning is nuts and can definitely get to you. hang in there, you'll have a beautiful day regardless of any hiccups :)

    also - this helps keep you grounded:

  5. Ohhhh wedding planning! My anxiety levels went up just by reading this post! I'm so glad I never have to plan a wedding again! (But it really is worth it).

  6. LOL, your dad sounds awesome! I'm so glad I got married in Mexico ;)

  7. Just like when I read your to-do list, reading this gave me anxiety.

  8. These are too funny! I remember thinking at times I was being a lunatic or losing my mind while wedding planning. Oofta!

  9. I enjoyed reading this and all he stuff you shared are all true. Planning a wedding can be stressful with the tons of things you need to do and details you need to attend to. You can definitely lose your mind in the process but i guess the key here is to just think of the positive side. You finally marrying the man of your dreams, who cares what other people think. The most important thing here is it's the start of your journey with the man you love.


  10. Wow... the countdown is really here! Those things are hilarious... but stressful... Take a few deep breaths and carry on! Just think of all the space you will have in your house once the decorations are out...