Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Lake Shetek

This past weekend was a first for me- M and I headed to a cabin in Southwestern Minnesota. 
You see, most cabins are located north of the twin cities. 
But, when you're FROM Southwestern Minnesota, Lake Shetek is considered "north", if only by 40 minutes. 
M and I hit the road Friday for our 3 hour drive and met up with 3 other couples at the cabin. 
I have to make a confession- usually when we do 'cabin weekends' there are about 12-15 people, it's way more 'WOO-HOO, partayyyy!' and a lot more..rugged. We just spend more time outside (since the other cabin we typically go to is located a distance away from the water, but they also have a lot that adjoins the lake) and we just generally rough it a bit more. 

There were only 8 people here, we all split up meals to be in charge of, and it was less of a "party" weekend- although don't be mistaken, we certainly did our fair share of drinking.  It was definitely much more "my pace" and a good weekend away.

Friday night we played "Awkward Family Photos" the board game-which was hysterical. 
 Saturday M and I made breakfast for 8 people- which, when you only have 2 tiny pans for potatoes, don't really know your way around the kitchen, and have to make eggs in a pot, is a bit more high pressure... but we managed! 

After breakfast, we took the boat out for the remainder of the "nice" part of the day- the clouds rolled in so we headed back to shore for some yard games, plank-offs, people-benching, people-squatting.. you know, the usual.

Yes, that is blood on Keefe's leg. He cut himself trying to pick up giant boulders out of the lake for Pete's, whose cabin we were at, dad. #manstuff

After yard games, we whipped up a huge spread of appetizers. It started to sprinkle and we took things into the garage and played bags and chatted some more.

A full day of drinking, games, and eating wore us out, and we were all willfully retiring at 10:30 that night. Cool by me, I appreciate a solid 8 hours.

We hit the road early so I could hop back in the car and meet some law school friends in St. Cloud for lunch. It was a long day of driving but we were getting together so we could catch up with our friend Sammi who had just gotten engaged in Colorado a few days before!

And here we are, Tuesday. Oy.

Not much else to report. Well, I have some stuff in the pipeline but have no idea which way it'll fall. Mostly job stuff. I had an interview 5 and a half weeks ago and have heard nothing from them. I've followed up twice, and was told once that they were calling references soon and making a decision. Just called again 2 days ago and haven't heard back. So, despite the fact that it's my dream job I'm certainly not impressed.

Awkward sign off. Toodles.


  1. Quit having such cute friends. It's obnoxious.


  2. I interviewed at almost the same time, and the ONLY thing I've heard is when I awkwardly ran into the lady who referred me to the job and she said everything was still tied up in salary approval blah blah blah. Still nothing.

    I'm over it, and certainly don't have time to be switching jobs now 5 weeks out from the wedding.

  3. what a fun weekend. I love weekend trips to the cabin...especially with friends

  4. New follower from Jess is More! Beautiful blog!