Monday, August 26, 2013

Every monday morning.

I don't have much in the way of a weekend recap for you guys.
Friday M and I went to the Galaxy Drive in and ate like fatties.
Saturday afternoon we took my grandma for lunch and guess what? Ate like fatties.
The remainder of Saturday was too hot to function (and just because MN gets to -30 in less than 5 months doesn't mean I have to roll over and take 95 degrees and humidity. THEY'RE EQUALLY AWFUL, people).. M and I decided to start a new show: Orange is the New Black. We finished all 13 episodes in 2 days. Soooo, that's an indication of why I took no photos this weekend.
Sunday we went to M's mom's for breakfast, and.............ATE LIKE FATTIES.
and Sunday night we went to M's friends' for dinner, and I'm not even going to finish the sentence.

I do have something to share with you this morning, though.
It's a little antecdote about my favorite furry friend, my bitty kitty.

This has become a bizarre ritual that I really can't explain, but it seriously cracks me up every time he does it.
When I hop in the shower in the morning, TJ will run into the bathroom, stick his head in at the far end, and meow at me. Then, he hops up onto the tub ledge, and paces/sits there until the water stops. (Extra fun mornings involve TJ not realizing the water is still running... few weeks ago I was lathering up my hair with my eyes closed,.. I open them up, look down, and see a dark blob at my feet. Oh, just TJ hangin' out. I start screaming because the water is on, he PANICS, and if you've never seen a cat try to crawl out of a wet bathtub mid-freak, it's hilarious.)

Anyway he usually waits for the water to stop. Then, like clockwork, when he hears the shower plug release, he hops into the tub, walks over to the drain, and does the same. damn. thing. every time. We have a hair-catch over our drain (my bad)...and he'll lift up his left paw, and slide the hair catch off the drain, and then stare down the hole. Sometimes he'll shove his paw down there, but usually just looks. Then hops out of the shower, trots off, and cleans his wet paws.

Strangest thing ever. I finally had the wherewithal to snap a picture of it post shower today. (Ignore the drain that's obviously in need of a good scrub down).

Anyway, happy Monday, people. :)


  1. this makes me think cats are cute....for a second.
    I started watching OITNB too! Only 1 episode so far though!

  2. love it! my family's cats love to play and drink out of the faucet.

  3. hahhaa.....and ate like FATTIES!! I love it.

    And I'm pretty certain TJ should have his own blog.

  4. Reason #765 of why Tate whould let me get a cat...they do the cutest things!!! Oh still have to clean a litter box...nevermind :)

  5. My cat does this too!! Sometimes she just sits outside the bathtub, though, and meows and meows until I turn the water off, almost like she is worried about me being around all that water haha!

  6. My cat always hops in the shower after I use it & plays with the drain. He also sleeps in the sink. I thought cats hated water? :)

  7. So funny! He obviously thinks there are some fun creatures in there. While taking a bath, our cat Milo will sit on the ledge and dip his tail in the water, he swishes it back and forth, back and forth. So weird.