Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thoughts on Thursday

Well, the dust has settled, for the most part. Still here, still engaged (still WEIRD to say that). Even weirder to think we're getting married. (I think M agrees, as you can see below). This week has been pretty busy, unintentionally so, or at least it's felt that way. Monday night I had coffee with 2 girls I met through M and his guy friends (one is a fiance of one of the guys, the other is an ex-gf).
Yesterday my Forever 21 dress came in the mail! I need to shop online more, it's much more fun to get packages instead of junk mail.
I posted the dress photo on Instagram (kellybea14) with the caption "somebody bring me a yacht!"...because seriously, that's all I feel like I'm missing. It needs to be shrunk a smidge (and with my luck I'll turn it into a bodycon dress instead of just shrinking it a teeny bit). But even if it doesn't shrink up a bit in the wash it's still a good fit. Now all I need is some bright jewelry and cute wedge sandals and I'm set!
All the exitement lately had my boys awfully sleepy every night this week. I snapped these 2 the other night. (I'm just waiting for an email or text about posting this on the internet, but I think he looks sweet when he's sleeping.) I had him wedged to my right on the couch....
and this little guy snoozing on my chest. That grey blob is M's leg thrown over me. I clearly wasn't going anywhere... not that I wanted to. I love it when these 2 cuddle up to sleep. It's precious.
I had a stupid day at work Wednesay.. I am sure it's pretty commonplace but I swear my boss only tells me when I'm doing things crappy and never tells me I've done a good job or at the very least whether ANY of the research memos I've turned in are remotely helpful. It gets a bit disheartening after a while. It's a little ironic that law students and lawyers are all Type-A's who want yes/no answers and clarity, when in reality the law is NEVER (or VERY rarely) made up of yes/no's.. it's always "well, it depends." Infurating, really.
Anyway, the point of that rant was to say that some days all a girl needs is her kitty to make her feel better. I barely get through the door and the little guy RUNS to see me and is purring SO hard he's squeaking. It's really the sweetest thing ever. He's nuzzling, rubbing, and crawling into my lap. He really has all the best attributes of a dog but the "I can crap on my own" beauties of a cat.
Also picked up this nail polish after seeing it on a friend's Instagram. It's Sally Hanson 07 Sea. A very pale blue. I like it :-)
That's about it around here right now. Headed to my dad's saturday to start working out some details about the list... I don't have a mom-zilla but I'm worried about dad turning into a dad-zilla. Who knew he'd be so opinionated about venues but he's already tossed out 2 and said he'd like to come to some of them when we go see them if possible. Pray for me, girls. I may need it. hahaha.

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  1. You're engaged?? When did this happen?? Congratulations!!!