Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hump day

Well, that last post was uplifting, wasn't it? Let's face it though, sometimes just putting it out there in the unvierse, "I'm having a SHITTY day," is the best way to make it go away. That, and an impromptu dinner out with someone who can take me from a sobby hot mess, to laughing and smiling in a matter of an hour. Yes, that'd be M. And yes, this is why I am marrying him. :)

Anyway, I had/have more to say, but if I keep putting off posting anything until I have time to sit down and dump ALL my "recent photos" and blabbering into one post, it'll never come. I had saved these pictures into a draft, so it's easier to throw this one into a catch-up post.

Some instagram pics from the last week or 2. Baby TJ crawled up on the couch to snuggle with M and I the other day. He just stared at M until he lifted his arm and let TJ crawl into his nook. Then he stretched his paws out, and rested his left one on top of M's hand like this:

I. die.

My boys, snuggling on the couch. 
The makings of a pasta dish I threw together last week. I blanched some asparagus for 2 minutes (I had no idea what that word meant when I started cooking, but it's basically bringing water to a boil, tossing veggies in, and cooking them real quick for 2-3 minutes... you then pull them out and put them in ice water to halt the cooking process), then diced them up and sauteed them with some halved brussel sprouts, garlic, and about a tbsp of balsamic vinegar and garlic.From there, I tossed them with cooked pene, some vodka sauce I had laying around, layered it in a baking dish and topped it with the shredded italian cheese blend we had on hand. Ta-da, the "kitchen sink" dinner, as I like to call it.
TJ is a fantastic little sous chef. As long as he can lay in his "spot" on the counter, he really doesn't bother me while I chop food. Usually he's all up in my face and licking the veggies (so if you ever come over to our house for dinner and something tastes "off".. now you know). No we have not gotten our granite installed yet, hence the temporary counter. BUT it's coming on May 3rd, YAY!

Annndd lastly, because a crazy cat lady can never have too many photos of her cat, here's TJ mean mugging me. He's got the stink-eye down pat.

Let's see.. In other news, mom is doing well. I sort of bombed ya'll on that one. My mom has had MS (Multiple Sclerosis) my entire life. She was diagnosed at about 24 or 25 (so, my age). I hate to say that it feels "normal" to me, but it's all I've ever known is a mother with a cane, and eventually a wheelchair. We'd been lucky in that up until about 5 years ago it was pretty slow progressing, and even still it's been slow. It finally caught up to her about 2-3 years ago and she's been in a wheelchair permanently ever since. She gets bed sores from sitting/laying all day, which is what the current problem is and part of the reason she's at a care facility right now.

She's set up at a temporary care facility near the house, and people have been going to see her a lot. She's already made friends with the staff (surprise, surpise, mom's a chatterbox!) and we're hoping that after these 2 weeks are up we can bring her home. With her bed sores though the nurse said it could take up to a year for them to fully heal, since they're internal wounds. As a part of the process for them to heal, she needs to be turned every 2 hours. Well, unless dad were to quit his job that just doesn't seem feasible at home. That being said, we're looking into a bunch of options to try to keep her at home after the temporary stay.

I guess in writing this out and emailing my friends when all this happened it kind of hit me that I don't really talk about it a lot. It's not that I mind, it's just that dealing with these things seems so "normal" to us, that it doesn't seem like something I need to vent about. I talk to M, obviously, and will mention it in passing to others, but I think I keep it to myself because it gives me anxiety seeing other people's reactions. Either because I am usually pretty calm about all of it (again, because this has been "normal" for us) or because the thought that people might be looking at me differently, or with pity, makes me all sorts of nervous. I know that's not rational, but it's how i feel. And this is maybe the worst admission I've ever made but thinking about my wedding and having hundreds of strangers potentially looking at me with "oh, that poor girl and her poor mother" eyes makes me want to elope. There, I said it. It's not because I'm embarassed by my mom at all, it's the idea that people may look at me, or think of me, differently after. Alas, my goal is to be happily buzzed so that my "pity radar" is scrambled.

Welp, should probably hop on this research memo at work here. Hope you all have a good hump day! M and I are going to look at another venue tonight, and a different one tomorrow. SO maybe if I get my shit together here, I can post some recaps, as well as a recap of the venue we saw last Saturday!


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