Tuesday, April 3, 2012

a day in the life

Sometimes I wonder why the neighbors don't really talk to me, and they all chat up M. Then I stop and think about all the times I've busted out some strange dance moves, hopped around, squealed, or otherwise talked in our "lolcat" language while they may have been within earshot. (if you're not versed in lolcat, please see this website). basically it's a bunch of weirdos who send in photos of cats (and other animals) and post captions in this strange language. M and I are kind of losers and kind of love it.

Anyway, this got me thinking a few minutes ago as I got this email from M, if the neighbors only they knew.. M is no better than me. In fact, he's an instigator! Behold:

Sorry for the crappy photo, and the redacted portions, but this was an email exchange I just had with M. I told him it was rude that he commented on my recent facebook photo of the cat that the cat views me as his prey (which is true, and which is why he stalks me around the house sometimes and pounces on me). He said "iz not rude, iz da troof" that translates to "that's not rude, it's the truth"... see how this works?? and that's my pending reply in the top of the screen.

I tell ya, when you and your significant other are crazy, lolcat speaking, weirdos...there's never a dull day.


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