Sunday, April 29, 2012

silent auction and the weekend

Well, it's Sunday night... which means tomorrow is Monday (wahh). It's not so bad though really, I have tomorrow off. Well, that's a lie too. Mondays were usually when I had class, and now that classes are over (YAY!!) I am taking tomorrow to work on my take home final for ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) -- picture hippies sitting in a circle smoking reefer and talking about their problems. Kidding. (kinda). 

I accidentally had last Friday off too, and didn't know it. I took a shower and got ready for my usual Friday at court, and showed up to a virtually empty parking lot. When I got in the sheriff reminded me it was judge's retreat this week- so no court. I took the day to clean the entire house, organize my closet, and finally got around to making throw pillows for the couch! I had got 2, $3.00 pillow forms from IKEA a week or so ago. I went to JoAnn Friday and picked up 2 fabrics. One was a grey and yellow flower print, the other is a yellow flower print. I don't have a sewing machine, so I just hand stitched it. All it took was a half a yard of fabric, a needle and thread. I folded the fabric in half inside out, and sewed 2 of the open sides. I turned it inside out, put the pillow inside, and stitched up the last side. Repeat with the other fabric/pillow, and ta da: 

Friday night M was out with the guys having dinner, so my friend D from law school came over. We made pizza and had every intention of watching Crazy, Stupid, Love that she had on Netflix but instead got sucked into a Say Yes to the Dress: Bridesmaids marathon, and My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding. It happens. TJ doesn't usually snuggle with "strangers" (non M or I) but he marched over, hopped into her lap, and started to purr. I melt. 
D and TJ. 

Saturday night M and I went with my dad to our church's silent auction. Last year we were the youngest ones there by about 10 years, but this year there seemed to be a few more "younger" couples. I go mostly because my dad LOVES when we come to these types of things with him, and really, it's a fun different night. Plus, dad pays for our tickets so even if we don't want to bid on anything, it's a night of free food (GOOD food) and drinks! They actually got a pretty well known act to sing too: Tim Mahoney. Or at least he's well known around here. He was on The Voice too. 

Here are some (potentially embarrassing) shots of M and I during the concert portion: 

we're so cool. 
Tim Mahoney!
And that "great food" I was talking about? Behold:
That's a mash(potato)-tini. Buttermilk mashed potatoes, bacon bits, sour cream, cheese, and chives in a martini glass. DROOL. I am hungry as I type this so naturally I think back to Saturday night and wish I ate more. This is a regular occurrence for me.
And lastly, they decked out the gym pretty nice. This was a chandelier that was hanging from the rafters, as well as drapings and christmas lights. This auction raises tens of thousands of dollars (live auction alone made $20,000!) for the school, and there's always a couple hundred people there. This was the largest turn out yet. Overall, a wholesome and fun night, and I know it means a lot to my dad when we go to those things and spend time with him. My brother (oh yes, not sure if I've mentioned him, I have a 21 year old brother) is still in that "too cool for school" age where he doesn't really hang out with the family unless it's a holiday or other organized function. Actually, that's not totally fair to him, I think he was working last night- but generally speaking that is how he rolls.

That's all for now- I have a wedding related post on deck for tomorrow or Tuesday! Stay tuned ;-)


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