Thursday, April 5, 2012

Apple and prosciutto sandwich & life lately

As you likely already know know, Instagram was released for Android the other day. I feel somewhat pithy saying something like "OMIGOSHHHH I was waiting forevverrr" because let's get real, I just got my smart phone near 3 weeks ago. Regardless, I'm happy it was a short wait, because I am in LOVE with it. I'm not sure why but every photo looks better when taken and filtered by instagram.

Here was one from yesterday, I was sporting a "springy" outfit: bright nails, bright top, bright necklace. I grew up with a mother with little fashion sense (bless her...) so my one concern growing up was at the very least, did my clothes match? WELL As you can imagine this meant a youth of monochromatic clothes, similar toned jewelry and accessories to my outfit, etc. Twas boring. I'm cautiously stepping into the "colorblocking" type trend where it's popular to mix bold colors.
Last night I made brie, apple, and prosciutto sandwiches on foccacia bread... got the recipe out of a Taste of Home cookbook. Really wasn't much to it..
Brie, Apple, Prosciutteo sandwiches:
1/4 cup of walnuts
1 medium apple
Focaccia bread
4 (or more) slices of prosciutto
(We also used 4 slices of Salami becuase M noticed the prosciutto and quietly asked, "that's it for meat..?".. Must appease the biggest tummy!)
I fired up the grill, sliced up the apple, and grilled the apple slices until they were a little brown and charred. I also drizzled olive oil on the slices of focaccia and grilled those a bit to, to give them a nice crunch.
Meanwhile, (because I like my prosciutto crunchy) I crisped up the prosciutto and salami in a frying pan over medium heat.
The recipe called for a rosemary/walnut pesto, but I did something a little different: I took a half a stick of butter, 1/4 cup of finely chopped walnuts, and a tbsp of finely chopped basil and made a walnut/basil butter by mixing it all together. When the bread was done, I spread the butter on the bottom slices, loaded up both sandwiches with apples, the meat, and thinly sliced brie cheese (drooool) and then popped it in the oven on Broil (at about 400 degrees) for about 5 minutes to melt the cheese nicely. Finished it off with a few more leftover walnut pieces, and voila! easy, and SO delicious sandwich.

Was a lazy night last night after dinner.. we watched Criminal Minds, our guilty pleasure. TJ, on the other hand, was busy stalking a spider. He was acting goofy (which isn't that out of the ordinary) but I noticed he was staring up at the doorway. I looked up and sure enough, a decent sized spider was crawling around the top of the doorway (BLEEAGHHARHA) so I whined for M to kill it. TJ must've stalked it all the way upstairs because he was making a racket down there. He didn't get the memo that the spider was dead, even though M "showed it to him".... :-/, and kept staring at its last known location.
This morning while getting ready for work, he was perched in his usual spot at the top of the stairs. I laughed because all I could really see are his eyes and ears. He'd gotten irritated with me snapping photos at this point and relaxed into his "WTF" face, as I call it, but when I first saw him his eyes were bugged and his ears were slicked back in "pounce' mode. Hard to take him seriously, really.
That's about it for today (er, yesterday I suppose).. At work now drafting up some discovery documents for one of the associates. Tomorrow I have clinic all day. I'm doing a clinic called the Misdemeanor Clinic through school, and am paired up with the city attorney for the same city I live in. It's been fun, and I'm counting on the fact that I know the city attorney (;-) ) and am getting to know a lot of the cops. It's always good to know the important people in the area..haha.
Basically I show up Fridays, get files from the prosecutor, and meet with pro se defendants. That means people with no attorney, or who didn't qualify/didn't a public defender. I tell them their rights, that I'm not their attorney, and give them the offer. They can either accept it, or deny it and set it out for another appearance. Then, we wait for the case to be called and I stand up at the podium with the defendant to get it "on the record" with the judge. I tell the judge the deal we've reached, go over the defendant's rights (right to counsel, trial- trial rights like calling witnesses, contesting evidence, right to not testify, etc.) and then the factual basis for the charge (i.e. the nitty gritty: "is it true that on ____ date, you were at Target (or whatever store) in the City of _____ , in ____ county? And is it true you picked up shirts and pants and passed all points of sale without intending to pay for those items? -- that'd be the facts questioning for a theft case).
I LOVE doing it. It's great to be in court, talking with attorneys, talking with defendants, and it makes the day fly by. Tomorrow actually, M and my dad have off work for Good Friday, so I think they're going to come by and watch the court trials (for traffic tickets) in the afternoon..and get to see me prosecute a case! Not that high stakes of a case, but I get to enter evidence, and call a witness, and it's still technically a "trial".. which I was told not a lot of attorneys ever even get to do that much.
Anyway, that's about it. Hope the midweek is going fast for the rest of you!

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