Sunday, April 1, 2012

Law school prom

Yesterday my law school held an event called "Blackacre"...also affectionately known as law school prom. Picture your high school prom, smaller dresses, a cash bar and double the drama.

Blackacre is the boilerplate name for a piece of property that has no other "name"... they also use the terms Whiteacre (which also happens to be the name of our "winter dance") and Greenacre...well, you get the picture. Color+acre, basically. It's also the term professors use in exams and hypotheticals.

Friday after court I stopped by the mall and picked up this little number at Len Drusken outlet for $35.00. That's a tiered lace bottom half of the dress. I loved it. The right amount of "class" and "sexy."
We spent Saturday morning signing the contract for granite (!!! FINALLY !!!) and putzing around Target, and then came home where M read Catching Fire (I'm still waiting for him to finish to start the series. I know, I'm late to the party on this one) and I laid on the couch with the kitteh. TJ is an excellent nap buddy. See:

To die for, cute. Lurve him. While walking around Target I picked up a few more things I've been lusting over. I saw over on Steph's blog that she picked up some cheap makeup tools and basics from Target's e.l.f. line. So I went out and copied her :)

Here's a somewhat embarrassing confession: I've never owned a face primer, bronzer, concealer, or "real" makeup brushes before, nor did I really know how to use them. My go to look had always just been eyeliner and mascara. I went to a Mary Kay party a few weeks ago (my 3rd or so..) and finally got to thinking I should invest in some of these things, not necessarily for "every day" but for special occasions when I want to glam it up a bit. I don't really need (don't hate me) coverup, or concealer, or things like that- I have pretty good skin, but as is the case with everyone I have some slight skin pigmentation differences that I figure it'd be nice to blend in for special occasions. I have a hard time spending money on anything really that doesn't go in my stomach or on my body, or get displayed in my home, so when I saw Steph post about the elf line, I decided this may be the window I needed. WELL, at $1.00 a pop for the brushes, bronzer, and eyeliner, and $6 for primer, I decided it was a good "starter kit"... I'll play around with it and see how I like it and notice the difference and then perhaps upgrade to "real" makeup later (aka once I have a full time job and can afford to drop $$ on things like that)

I also had been lusting after this ruffly tank top ever since I saw it on one of the paralegals at the firm. I checked both Targets near our house, and one didn't stock it, and the other only had XXL. I was bummed. Until we stopped by the Target in a nearby suburb on our way home from signing for granite to get a few other things, and I saw they still had it in my size! To be honest I haven't even tried it on yet to see if it's the right size or if I like it, but I'm not terribly worried about it. Thinking of sporting it at court on Friday, a little fun spring blouse for under the suit :) Lately I've been chopping up lemons to put in my tumbler to flavor up my water. I had heard a long time ago about diffusing pitchers, but the one I had seen a link to (maybe on Pinterest) was something like $40. No thanks. THEN I saw Katie post on her blog about a diffusing pitcher she got at Tarjay for $7.99- sign me up! (I'm noticing a trend of discoveries via blog, and I'm okay with it). SO I bought it, and now he lives here in my fridge. Here he is all loaded up with lemons and limes.

Saturday night I headed over to my friend Dana's to get ready with the other girls for the dance, and we met up with everyone else (and M) later at the boys' house. I thought the time at the guys' house was fun, until I got the recap this morning and apparently I was moderately oblivious to all the drama going on- 2 of the guys have new girlfriends, and one of the ex's of one of the guys' was there, and 2 "pseudo-exes" of the other guy was there, as well as the new girlfriends (sorry if I lost you there). Throw in copious amounts of alcohol and it was a hot mess, apparently. (M and I at the boys' house)
We all trekked the 2 blocks to school to wait for the shuttle to the event, and after 30 minutes and no shuttle we lost patience and started walking to a nearby shopping/bar district to try to catch a cab which resulted in everyone getting separated. Long story short, I wound up standing on the street alone when M went to the bathroom and the remaining 4 people I was there with hopped in a cab and left me there.. (I wasn't about to leave M) and of course the wine was kicking in, which resulted in me crying. We walked across the street to a restaurant to try to eat food, and have water and sober up a bit, but M still didn't feel comfortable driving and neither did I so we cabbed it all the way home. $35 later we were tucked safe into bed.

Today, we drove over to my parents, and M and my dad went to the sportsman's show to see the booth of the place they're going fishing at this summer. 2 more months to go, and thank jeebus because I'm getting tired of hearing about tackle and fishing poles. Solid male bonding experience, though.

Just sitting on the couch now winding down,... likely going on an ice cream run later. That's about it- hope ya'll had a good weekend too!


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