Monday, May 6, 2013

Sundays of nothingness..

..Result in weekend recaps on Tuesday.
Guys, I just can't be bothered to do anything on Sunday, and that includes uploading and editing photos, or writing a blog post.

This weekend was equal parts lazy and productive.
Friday night M and I had a "fatty night"...

I had asked M if he wanted to watch a movie and have pizza as a "date night" Friday, so I beat him home, stopped by RedBox and got Pitch Perfect (2nd time seeing it, never gets old), and Django Unchained. We ordered pizza, and laid on some cushions on the floor, and watched the movies. It was perfect.

Saturday I cleaned the house, and did a ton of laundry. Super blog-worthy.
Snuggled with my buddy, obviously: 

M and I went out to eat once we realized we had nothing in the house for dinner. We read our book and headed to bed.

Sunday I had lunch with a few law school girls at a Thai place down the street. So, I clearly did Cinco de Mayo right.  (O_O) M went to watch the Wild playoff game with a friend at the bar (aanndd we won! in overtime! woot!) I stopped by Michael's for some wedding crafts, which I'll hopefully post about sometime this week.

Got home, and snuggled some more.


M and I went on a walk around a park near our house, and then decided..since we both were pretty full from big lunches, to just go to a bar over at the West End for an appetizer and drinks. Turned out Rojo, the mexican restaurant (duh?) was having a block party for Cinco de Mayo. Being the crotchety old folks we are, M and I headed to the restaurant across the street- Crave. I've never actually been to Crave, but we sat outside on the patio and I had a tomato salad.


It was heavenly, and I currently have the ingredients in my fridge to try to duplicate it for lunches this week. I used to have a major aversion to tomatoes.. (I still do, when it comes to sandwiches or burgers. That squishy burst of fruit just weirds me out).. but I've come to love them on salads, especially when paired with mozzarella (only the fresh kind) with some balsamic. Drool.

I had every intention to go get groceries on Sunday, too.
This was as close as I got: 

Haiiiii Rainbow. We went tonight though, so, close enough. I feel the same way about grocery shopping on Sundays as I do with blogging. I prefer lounging, apparently.

My favorite routine with the kitty, when I get home, is to hoist him on my shoulders like a baby, scratch his ears, and let him peek outside. I snapped this pic of our shadows on Sunday night when we got home. 

Overall, it was a good weekend. :)

Unrelated, but kind of funny in a "ha ha, nobody tells me anything" sort of way: Had a mini-panic attack at work this morning when I realized the scheduling order said our motions were due 2 weeks before the first date of the trial block (which was May 13th). Although we had a date certain of May 20th. (When initially scheduling out cases, the court will give a big window of time when the trial will occur, called a 'trial block'... as the dates get nearer, if the case is showing no time of settling, they try to give you a more specific day... known as a 'date certain'). 

So I'm working up the courage to email the partner to ask for an update on the motions, essentially prompting her to hopefully realize we missed the deadline. It was then I was informed our trial block was moved to JULY. #nobodytellsmeANYTHING. Crisis averted, but man. I was a hot mess for a few minutes there.

Tomorrow night (er, tonight, by the time most of you are reading this) is my first photography class! I conned Jess into taking it with me. :) any of you Minnesota ladies with DSLR's- it's not too late!! It's Tuesday nights from 7-9, tomorrow is week 1, but you could still probably get in late with 4 full weeks!


  1. I wish I could join you at the DSLR class, but since I won't in in town for the next few weeks, it wouldn't be worth it. Can't wait to hear all about it!

  2. i would SO do this class if it wasn't SOOOO FARRRR AWAAAYYYY! ;) no but for real, mpls on a tuesday late night wont be happening for me! but have so much fun!