Thursday, May 9, 2013


We all have them, right?
Well today (after seeing one of them used) I realized there are certain words/phrases that just make my skin crawl, annoy me, or that fill me with irrational rage. I realized there are enough of them that I could compile a (pathetic?) blog post out of them. Maybe I'm not alone in some of these. And no, they're not necessarily the traditional female "gross words" like "moist" (although that's just automatically included on the list), they're just my own weird issues. Some of you probably think I'm crazy for devoting energy to annoyances of this nature, and to that I say, boo on you. I'm here to bring you a short list of the offenders that come to mind presently:

1."retarded" /"gay": as an adjective to describe something unpleasant or something that you dislike.
All this tells me is that of the vast number of adjectives in our english language, you can't rub together enough brain cells to conjure up something more descriptive and/or less offensive. I judge you (silently) accordingly and make zero apologies for it.

2. "nummy"/"yummy": as an adjective to describe food.
Are you 6 years old? are you speaking TO a 6 year old? I'll admit that I've slipped and used this but it still makes me cringe coming out of the mouths of others. Once again, let's get more descriptive adjectives, people.

3. "duds": when referring to clothes.
Seriously, nothing says "awesome new piece of clothing" quite like calling it a dud. This just doesn't even make sense. Another adjective that should've died in the 90s.

4. Any word that involves the soft "g" sound: I seriously yell at Matt for using words like this, I have no explanation, the sound of that soft "G" makes me want to STAB someone.
Found in the word "regime" --- BLLAGGGHHH I can't even type it because I say it in my head and then I die. When he's trying to get me super riled up, he says the phrase "vagine regime" (yes, vagine as in vagina.. we're nothing, if not classy...) both with soft 'g's and then I hit him. I can't even think of any other words besides the "R" one that use it --and with all the business in Iraq/Iran/wherever else we're presently bombing or considering going to war with-- the nightly news LOVES to refer to that country's ruler's "re_ime" and gawwwdddd I hate it.

5. "Isle/Aisle"
This may be one of the most common offenders, but it just makes me squirm. Aisle's exist in places like grocery stores, Target, and movie theaters. Isle's are rivers (sometimes) or an island surrounded by water. I.e. the Isle of Capri - is, you guessed it- an Island!

6. Commonly misused colloquialisms:
You guys, this one takes the cake, and I'm not sure why it bothers me SO MUCH but it makes me cringe like none of the others. I can't even think of all of the ones I've seen but here are a few examples I've seen recently:
  • "Rod Iron": with the explosion of pinterest, a lot of people are discussing this particular type of fixture of a forged metal variety. It's called WROUGHT Iron. Not rod iron. I realize when spoken they sound very similar, but how this is not common knowledge I don't even know.
  • "For all intensive purposes": "all intents and purposes" ... I can see where it is easy to mishear, but.. I mean.. SAY it out loud. What is an intensive purpose? Does that even make sense? It shouldn't.
  • "Mute point": A silent point? No. No no no. it's MOOT. moot. "of little or no practical value" according to the dictionary.
  • "Beckon call": actually supposed to be beck and call. Although according to some brief research, "beckon call" is becoming an adequate substitute (shame), and beck is actually an old-timey shortening of the word "beckon."

Annnddd I think it's clear at this point in our programming I need a hobby.  I'm going to get my shit together and draft some posts this weekend. Promise, guys.

Unrelated: Tuesday was my first photography class. I know I told ya'll I'd update you and OMG I am in love with it. Seriously. I leared some VERY basic things about my camera that will make a world of difference, and that was just week 1. This is totally sadistic of me to say, but I miss the classroom. I miss learning things. I miss the gunners. Not. Except, we have one in our class and it totally makes me laugh because apparently law school and camera class are the same thing. (Gunner: a term law students (and others? I'm not sure. I first heard it in law school) use to talk about that one kid who asks 1,000 questions, reads ahead in the book, tries to bring up terms and subjects we haven't covered yet to look smart. You love to hate him/her).

We also learned how to make people disappear in photos. Seriously. Stay tuned for an update on that. I bring this up because Sar  (hiiii!) commented on Jess's IG of us from class this week and said we should do a little series recapping our class, and telling you guys about any tips and tricks we've learned. Is this something you'd be interested in? (yays? nays?)

(I was thinking about it this morning and how I'd explain to you guys some of the things we learned and I've already forgot WHY I want my camera on spot metering, but I just know it's something that you should do, so it certainly won't be a technical definition of most things... but it can't hurt. haha).


  1. This post cracked me up!!!!

    & YES...a post on tricks of the camera would be GREAT!! Considering we have the same one (or very close)!!! I really don't have time for a class right now but I have time to read your blog about the class :)

  2. #1 is the most frustrating for me and the easiest way to get under my skin.

  3. haha this cracks me up. but so true. :)

    on another note I am eating a nummy apple right now :P got ya!

  4. Definite yay. Plus I got a hiiii, so I'm all for it. ;)

    Your post reminded me of one of my favorite Friends clips of all time:

  5. So true! The mis-uses of phrases drive me nuts too. I can't tell you the number of blogs I've read that say "I might be a little bit bias...." Bias is a THING, you can't be it. It's BIASED!!! haha :)

  6. Mine is possessive nouns being used in place of plural nouns.

  7. This is my FAVORITE. Haha. I have wanted to do a post about your #6 but every time i would, i couldn't think of all the ones that annoy me! Haha! But "intensive purposes" & "beckon call" are both two i hear that I'm like... "are you listening to what you're saying? That doesn't even make sense!! LOL. I have not heard people say ROD iron, but that is funny. And ridiculous. There are others too but i always draw a blank when i'm trying to remember things like this!

    I say yummy sometimes...more when I'm being silly. But i have never heard of nummy?!?!? LOL.

    I HATE when people say "gay" to describe something like that!! I just want to punch people.

    YAY for a fun photography class! So exciting! :)

  8. I admit that I use yummy... probably more than any self-respecting 25 year old woman should. Guilty.

    Anyways, yes, we need to make this camera knowledge transfer happen. Totes. ;)

  9. bahaha my favorite on is - "Rod Iron"! oh and "supposubly" instead of "supposedly"

    I feel bad for my husband since he learned this saying as kid and will forever say it wrong (....and I laugh at + correct him every time) but instead of "right off that bat", he'll say "right off the back".

  10. OMG! Love this post! :) I have a peeve... and it's that Bloglovin' never added you to my blogs, so I haven't been able to follow along since I switched over! DUMB! I fixed it. :)

    Also - give me the details on your camera class! I am thinking about signing up for one!

  11. You are too funny. You pretty much have nailed it, I love all these. Another "favorite" of mine is using words like foto instead of photo. Ugh! Really, people?

  12. dying. laughing. so. hard!

    i would LOVE a post or two on camera tricks and tips!

  13. Haha! These are so funny!

    Would love to see some posts on the camera stuff!!

  14. Girlfriend, you're hilarious. I am, however, concerned about my use of yummy and nummy now. Thanks for that.