Monday, December 31, 2012


What is there to say about 2012?
Blame it on the horomones, but when I think about everything that happened this year, it makes me a teensy bit weepy. 2012 really will unequivocally be the best year of my life.
I KNOW, I KNOW.. "but you're getting married next year!" you say, or "wait until you have kids!" but 2012 symbolized the beginning of all of that. The things that happened this year started the ball rolling on everything else, and for that, I will always hold 2012 close.
Let's April I got engaged to my internet love M. 

In May I achieved a lifelong goal and graduated from law school, complete with wizard gown and cap.

I'm offish a "doctor" ...although don't hand me a scalpel.
I have nothing fond to say about June or July. June and July I went a wee bit nutso whilst studying for the bar exam. I survived, barely. And then began the LONG tortuous wait....
and actually I was a wee bit crazy from August-October as well.
Until October (the 5th to be precise) when I got the news I've been waiting my whole life for.

(When I went to print the photo of my results letter today (December 28th) I checked it, again, to make sure they had gotten it right).... Hi, crazy.

Later in October, I was sworn in before the Minnesota Supreme Court and became the fourth generation in my family to practice law :)

The rest of 2012 was spent in a blissful haze wondering if all that really actually happened. I'm sad to see 2012 go. 2012 will always be super special to me (and not because we all survived the Mayan apocalypse).

However, 2013 has one thing,... one BIG thing on 2012.

I'm getting MARRIED!!

To THIS handsome fella:

and I really could not be any more excited. :)

I'm hoping to get off early today to go ice skating at the Depot, since it's been M and I's little tradition. It is after all the THIRD anniversary of the day we met/our first date :)

Hope you all have a great end to 2012, and a fantastic 2013.


  1. adorbs. love. I think 2013 is my going to be *my* year. xoxo

  2. what a great year you had! happy 2013!

  3. WOW! Amazing year! So cool you are the 4th generation in your family to practice law!! Love that. When is your wedding day?! Love the pic of you & M! :)

  4. You had a great 2012, but I think 2013 is going to be even better for you two!! :) Can't wait to see all the wedding pics!!

  5. Eeek! Such an amazing year. Happy 3rd Date Anniversary -- ice skating sounds lovely! I can't wait to see wedding photos! :)

  6. What a great 2012. Congrats on everything that happened in 2012. You guys are so cute together. You guys just glow in all your photos.

    The four person in the family to practice law is very cool.

    Happy 2013!