Friday, December 21, 2012

Secret Santa Swap

Well look at that! 
the world didn't end. 

color me surprised. 


I'm here today to show you all my haul from Syndal, Shannon and Kaity's secret santa swap! 

I got home from work on Wednesday before M, and I knew he had ordered one of my christmas gifts online. So, when I saw a brown box on the steps, I assumed it was from him. I picture messaged him, and he said not to open it. Sooooo I went about my evening. 

M gets home, and brings the box into the kitchen. 
He opens it and says, "uhhhh it's for you, but I have no idea who it's from. because it's not me." 

My first reaction is, "OMG anonymous fan mail?!" just kidding. but it was "omg what if one of my readers just sent me a sweet gift?" Genius totally forgot about the swap, because I had mailed mine Friday, and my recipient (Syndal!) got it the next day....since we live like, 8 miles from each other. 

Finally, I realized what it was. Der.

My secret santa was Melissa from Little Mrs. Married, all the way in Louisiana! I actually had not been following her blog prior to this, but am so glad I was paired up with somebody new! She is the most adorable little southerner and MAN did she do good. Feast your eyes on my new favorite pretty: 

I'm obsessed with these supersoft blankets. We have 2 others. One is small and green and is for the "upstairs" and the other is a king sized brown one M bought me last Christmas. I had been telling him ALL WEEK while we were obsessively watching episodes of Homeland (SO GOOD) that I NEEDED another fuzzy blanket because our brown one was getting all matted and gross from being used so much. Then saw THIS pretty little blanket and promptly shut up. it's MINE, all mine. Not sharing. nope. It matches our upstairs decor perfectly (greys, tans, creams, whites.. etc.) and I can't wait to just lay it out on the couch.. it's so furry and inviting. 

The top side is SUPER fuzzy, the bottom is fuzzy, but not as highly piled. If you can see what I mean from the picture below: 

AND she unknowingly sent TWO gifts. 
She sent a gift for little TJ, the BEST GIFT OF ALL....

a box. 

which he promptly claimed on the counter. 

Thank you so much Melissa! It's perfect and I love it! 


  1. bahaha I love TJ! :)
    and I literally gasped at your beautiful fuzzy blanket!!!!!

  2. I must get one of those immediately.

    We've just finished season 1 of Homeland, and love it! (we're a bit behind on the game)

    Loving TJ in the box. such a cutie.

  3. Aw, yay!! Your pinterest was verrrry helpful! ;) I was so worried that you already had one like it, though, so i am really glad it was just what you needed!! ;)

    LOVE the picture of TJ in the box!! Merry Christmas, TJ! Haha.

    Glad i was paired w/ you & found your blog b/c of it!

  4. ohhhhh love those types of blankets!