Thursday, December 6, 2012

A whole lotta ugly


HA, gotcha. 

Sometimes I wonder if there's even a point to me doing this recap since there are approximately 15 other ladies doing this same recap and who wants to read a bunch of the same stuff... right? But then again, I figure it's as much for ME to remember what the hell I did way back when as it is for you people to know what I've been up to. 

Another thing? I'm offish a camera snob. I took my little point and shoot last night because I don't have a real camera bag yet and I'm apparently scared to take my new one out in public. aannndd I HATE all the photos I took. They're so bad. lesson learned.

Therefore, I stole photos from other bloggers. Sue me (;-))
(that, and I'm totally exhausted from depositions today and the the thought of hooking up my camera, downloading said craptastic photos, and editing them to make them moderately presentable sounds like not so much fun)

I met up with the ladies to take a photo with Santa first

and then Santa stole bitty baby Bailey... and also? ALL OF OUR HEARTS: 


I got banished to the far reaches of the impossibly long table (joke), but got to chat a lot with Carolyn, Melissa, Lauren and Meghan!

So here's the thing, I had seen photos of people wearing tall paper hats with things written on them but had NO IDEA what it was about. Last night? I figured it out. Apparently it's the "schtick" at Dick's Last Resort at the Mall of America. 

Poor Bailey. Her momma dances because they need food! (again.. jokes!)

Everybody with our ridiculous hats. 

I will say, it was quite amusing watching everybody receive your hat.. and that 10 seconds when they had NO IDEA what it said, but everybody else was howling with laughter.

Mine said, "Body of a godess (spelled wrong), face of a monkey".. 
and for dramatic effect, I made a monkey face for my photo op. 

Thanks for capturing that gem, Kel. haha  

There was also a secret santa exchange. I had Carolyn, and got her a plaid pink scarf, and some dangly earrings. Andrea had me got me the cutest little grey scarf, some Cheez-Its (which have already been devoured by the time I wrote this post) and some metallic stud earrings! She also wrote the sweetest little card :) Thank you again, Andrea!

It was another fun night with a great group of ladies. 

As someone who has had struggles most their life with feeling adequate in my "female relationships" it's nice to have multiple outlets for female interaction now as an adult, that I actually really enjoy. 



  1. Such a fun night :-) Your sweater & necklace combo STILL gets me-- SOOOOO cute!

  2. its always so fun reading everyone's recaps for each person's point of view! you are so welcome for the secret santa gift, i ALMOST gave you two bags of cheez-its but i may or MAY not have devoured them myself "because... they didn't fit in your gift bag???" hahaha!

  3. Thanks for being banished to the end of the table with me, it was fun. And we got to meet the newbies! :)

  4. If I'm going to be banished to the end of the table, I'm glad that I was banished with you monkey face. :)

  5. what do you mean you've struggled to feel adequate?! Girl, you're the bomb. I was bummed I didn't get to sit by you!