Sunday, December 9, 2012

Snowmageddon 2012...and other happenings.

I'm typing this on Sunday afternoon, 
however it's quite possible by the time you read this, I will not have survived Snowmageddon 2012. Seriously, this is ridiculous. 

We'll get to that later. 

First up, Friday was purely a relaxing day. Got home from work, snuggled the cat, and made dinner.

It was taco night. 
TJ supervised. 

Saturday, M and I headed to my parents house to have lunch with my dad. 
We had our first meeting with the Priest who's marrying us that afternoon and decided to make the most out of our jaunt to St. Paul. 

I particularly enjoy visiting my parents to see Lucky. 
If you were wondering what the root of the #crazycatlady was... it's this cat. 
My dad found him in a vacant rental property that his friend managed, tried to get someone to adopt him, and failed. 7 years later, ...and Squish (as I have always called him) is still hangin' out.
 He's a really beautiful cat and has the prettiest blue eyes. 
We heard it was supposed to snow a lot, so we made sure Squish was ready. 
That's his "I am not impressed." face.

Dad at lunch (at Punch pizza. so good.) 

It was at lunch when my dad informed me that I'd better put down my parents' address if the priest asked where I lived. I told him that I wasn't positive, but I was pretty sure lying to the priest is a one way ticket to hell. Dad then looked at M and told him he better put HIS mothers' address. 

Silly dad. 

M and I at lunch. 

We dropped my dad off, and headed to the parish offices to meet Fr. Dan. 

We got there 15 minutes early, so I took it as an opportunity to snap some pics of the church. 
This isn't where we're getting married, but this is my childhood/family church..and I love it.

We did the unthinkable, and told the priest we live at the same address. He didn't say a word about it. So that was the end of that. 

Saturday night I had dinner with my law school friends at Axel's in St. Paul (I really am not sure what to call them anymore..since, we're not in law school anymore.. alas). Dana spent the night, since we're holding all of her furniture for her during her year long clerkship up in Morris, MN. Her, M and I watched Easy A until bed. 

Sunday morning I decided I wanted to go to Caribou to do some work, despite the impending arrival of Snowmageddon 2012.  

 We headed home at noon (Vikings kickoff) just in time to hunker down as the "4-6 inches" forecast quickly snowballed (pun intended) to a predicted 14 inches. Gotta love, MN. 

So I set up my "home office"... cat sold separately.. and finished up my work. 
and then this happened. 
I took these pics at noon.
It's now 4:15 and it hasn't stopped snowing. I'm sorta hoping for an adult snow day tomorrow. It was about the time I had that thought that I realized: the end of law school signified the end of the formal "snow day" as I know them. mer.

The rest of the day has been spent sporting some sweet weather-appropriate footwear.

TJ was a little concerned about the snow at first....  

and then there was a quick bout of cabin fever.. where things got weird for a hot minute .

But like any good Minnesotan, he bounced back, and adapted. 

And that's it for the weekend. 
I'm off to snuggle up on the couch and find a trashtastic movie on TV. 

Hope to see ya'll safe and sound on the other side of Snowmageddon.



  1. Your cat is hilarious! We have two, I love to just sit back and watch what sort of weird shit they will do next.

  2. haha, seriously - what is up with this snow?! I shoveled twice (so far) which is a big thumbs down. Looks like an amazing weekend. Love the kitties - and your footwear. :)

  3. I hope you keep warm! And very cute kitty!

  4. I love your commentating of your weekend's events. And your picture taking is getting to be top notch. Also. Is that church in St. Paul just off of West 7th? It looks familiar. We went to a few weddings there if it's the church I am thinking of...

  5. Hahaha, funny post :-) We are driving in southern Iowa right now... Worried about what I will find when we are back in the TCs :-S

    Squishy is TOO cute! He has like, human eyes hahah :-)

    And love all of the photos. You're loving the camera, right?

  6. I love Squishy in the scarf. I thought he was also rockin' a leather jacket, than I realized it was a chair.

    Loving all the cat photos and the fun socks.

  7. Oh man, this snow is crazy. I gave myself an un-official grown up snowday. I'm working from home. Home Alone MIGHT be on in the background :)

  8. Cute kitties!! my aunt just got a new cat with those same great blue eyes. so pretty

  9. I think someone is using their new toy... :) Love all the pics!

  10. great pics kelly! and... GREAT scarf ;) its looks cute on ya!