Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Pay it Forward-- the follow up.

Before ya'll go crucifying me for posting on this "day of silence" (that is if you even know what I'm referring to) hear me out.
I had no intention of posting today,..and not because it was orchestrated, but because I can't seem to remember to take photos of anything and my life feels kind of boring right now and all I can think about is legal arguments.. (all teh moshuns..guyz..all of em..).
But then I saw this thing on FB last night and it humbled me and gave me chills.
These are all screenshots taken from my own FB page.
Here's a post that clothing company KiKiLaRue linked to about a random act of kindness they did for one of their customers.

and then my friend from college's aunt shared this story about her experience at Target...

...and then a friend commented on this photo..which popped up on my newsfeed...
THIS. you guys. THIS is what we need.
We need more kindness, more compassion. Not silence. We need people who CARE about one another so that when someone is in trouble, we notice.. we're sympathetic.
Instead of having a day of silence, or maybe in conjunction with it, we go out and DO. Do good. 
Pay it forward.
There's no way to tell whether Friday's tragedy sparked these random acts of kindness... but there's no way any of these things will bring anything other than pure joy to the people they affected.
That's what we need today.   


  1. OMG. Not sure why, but that gas station photo made me tear up. Wow. Great post, friend :-)

  2. Love this post, so great to see people's small acts of kindness that go such a long way!

  3. Love it. I gave my mail man a nice card and gift today - but I'm going to go out and pay it forward even more. Thanks for this post! :)

  4. love stories like these. thanks for sharing, and for inspiring! :]

  5. I kind of got goosebumps. It's sad that it is so rare to see such kindness in the world. Loved this.

  6. I love this! You're so awesome for sharing these!!

  7. Thanks for posting this. It's like a breathe of fresh air to know there is good out there.

  8. I love this stuff too! I must make it my mission to do something like this soon!

  9. Oh Kelly. You pretty much rock for choosing to write about this. Orchestrated or not (I believe you when you say it wasn't btw), these are the kind of stories we should be sharing on our blogs. It's all about the love. And you nailed it. Good work, friend.

    Oh and sorry I'm just now seeing this. I haven't really been on the blogs much today. Figured it would all be so quiet. ;)

  10. Wonderful post! I love it! I love it so much!

    You would love my friend Laura's post about DOING, too. :)http://laurablogsagain.blogspot.com/2012/12/be-answer.html

  11. New follower here! I love the "pay it forward" concept. This holiday season, we plan on picking up the tab on someone's meal. The holidays are much harder on some others than it is on us this year (thankfully) and we just want to do something nice.

  12. Yes, we all need a little random act here and there.

  13. Thanks so much for sharing!

    I'm glad you posted on the 'day of silence' Pish posh to that.

    Actions speak louder than words and silence, good for you! :)


  14. I did the day of silence but I was torn between blogging and not blogging. I didn't want to proceed with my life and "this is what I'm doing" so I decided to do the day of silence. BUT i think this is MUCH more effective. I got chill bumps just reading it. Proud of you girl. Wonderful post